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Weight Loss Everyone tells me I'm too skinny Aug 27 2008
18:29 (UTC)

I'm 5'2, 128, and I eat as much as you do, and I work out a similar amount.  I only plan to lose about 3 more lbs so I'm not shooting for a huge deficit.  I used to run a lot more but found that my joints were rebelling so I've reduced running and replaced it with slightly less intense elliptical training and a lot more weight training.  The weight training is good because it doesn't burn quite so many calories (when compared with the approximate same amt of time of running), but I can still feel progress. 

I guess my suggestion to you would be to ease back a bit on the running, and maybe try a few days of weights/week.

The Lounge Women's Restroom Rant Aug 26 2008
20:46 (UTC)

The truth is, yes everyone should wash their hands after using a washroom.  And yeah it's probably also wise to avoid using the doorknobs etc.  But the truth is, the second you've touched ANYTHING at all, like the handle on your purse, the steering wheel in your car, money, keyboards, books, another person, etc, you're contaminated again, possibly with fecal coliforms.  It's why we have skin.  The trick is to not touch your eyes, mouth, nose etc with dirty hands.  And don't eat with dirty hands.  For whatever does happen to get through, we have immune systems.  So get lots of sleep and hope for the best, lol.

Sorry, I rant about microbiology all the time.  It's a big part of what I do for a living, and it frustrates me when people are naive about it.

Fitness addiction problem? Aug 26 2008
20:34 (UTC)

I only go to the gym once a day for about 1-1.5 hrs.  I have no desire to return the same day, because I know it would be too hard on my body.  But the real question in the world do you have time to be going to the gym so much??  I thought I was ridiculous I don't like showering more than 2x a day.

Weight Loss Anyone else a 34d? Aug 26 2008
20:15 (UTC)

Just be glad you're only a D.  I'm a 34 DD-E.  I don't spend a lot of time browsing through bras anywhere anymore, I just go in to a store and ask them which bras are actually available in that size.  And it's usually none, maybe a few ugly ones in 34 DD.   

Unfortunately I think soon I'm going to need to go down a band size...and I can only pray that my boobs get smaller too, or I'm going to be shopping for 32 F.  And I have enough trouble at 34 E.  I've taken to ordering things online but it's such a gamble. 

Fitness Workout clothes and laundry Aug 23 2008
22:13 (UTC)

It's not sweat that smells, it's the bacteria that thrives in it.  If you buy quality exercise clothes that are really good at moisture wicking (like the UnderArmour Heat Gear), you should be able to hang it up to dry (and I mean let it dry completely, don't throw it in a pile and pick it up expecting it to smell good) and wear it again before washing it. 

I have roughly 3 workout tops and 3 bottoms and I work out 6-7 days a week.  They all get worn twice before washing, so I end up washing stuff roughly once a week. 


The Lounge Women's Restroom Rant Aug 22 2008
17:58 (UTC)

It would also be nice if everybody flushed the toilet.  When I worked at a movie theater we had to do bathroom 'checks' as in, no scrubbing, but wipe down the counters and fill the soap, and check the stalls for tp and to flush what needed to be flushed.  And the womens washrooms were consistently dirtier.  Mens smelled worse, but womens were dirtier.  Sure, maybe they get used more, but that shouldn't really matter.

Weight Loss Would you be offended? Aug 22 2008
17:53 (UTC)

Hmm I don't think you have to be offended, but I also think you don't have to like it.  He tried to help, and maybe it wasn't the best way.  So just tell him that. 

Motivation For those of you who stay at the gym past an hour.... Aug 21 2008
21:52 (UTC)

I am usually at the gym for over an hour, 6-7 days/week.  I don't weight train on consecutive days, so I alternate weights (~45min) plus cardio (~45 min) with 1hr cardio.  On both days I stretch for about 10-15 minutes after. 

Honestly I don't notice the time that much, I tend to lose track of time and then I have to rush out of there because I'm going to be late for something.  On the occasion that I have a day when I feel really just tired and bored, I try to add more variety in, like instead of 60 minutes on just the elliptical, I'll also use the rowing machine, and maybe a stairclimber for a bit.  Actually I tend to throw variety in as often as possible, whether or not I'm bored.

Motivation How do I motivate my fiance? Aug 20 2008
23:03 (UTC)

I agree with the people that have been saying that you can't change people.  They have to make the change themselves.  For me personally, I tend to rebel against people telling me what to do.  Even when they do it nicely. 

Also, who cares how slowly she loses weight?  It took me about a total of two years to get from 185 to 128.  The beginning and the end (although I'm not quite finished) were definitely the slowest periods.  It's better to make real, permanent changes slowly.  And 12 lbs in 3 months isn't bad at all.  It's completely reasonable.

 At some point she'll kind of peter out and probably realize that adding in more exercise would jump start the weight loss again, and maybe she'll do it then. 

But that's really advice for her.  My advice for you is to learn to bite your tongue.  Seriously.  I'm a naturally harsh person and as I've gotten older I've realized, sometimes you just have to shut your mouth, no matter how badly you want to say it. 

The Lounge To Hyphenate or Not To Hyphenate... Aug 20 2008
20:43 (UTC)

I'll be published before I get married (publication currently under way, marriage not even close, lol), so I'll be keeping my own last name.  Although it really has nothing to do with that.  I just want to keep my last name, it's a big part of who I am.  Not a big deal to me if my kids have my husband's last name. 

The Lounge Do you tend to gain weight while in a long term relationship?? Aug 20 2008
16:56 (UTC)

I've actually lost about 7 lbs since I started dating my bf about 6 months ago.  It isn't because of the relationship though, it's because I wasn't (and still am not quite) at my goal weight.  He is actually quite health conscious, works out frequently etc, so it isn't that difficult for me to stay active and watch what I eat while with him.  It is a bit tougher because we do tend to eat out a lot, but I manage.  I do know, however, that if I weren't paying really close attention, I'd definitely gain weight.  Although I might do that regardless of the relationship, lol.

Weight Loss Playing the "who's bigger" game Aug 19 2008
03:34 (UTC)

I most definitely do this all the time.  I'm not even overweight anymore.  Most of my girlfriends are quite thin, size 0's to size 4's maybe, and they're a couple inches taller than I am.  I'm about a 6.  And I feel huge around them.  I'm definitely fitter and more muscular than any of them.   But I just prefer when there's a bigger woman around.  I don't like that I even notice, but I do.  I have a set of friends that's all bigger than me, more like the size I used to be.  And I am more comfortable around them.  I'm working on it though!

The Lounge bags, bags and more bags Aug 18 2008
00:57 (UTC)

I'm sure there's a recycling program somewhere near you that takes plastic bags.  We have curbside recycling here that does it, but that's a regular program you have to sign up for. 

I used to always have tons of bags around, and when I first switched to using a reusable tote for groceries I found that I was running out of bags to use for garbage, etc., lol.  I've worked out sort of a system now, but it took a bit of adjustment for me to figure it out. 

The Lounge weird pet-peeves. Aug 17 2008
20:56 (UTC)

It drives me insane when people complain about something, but don't even try to do anything about it.  I guess apathy in general annoys me.  A prime example for you: "I'm so out of shape/unhealthy/fat." followed by.."let's go watch tv for four hours and eat junk food"

Or when people don't clean up their own messes in public places.  I'm not saying that you should be clearing your own table at a sit down restaurant..but this morning there was broken deodorant pieces all over the floor in the gym change room.  I don't expect them to wash the floor, but maybe pick up the big pieces and throw them in the garbage! 

Fitness Pushups Aug 12 2008
16:37 (UTC)

Last time I maxed out at 20, but that was a while ago, I think I might actually be able to do more now.  My form gets a little weaker around the 17 mark though.  Typically I do three sets of 12, as part of my usual strength training which already includes free weights stuff for chest, arms, and back, so I'm already a little fatigued when I start them.  About 6 months ago I was at zero.

Weight Loss Anyone else cold? Aug 05 2008
18:38 (UTC)

yes I'm cold all the time since losing weight.  Never used to be.

The Lounge Ideas for Dates Jul 31 2008
23:31 (UTC)

Hmm the cooking together thing sounds like a good suggestion.  If there's no class you could just randomly choose something and go get the stuff and make it.

Depending where you are, you could go to a sports event, like a football or baseball game or whatever.  College, pro, minor league, whatever is avail.  Are there any local theatre groups, or dinner theatre, or things like that?  That can be fun.  Is there a relatively calm body of water nearby?  What about canoeing, or even swimming?


Fitness Do you sweat when lifting? Jul 31 2008
23:20 (UTC)

I sweat when lifting, but not as much as during cardio.  I think it's partly because I've being doing a lot of cardio for a long time, so my body recognizes that I'm going into that mode sooner, and the sweat starts gushing, lol.  I've only been really lifting for about two months, and initially I didn't sweat as much as I do now, and I think was working about as hard, although lifting lighter weights. 

I dunno.

The Lounge Are All Women Sexist? Jul 31 2008
05:56 (UTC)
Original Post by smartjock256:

I dunno, from my personal experiance things seem pretty equal to me (yeah, young white male talking, I know, my opinion means nothing). I mean, at the place I work, one of the managers, who is male, was told point-blank, that if he were a woman he would've gotten a raise that he didn't get. Personally, I think that's rediculous both ways, and a lot of places these days (speaking as someone about to enter the workforce) prefer women, especially in fields like engineering, which, I'll admit, is traditionally male dominated, for what-ever reason. I know that girls growing up aren't expected to do as well in math and sciences (not that they can't, just another arcane bias that exists) so there's not as many women in engineering fields as men, but I don't think that means they should get preferance for jobs based on gender, and neither should men. Gender should not by a factor in who get's a job.

But the fact that woman had been oppressed in the past is regrettable, but it is not a basis for what happens to you today, that's like saying my great-aunt's second cousin's third daughter wasn't hired because of whatever, so I'm entitled to something.


1st: The engineering industry (at least, from where I stand) does NOT prefer women.  Yes, some companies do attempt affirmative action hiring.  But many don't.  You know why?  They don't want to hire someone who is going to disappear in a year to go bear children.  They also are well aware that a lot of women do not enjoy working 'in the field'.  And by that I mean being sent out to an oil rig full of men who won't take you seriously.  Women also tend to be less willing to put in overtime hours, because they also tend to be primary caregivers and need to get home to look after their kids.  I am a 24 yr old female engineer.  I know several female engineers around my age, and many older.  I'm not making this **** up.

2nd: You can't write off past oppression so quickly.  Especially since it isn't all in the past!  Sorry to lump you in, but many young white males like yourself tend to think that because you don't see the problem, and you aren't part of the problem, that there is no problem at all.  So not true.  Don't get me wrong, I'm actually glad that most young men (at least, the ones I know) tend to think that the equality is there, because to me, that says this generation has mainly gotten the message.  But you aren't the only people out there, and you aren't doing the hiring (yet). 

Whew sorry, I got a little rant-y there.

The Lounge Kathygator says: Love, love, love.... Jul 30 2008
22:17 (UTC)

I love that my boyfriend is finally FINALLY coming home tomorrow.