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Fitness Workout Clothes? Oct 02 2010
01:57 (UTC)

I'm a 32-34 DD, so I've done my share of trials with sports bras.  My favourites are by Bendon Sport (I ordered them online) and Lululemon (this store originates from Vancouver, so I'm not sure how much availability you would find in the US, but I'm fairly sure you could order online).  Lululemon also has an excellent selection of yoga and exercise clothes that are very well made and last a long time - but it's pricey.  Things to look for in a good large bust sport bra would be a racerback style, underwire or well defined cups, and a sturdy material (not too stretchy).

Weight Loss big calves Sep 26 2010
02:56 (UTC)

I also have monstrous calves, always have, always will.  It's genetic, both my parents have large calves and all of my siblings do as well.  I've taken up regular moderate distance running (I run two 10k runs/week) and my calves didn't get bigger or smaller, but they are slightly more defined.  A couple of years ago I went from about 185 lbs down to 125-130 ish, and they didn't get much smaller.  It is probably best to learn to embrace your muscular calves.  I usually do except when shopping for either skinny jeans or knee high boots.  That part sucks. 

And yes, there are plenty of men who will love them.  My boyfriend plays with mine, pretending they're drumsticks and mock eating them.  Yeah I said it, haha.

Foods What do you order at Starbucks? Jul 14 2010
20:49 (UTC)

Summer - Iced Venti Unsweetened Black Tea.

Winter - tall half-sweet skinny vanilla latte - 90 cals.

Fitness first half-marathon support group? Jun 14 2010
03:19 (UTC)

So I did my 10k today, and it went fairly well.  I finished a little slower than I thought I would, but I think that was because it was hot and I really struggle in heat.  I typically run in the evening to avoid it, and this was a morning run, with a lot of sun and no wind. 

I was wondering about you regular marathoner types much does heat affect you?


Fitness first half-marathon support group? May 30 2010
22:41 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

doesn't anybody like my thread?

 I do!  But I'm a ways away from a half-marathon, and I haven't decided if I want to go there or not..ha.  My relationship with running has been a fickle one - I love to run, but I had some knee problems a couple of years ago, and switched to more heavy weight training and elliptical for cardio.  I recently got new orthotics, and they are a miracle for my knees - I started training about 6 wks ago for a 10k, which will be in 2 wks.  I've just got my running groove back, and I expect the 10k will take me just over an hour.  I plan to continue training and adding distance after the 10k, but I'm afraid at some point my knees will let me know they've had enough.

I love the base training concept - I love the feeling of knowing I can run for 1hr without needing to stop.

Weight Loss Why are these poor people punishing themselves? Nov 29 2009
22:31 (UTC)

Sometimes it seems as is life is one big comparison to other people.  I struggle with it all the time.  It's important to remember that there is a broad range of weights that are both healthy and attractive.  You have to figure out what works for your body, and be comfortable with that.  I'm 5'2, and about 135 lbs.  I'm aiming for something in the 125-130 range.  This is at the higher end for 5'2, however, I am a muscular girl.  I am very fit, I work out a lot, and I'm not carrying a lot of extra body fat.  The only way for me to get down lower would be losing perfectly healthy muscle mass. 

I wouldn't worry too much about being part of the XS crowd. 

Maintaining Making the transition to intuitive eating... Nov 29 2009
13:46 (UTC)

I lost about 55 lbs and stopped counting for a while.  I did alright for a while, mostly because I had some pretty consistent eating habits, as in, I kind of kept eating the same amounts of the same foods anyway.  But slowly I started eating more and more things I had 'banned' while losing weight.  I got cocky, thinking well I've managed okay so far, so a few treats here and there can't hurt.  Slowly (ie over a year or so), I've gained back about five lbs.  So here I am again.  Counting calories.

The Lounge Feminism and the Bible Nov 29 2009
13:23 (UTC)

For the record, I was brought up Catholic, but I am an agnostic atheist.

The bible was written a very long time ago, and has an awful lot of stories etc in it.  Is it an eye for an eye, or do you invite them to smite your other cheek?  As Trustwomen said, you can pick and choose a moral framework out of the bible.  So at that point, I'd say let's take the bible out of the equation and just look at what Christianity is do the policies of today's Christians reflect feminism? 

I am primarily familiar with Catholicism and so I will only speak to that.  The entire structure of the Catholic church is patriarchal.  No female pope, ever.  No female priests.  In some areas of the world, girls cannot be altar servers.  That is primarily because serving at the altar is intended as a way of building up the vocation of priesthood in a boy's life.  In that sense, Catholicism doesn't jive with feminism. 

Weight Loss I have lost 25 pounds and soo close to goal...YET...I am SABATOGING MYSELF!! Nov 29 2009
03:44 (UTC)

There are a few things to keep in you lose more it gets increasingly difficult to create the calorie deficit you need to lose weight.

Make sure that whatever lifestyle changes you make are sustainable...for me a large part of my weight loss was from a pretty intense fitness schedule.  Then I got a new job, and all of a sudden had a lot less time/energy to spend working out.  As a result I have slowly put on about 5 lbs over the last year.  I want them gone!  So now I have to be a lot more diligent in my eating habits and I am struggling.


The Lounge meeting new partners at one's "low" weight? Nov 27 2009
03:38 (UTC)

I gained most of my weight in high school, and kept it on through most of university.  I would essentially call myself single throughout that entire period.  When I finished undergrad I was at an all-time high of about 185 (I'm 5'2).  Then when I started my master's degree, I also overhauled my lifestyle and over the two year period, I dropped my weight down to fluctuating in the 125-130 range.  This is when I really started dating quite a bit, I think more because I was more confident and outgoing than I had previously been.  Although I'm sure I am also more attractive than before also. 

Anyway, I met my now live-in boyfriend at my lowest weight almost two years ago.  We've been living together for a year, and during that time I've gained about five pounds, my weight is now 130-135.  I primarily blame him and his always wanting dessert, but I also went from being a grad student to a very busy desk job involving a lot of travel.  The lifestyle change has made it difficult to maintain my weight (less time to exercise/cook healthy meals etc), but it's mostly my own weak resolve when it comes to junk food.  This is why I'm back on CC, after about a year's absence.

I doubt my boyfriend would have asked me out at my higher weight since we did not know each other at all at the time, he had asked me out based on physical attraction, not my personality.  We do love each other, and I do think he would still love me if I gained weight.  But I think other problems would result (I am not happy when I do not feel healthy).

Fitness Almost blacked out - what does this mean? Feb 09 2009
00:51 (UTC)

It could have been caused by a sudden change in blood pressure.  It's happened to me before.  I was working out, and started feeling kind of tired, so I got off the elliptical machine, and suddenly I felt like I would either black out or throw up.  I sat down, and my eyes were seeing spots and going black, and and then I just threw up.  My doctor said it was probably a sudden change in blood pressure, from it being really high when I was working out, and then I stopped quickly and it dropped off too fast.


The Lounge Silly things you (or someone else) thought as a child Jan 29 2009
04:14 (UTC)

Hmmm... two that stick out in my mind:

I thought that when there were very serious talks about Quebec separating from Canada, they meant physically  separating.  I had this idea in my mind of thousands of people lined up along the border with shovels...digging it apart, and then pushing away so that it would float away a bit. 

I also used to read a lot of archie comics, and I thought that 'sonofagun' was just some weird word they used, readubg ut as sun-off-agun.  Not Son of a gun. 

The Lounge Would you consider yourself to be..... Jan 29 2009
04:08 (UTC)

Anyone who knows me knows I'm high maintenance.  I have high expectations and I do what needs to be done to make sure they're met.  I have specific ideas/standards of the way I like things to be.  My boyfriend (whom I live with) frequently teases me about it. 

I don't take that long to get ready to go out though.  And I leave the house without makeup all the time.  I used to be really high maintenance about that stuff, when I was overweight. 

The Lounge HELP! (females only) about intimate relationships... Jan 26 2009
00:37 (UTC)

Honestly if I were going to recommend that you wait, I'd recommend it because I haven't come across a 15 year old that I felt was truly prepared to handle the possible consequences of sex, not because you're not married.  Condoms break, **** happens, people get pregnant, or herpes, or worse.  If you haven't very carefully discussed birth control and STI protection with either or both your parents and your doctor, then you shouldn't be having sex.  Mull that over seriously.  If you still feel you're ready, go for it.

As for deciding whether or not someone should have sex before they're married: every person should make that decision for themselves.  Not because someone told them to, not because they're afraid of going to hell or disappointing their parents.  And certainly not because someone in a public internet forum told them something either way.

And the name calling is uncalled for and rude.


The Lounge HELP. Missed a UNIVERSITY EXAM. Dec 13 2008
02:42 (UTC)

Okay well just in case this doesn't magically work out for you, I just want to let you know this one thing.  This may suck.  Depending on your school/class/professor, there may be the possibility of writing a supplemental exam.  You need to contact the prof about that.  Initially you would fail the class, but then this exam gets scheduled for later in the year and you can take it then so that you don't fail the class.  This was an option in many of my university courses. 

In the case that this is not an option: you may fail a class because you missed the final.  You might have to just suck it up and take the class again.  It may set you back a bit if it was a prerequisite for next terms classes.  Maybe you can re take it in the summer.  I know it sucks but in the long run (think 10 years from now) this will not be that big of deal.  I feel really bad for you, regardless, but remember, there are worse things that could happen.

Good luck.

The Lounge So... Real or fake? Dec 13 2008
02:36 (UTC)

Original Post by pgeorgian:

Original Post by tincognito:

Real feels much more like Christmas. I love the smell.

But I purchased fake because I can't tie a real tree to my Dodge Neon, I don't want sap all over my apartment, I'm the WORST judge of size and I know I'd get one too big, and if I'm anything like my mum (and I am) I will pick the most crooked tree in the place. =/

last year i stuffed a six foot tree in my mazda3 (sedan, not wagon).

 This almost makes me want to go see if I can stuff one into the Corolla I just bought, haha. 

Actually to be honest I'm a bit of a grinch, I don't typically decorate, mainly out of laziness and a lack of time.  My boyfriend wanted to get a real tree but is away for work right now, so my heart grew three sizes and I went out and bought a mini (fake) tree (we live in an apt anyway) and some other decorations so that it'll be done when he gets back.  Don't tell anyone.

in vote is for real trees even though I don't have one.

The Lounge I'm up to 7.29! Nov 15 2008
22:22 (UTC)

I used to be up somewhere around 6 point something.  But then I finished grad school and got a real job so now I'm only lurking on weekends, when the forums are practically dead. 

The Lounge Gay people are not goats. Oct 28 2008
02:34 (UTC)

Maybe more people need to read (or watch) Horton Hears a Who.


The Lounge Someone make me clothes that don't SUCK Oct 27 2008
02:16 (UTC)

I'm jealous..I don't really get to shop for fun stuff anymore.  While I was losing a lot of weight I was always buying super cheap clothes knowing they were probably going to be disposed of.  But now I'm pretty much at my goal weight and just got a pretty serious job so now I have to build a professional looking wardrobe.  I've mostly been in dept stores, the liz claiborne and ann taylor stuff at least has a bit of personality and so far seems to be pretty good quality.  I haven't bought anything at the Gap in a long time, it's been pretty crappy for a couple years now.  I guess I'm just recommending dept stores, there's a pretty decent variety, and they have better sales on the higher end brands than you would get in the actual stores. 

Young Calorie Counters For love or money? Oct 26 2008
15:18 (UTC)

I make more than enough money on my own that I wouldn't need to marry someone for it.