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I am nearly 29 years old.  I am married (10 years :)) and have a 4 yr. old son.  I started to really get discouraged with my weight and how I was taking care of myself and family about 7 months ago.  I didnt want to pass on bad habits to my son and really didnt want to be embarassed of myself or down the line have my son be embarassed of his mother.  I decided that I had to start taking care of myself to be an example for him but also to feel like I could fully participate in my life.  I finally accepted that it wasnt going to be an overnight process and slowly began to make changes in my life- including incorporating a regular exercise program and eating whole and healthy foods.  I am now approx 15-20 lbs away from my goal and feel wonderful (weight loss so far around 42 lbs).  I have so much more self confidence that I did before and find myself enjoying life and feeling so much better about how I take care of the three of us :)  I have become super interested in nutrition and hope to direct my career goals in that area- not sure what though.  Good luck to everyone on the site- it can be done- slow and steady - it is a life change and think of that way :)
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