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Motivation How do you keep yourself motivated? Apr 15 2013
14:49 (UTC)

There are some great suggestions already given, but this is what I do. I remind myself how far I have come by carrying the amount of weight I have lost around for a while. In your case, you could go to the store and grab two five-pound bags of sugar and walk around the store a few times before taking them back. While you do that, think to yourself how happy you are that you don't have to carry those ten pounds around anymore. How good does it feel to put them down and feel the pressure taken off of your feet? How much easier is it to move around the store without those ten pounds? Think about other positive changes that the ten pounds have already brought you. Do your clothes feel a little looser? Are you a little more lively getting out of bed in the morning? Whatever it is, relish it. Then think positive thoughts about your body. No, you are not where you want to be, ultimately, but you are on your way. Would you really want to go back now? If you think about it, the only real course is forward.

Other motivational tools for me: reading success stories as I drink flavored, carbonated water, looking at old pictures of myself when I was heavier, walking or moving around in a way that I could not have done easily when I was heavier, and, finally, finding something else to occupy my mind. Any enjoyable distraction, reading a good book, watching a funny movie, talking to a friend, and exercise. Good luck!

Weight Loss Getting sick has slowed me down! May 11 2012
22:56 (UTC)

Congrats on not gaining weight while being inactive! Maintenance is success too.Smile

Young Calorie Counters how long will it take to reach my goal weight? May 07 2012
12:19 (UTC)

Hi Rio! Welcome to CC.

I have to agree with others here about healthy being the goal. Look at it this way, you probably still have some growing to do in terms of height. If you start eating the right foods in the right amounts now (and exercising appropriately) you will probably get some more height and may develop the body you want without starving and being hungry all the time. The key is to moderate your diet according to your exercise (i.e. eating less on the days you don't exercise. But get some help with determining what those caloric levels are. I know it seems counter intuitive, but eating more will not make you gain weight if you are exercising and it may even make you lose weight once your metabolism readjusts). You will have more energy to do fun things with others and wake up feeling great about yourself and your life. Why not try it and see! If you try to starve yourself now, chances are you risk damaging your bones (including teeth), hair, etc. and stunting your growth (height) forcing the fat you carry now not to distribute throughout your body more, which will only make  you look heavier than you do now instead of more slender.

Hope this helps, but if not, please don't be discouraged. Find a trusted adult to talk to.

Good luck!


Weight Loss menopause and weight loss? May 07 2012
11:25 (UTC)

I'm 52 and have noticed the effects on weight loss.  Thanks mwhite for your post! Good to know why this was/is so much harder. I was able to lose 40 lbs. and am working on final ten, but it took a more concentrated effort (exercise and appropriate diet) and just went more slowly than I would have liked. I didn't have a good exercise routine, though, and that probably would have helped things go much faster. I was doing no strength training and only one form of cardio (walking).

Trying to lose weight at this age totally sucks, but it is possible. The hardest part for me was sticking with it in the first two months since I didn't see much weight change until then. I guess that's the only help I can offer.

Weight Loss Anyone want to be buddies? May 05 2012
15:36 (UTC)

I am also looking for a buddy with similar stats. 5'4", 120 and looking to lose 10 lbs.


Health & Support sick feeling due to loud noises Apr 29 2012
22:44 (UTC)

I did a Google search and you are not alone! Apparently this is a phenomenon that is happening to others as well. Go ahead and tell your parents and see if they can help you.


Good luck!

Motivation Help Wanted: Motivation to Keep Logging Apr 29 2012
21:31 (UTC)

I go to the store and force myself to carry around bags of sugar as I shop to remind myself how it used to feel to carry around all that weight (sore feet, back, legs, etc.). Its amazing how much harder it is to bend over and get something. Even if you've only lost 5lbs. it's amazing how good you feel when you put it back on the shelf and relieve yourself of the burden. I always feel so spry and happy as I away that many pounds lighter. 

As others have mentioned, I also use pictures and memories of how I felt in the morning when I had to get out of bed and get dressed or see myself in the mirror. Is it worth the 'price' of having to think before I eat, exercise,  and log it all? For me, TOTALLY!!Smile

The Lounge Drunken exercising Apr 29 2012
17:55 (UTC)

I went to a yoga class after an Irish coffee and could not maintain balance for longer than a few seconds. I found it kind of fun for me as a one-time thing, but wouldn't repeat because it just got frustrating and pointless after a while. Made me feel for people with a natural difficulty with balance.

Motivation How do I even start losing???? Apr 29 2012
14:40 (UTC)

Start with going to Tools (top of the page)  and then Overview. You can figure out what your ideal weight should be based on your height, etc. Then you can go to the burn meter and figure out the calories you will need each day. Then you can go to the beginner's info on exercise and start exercising. When you enter that information daily, you will get a 'net calories' score. If that is NEGATIVE 500 each day for one week, you will lose a pound. (ignore the information that says you have x number of calories to burn. I think that is for maintenance or something). Try to stick to your caloric limit that was established by the burn meter and goal weight information for now).  However, when you first start, you will likely have some fluctuations on actual weight even though you are losing fat, so don't get discouraged. You will probably be building muscle and that will also make your weight fluctuate. Don't give up. Just keep going. Eventually it will all start to work. 3,500 calories in the negative net over a week will be one pound. Trust that. AND DRINK THE WATER. This is what flushes the fat out. Don't be afraid to start small. Just eliminating sugared sodas is a huge step. Good luck!!

Weight Loss Tell me this is really happening! Apr 12 2012
15:56 (UTC)

Second-hand stores are great for transition clothing. Congrats!!