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Foods What do you eat for breakfast? Mar 03 2008
17:09 (UTC)

I like to mix it up

 1 slice light five grain toast, 1T natural peanut butter, 1/2 banana, cereal, 1/4 c. milk ~320 cal

1 fried egg, 1 slice light toast, .5oz brie spread, 1/2 banana, 1T natural peanut butter ~330 cal

blueberry pancakes (krusteaz) with sweetened coconut flakes, usually with a little peanut butter and maple syrup ~340 cal

also: 100 calorie bagels, apple with peanut butter, occasionally bacon, basically I love breakfast 

My only true breakfast staple: Coffee.

Weight Loss Shorties 5'1"--how many calories? Feb 27 2008
14:26 (UTC)

I'm 5'2", 118, and trying to get down a few more pounds.

Right now, I shoot for 1300-1400, regardless of exercise. I started at around 125 in January, so it seems to be working out okay. And of course there are those days when I'm closer to 1600-1800 (1800 being a maintenance # from another website, 1590 the maintenance from CC), and those days when I'm just not hungry and barely make it to 1200.

It averages out okay in the end :) And yeah... being little is hard. Less calories. Can't reach the top shelf without a chair. Can't see over people at concerts. The list goes on...


Weight Loss How did everyone do for valentines day? Feb 16 2008
19:45 (UTC)

I prepared!

  Lighter breakfast and a salad for lunch.. Which totally saved me. I also managed to sneak in a workout :)

After the steak & onions, sweet potato, homemade chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberry shortcake...

Under by 150 :)  

Foods Sweet Tooth Feb 13 2008
23:07 (UTC)


Actually... that's the whole recipe! I did one box of spice cake mix and whisked in 12oz of Diet Pepsi... No other ingredients required! Bake according to the directions (or until a toothpick comes out clean) you're good to go! A friend of mine also did a white cake using Diet Cherry Seven Up, which was pretty darn good.

I *did* sneak in some calories in the frosting, in which I used:

1 c. heavy whipping cream

1/2 package of Sugar Free, Fat Free Jell-O Vanilla Pudding

Splash of vanilla extract

Dash of powdered ginger

Splash of milk to thin it out a bit 

Whip and frost! 

You could *easily* substitute Cool Whip for the cream if you're looking to lower the calories even further.

Also, the cake was a little... difficult to slice out of the pan. I probably lost about 1/16 to crumbing and it sticking to my knife. You could probably throw in an egg white or two to keep it together better. Let me know what you end up making! I'm always looking for good cake recipes! :) 

Foods Sweet Tooth Feb 13 2008
20:21 (UTC)

For me, a meal just isn't complete until you've had something sweet :)

Personally, I like to keep really, really good chocolate around, and have 1 square (40-60cals depending) after dinner. The cost tends to keep the amount I have in the cupboard limited. Lindt makes some excellent fancy schmancy flavors, and generally a taste is all I really need.

Also: Apple or carrot slices with 1T natural peanut butter, 100 calorie pack of PopSecret Kettlecorn, 1 crunchy granola bar, dried fruit, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, Weight Watchers Fruit & Cream bars (140 cal I think...), 1 serving of cereal, put yogurt cups in the freezer, or even just a hard candy or sucker if you're dying for that candy taste.

Weight Watcher's cake - 1 box cake mix, 12oz diet soda. Mix, bake, and voila! If you've got friends to share it with, a fantastic alternative. I just brought in spice cake with diet Pepsi  (w/ frosting, 175 cal per piece x 16 pieces) to work, and even the non-calorie conscious devoured it.

And FYI, I'm on the 1300-1400cal/day goal, too, so it can be done!, and  I'm living proof :) Good luck!