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Weight Loss Enjoying Holiday Vs. Keeping weight off? Apr 11 2008
13:18 (UTC)
Here's how I look at it: you're not going to be able to count calories every day for the rest of your life, so look at times when you can't/don't want to as an opportunity to see how you can do.  You already know how to eat smart and stay in a good calorie range, so just relax and enjoy your holiday.

And remember that no diet ever anywhere was ever totally derailed by a few days of laying around and maybe eating a cupcake or two.

Have fun!
Weight Loss When does it start to become REALLY HARD?! Apr 08 2008
13:26 (UTC)
For me, I'm about 10lbs away from my goal, and now it's starting to get hard.  Being so close to my goal, I look awesome and so it's hard to want to keep restricting the calories.  I want to eat at maintenance most of the time.  Especially after a whole year of counting.   And when I do eat at maintenance, my weight fluctuates 2-3 lbs all the time.  Then I decide I want to start restricting again.  It's a vicious cycle!  And nothing's coming off easily anyway.  It's the mental stuff now that I have to contend with.
Fitness Kettlebell training...anyone out there? Apr 01 2008
15:50 (UTC)
Yay kettlebells!

I asked my trainer how much she thought I burned during a one hour class and she estimated about 500.  I mean, you do kettlebells, you know how tough it can be.  But so rewarding.  I can not think of one aspect of my life that hasn't been improved with kettlebells!  It's awesome.
Weight Loss How long after cardio should you wait to eat? Mar 31 2008
20:01 (UTC)
definitely try to eat something high protein (like some chicken, turkey, or some protein powder) within 1/2 hour of a workout.  If you can't eat that quick after, then try to get something in you within three hours.  It will help with recovery too.
Weight Loss Supplements that work Mar 22 2008
19:04 (UTC)
Supplements NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER work to lose weight.  In case I wasn't clear: NO.  Waste of money, bad for you, bad bad bad.

Why would you want to give your hard earned $$ to a company that has useless products and only makes it's money off of people who feel bad about themselves?

Know what's foolproof, guaranteed to work?  Diet & exercise.  100% guarantee.  I promise.
Foods Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey Mar 20 2008
20:51 (UTC)
Any time I've ever measured out turkey slices, it's always 2 slices=2 oz.  And that's both the pre-sliced kind and the kind that I have them slice for me always "for sandwiches". 
Weight Loss dieting on a budget Mar 19 2008
17:36 (UTC)
Yeah, definitely.  It's hard to eat healthy on a budget.  But making the commitment to eat well means that you will be spending more money on food.  Think about how cheap crappy food is, how many people rely on it as their sustinance.  You don't want that. 

Go to a store where they have  a bulk section and buy yourself some beans, rice, and other grains and legumes like lentils.  You will be amazed at how long $3 worth of kidney beans will last.  Remember to make enough for lunches, and you don't have to worry about that.  Make lentil soup, it's pretty much just lentils, some veggies, and water.  Meat is expensive so cut down.  Get used to some staple meals that you can eat 3-4 times per week and you'll have a good idea of how to budget too.
Fitness Am I too heavy to run??? Mar 06 2008
23:32 (UTC)

Before I lost weight, when I was about 220, I was running.  I did the classic "too many miles" mistake and thought I could take it.  Doing about 3.5 miles, three times a week.  It was great, for a few weeks.  Then suddenly one day, I was having a great run, even thinking about how great it felt, when my knee suddenly snapped and I sprained it.  Had to walk a mile home, limping and practically bawling, with two dogs.  It sucked and took me a long time to recover.  Months and months.  I didn't think I'd ever run again.

Now I'm running again, after losing 65+ lbs and it's better, but just be really, really careful.  Run for five minutes here and there and work slowly up, because you can feel great and suddenly something gives because too much weight is too much weight.

Good luck!
Weight Loss co-workers look at me funny when... Mar 04 2008
15:57 (UTC)
My co-workers look at me funny when I rush to to log in my food. 

That, and the fact that I eat every 2-3 hours.  Everyone sees me eating constantly, but I've lost like 65 lbs! 
Weight Loss Weight Loss Supplements? Mar 04 2008
13:51 (UTC)
No, and no. 

Don't be tricked.  They don't work, and they're not healthy.  The only thing that works is diet and exercise.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something, lying, or in denial.
Weight Loss Has anyone used THE SECRET Mar 04 2008
13:47 (UTC)
I have several examples of things that I materialized in my life because I saw-believed-received.

Examples?  So now you are happy and content, with all the things that you have, and you don't want anything else? 

Someone posted above that The Secret is all about material things.  I don't want to live my life by seeing things and wanting them, really believing that they're already mine.  That seems wrong, when there's so many other non-material things in life to focus on.

It makes sense that what you think, you live, and thinking positively will make you live positively, but let me tell you that I never thought I could lose weight, and I always thought I was fat.  Until I lost 70 lbs.  Then I started to believe it.
Weight Loss Unexplaned Midlife Weight Gain for the older members (30-50 years) Feb 14 2008
12:51 (UTC)
People in thier thirties aren't 'older'!!

I think people just get lazy and complacent as they age.  Bad habits from your twenties carry over to your thirties and those habits are hard to break.  That's why I don't really think it's okay to encourage younger college age people to eat crappy food and drink beer, all in the name of being young.

You can build muscle until you're very old.  Starting to exercise when you're forty or fifty is better than nothing.  But people are ina mind set that thier metabolism is slowing down and that's why they can't lost weight.
Weight Loss 8 glasses of water per day - fact or myth? Feb 04 2008
22:19 (UTC)
I have also heard that we're wired to get most of our necessary water from the foods that we eat.  We are obsessed with water as a culture (personally I think it has a lot to do with the fact that water is becomming quite the commodity, and in parts of the worlds, wars are being faught over it.  We're stockpiling, as it were.) and probably don't need the whole 8-10 cups per day thing.  Also, thirst is very sensitive - you won't be near dehydration, but your body will be telling you that you need water.  Again, just an evolutionary thing that saved our ancestors butts so we could be here today.

But I also think that modern life, in general, dries us out.  Heating systems, air conditioning, processed foods, dirty air, and all that other wonderful stuff that you can't get away from take its toll on your body.  That's why I drink lots of water, just to keep stuff moving in me.  I feel better when I do.
Weight Loss About Yogurt Jan 30 2008
18:12 (UTC)
the active cultures in yogurt are beneficial, but most of them are destroyed in the digestion process.  They are living, after all. 

If you're concerned about getting enough probiotics (that's what the cultures are called) in your diet, you should probably buy some probiotic supplements.  They are generally coated so that they can get past your stomach acid and into the intestines, where they belong.

I don't know about helping you lose weight, but it does good things for your digestion, which in turn benefits your whole body.
Weight Loss How much protein should one eat per day? Jan 23 2008
21:47 (UTC)
I've heard one gram of protien for every pound of body weight. 
Weight Loss Why is it that... Jan 23 2008
14:53 (UTC)
I had a moment at the gym  last week where I felt like I suddenly could see what I really look like, after losing 60 pounds.  It's not 100 pounds, like you lost, but still a lot.  And I felt like I'd never see it.  But wow.  I almost fell over when I saw my reflection.  I didn't actually think it was me, I thought I was seeing someone else, and I actually thought 'wow, I can't wait until I look like her!'

It takes a while to get used to your new body, and the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to other people.  You're not other people, you're you and that's unique.  Just focus on yourself.  Think about starting some weight training regimen or exercising. 

And don't call yourself fat!
Weight Loss weird question!!:) Jan 14 2008
21:49 (UTC)
ha ha, kay_h.... I am laughing out loud.

It is 2 funny 2 B 4 real.
Weight Loss Walking? Jan 14 2008
18:11 (UTC)
I wouldn't have lost over 60 lbs if I hadn't started a daily walking regimen.  I did about 3.5 miles at 3.5 miles per hour.  Now I'm doing more cardio and weights, so I need more than walking, but it was the way to start. 
Weight Loss this happens everytime Jan 11 2008
01:04 (UTC)
I do that too, like every night after dinner.  I'm trying to train myself to get into the habit of drinking tea instead.  When I get those cravings for sweets or whatever, I just put on the kettle.  I've only been doing it for a few days, but I noticed last night that I went right for the tea instead of poking my head into the fridge first.
Weight Loss Eat more lose more Jan 10 2008
21:26 (UTC)
Do not feed the trolls.