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Motivation in need of some motivation... Jul 09 2008
13:52 (UTC)

thanks so much for your reply.  it made me feel's really nice out today so if i don't feel like running, i'll go for a walk down to the beach.  thanks again!

Motivation Kicking & Screaming Jun 21 2008
18:53 (UTC)

forgot to add...maybe you could join a club team if you live in/near a city? i live in baltimore and there are all kinds of club sports teams like volleyball, softball, flag football, field hockey, etc.  that will make you workout and be fun!

Motivation Kicking & Screaming Jun 21 2008
18:52 (UTC)

for me when i get bored, i try to switch up my routine....go outside for a run one day, go to the gym the next.  the next i'll do something else outside.  i've definitely gotten into a funk or period of time when i'm seriously lacking motivation to workout.  i do feel worse when i don't...going more than 3 days w/out exercise makes me very moody! haha.  i just think about my body and my progress and take it one day at a time.  i do remind myself how good i'll feel after and without fail, i do feel awesome after!  anyway, good luck!! 

Foods another (hopefully not annoying) question about fruit :) Jun 13 2008
20:11 (UTC)

ohh yes i forgot to say, i'm lactose intolerant as well.  i do drink soy milk that is fortified though.  other than that, i stay away from all dairy.

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Jun 12 2008
18:27 (UTC)

can you add 3.8 for me today?

Health & Support Doctor says try lowering wheat intake Jun 12 2008
18:13 (UTC)

i just started a GF diet last week because i've had so many problems within the last 5 years.  i was tested for celiac (endoscopy and biopsy) and it came back negative.  i'm feeling SO much better on this i've concluded that i'm gluten intolerant but don't have celiac.  i want to get the genetic test at some point but right now, it doesn't matter what i have.  avoiding gluten has made all of my symptoms go away!!

i just want to add that be careful of some of the things someone mentioned.  like soy sauce...sometimes there is hidden gluten in sauces and condiments.  you really have to read the labels.  if you can go to a health food store like whole foods or trader joes, they tend to have "gluten free" listed on foods.  if not, search online for websites that have lists of gluten free foods, and also what foods to avoid.  there is a really good website, but i'm not sure of the address.  i think i googled "gluten free foods" and it came up so you could check that out.  good luck!

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Jun 08 2008
04:34 (UTC)

4 for me today.

Foods gum -- is it gluten free? Jun 07 2008
18:43 (UTC)

thanks for the link!!!

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Jun 05 2008
05:36 (UTC)

i would like to join the challenge.... lets say 40 miles. gotta start running!!

Health & Support Eating Healthy Jun 04 2008
00:05 (UTC)

i don't think anyone disagrees that he has a problem with food.  even thedude thinks he does, as he basically said so himself.  but this is not the right place for that.  he needs help, from professionals. 

thedude -- i'm sorry i made you defensive...or at least you seem that way.  don't mean to make you upset!  (what's AW?)

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Jun 02 2008
22:05 (UTC)

4.30 for me today.

Fitness Morning run... motivation?! Jun 02 2008
22:04 (UTC)

so funny...i was seriously justgoing to add a post with the exact same question.  i'm more of a night runner but really want to get in the habit of running in the morning.

well, i have no advice haha but i'll wait to hear other peoples!

Health & Support Eating Healthy Jun 02 2008
22:00 (UTC)

thedude --

i agree with starcrossdlovex.  please be more sensitive to those who have been diagnosed with anorexia.  it is not a cold that you can catch and have for a month then suddenly be cured of it.  if you believe you may be suffering from anorexia, please get help and talk to someone about it.  once you do, you can get the right kind of help you probably need. 

i've seen several of your posts.  maybe you really are niave and are wondering, i don't know.  if that's the case, please talk to your mom about seeing a counselor or a nutritionist.  and trust me, there is NOTHING wrong with seeing someone.  it does not mean failure.  i'd think you would know that existing on fruit is not healthy.  i've never had anorexia but i imagine some of your posts will be triggering to others.  please be more sensitive.

Fitness Running in the morning or evening? May 31 2008
22:07 (UTC)

i love running just before dusk...maybe 6 or 7pm.  but some days it is really hard to get motivated after a long day. 

anyone have any suggestions for waking my lazy butt up in the morning and going first thing?  i tend to be slower in the morning but once i've run a mile or two, i finally wake up.  i do like getting it over with in the morning and feel better all day....any suggestions??

Fitness Mission: Run Around the World--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! May 31 2008
02:53 (UTC)

please add me for 5.86 miles today. thanks!!

Fitness Body Pump May 30 2008
02:11 (UTC)

i loooove body pump!!! i'm going tomorrow :)  i love how you can keep making it more challenging every time you up the weights.  great class!

Motivation Here's My Story May 30 2008
02:08 (UTC)

congrats bobby!  i'm curious about the show too...i watched the first couple (i'm not sure how many there have been?) seasons but not this past one.  i did watch yours tho! i love that many hours per day did you workout?  how did you like the trainers? 

Health & Support complex carbohydrate intolerance?? May 29 2008
14:57 (UTC)

thanks for all your replies... and yes, i am lactose intolerant too haha.  i have eliminated dairy from my diet pretty much completely.  i drink soy milk, don't eat ice cream, etc.  i'm definitely a label reader and look for the hidden milk ingredients.

anyway, my symptoms have been excessive gas (which is never fun!), bloating, pain, diahrrea.  i used to eat like 5 bowls of cereal and/or oatmeal a day (i'd usually have it for dinner or lunch along with breakfast -- i know, not the best diet!) but ever since about 5 months ago, i've been having the worst bloating and gas.  eventually i narrowed it down to the cereal and oatmeal so i haven't eaten it for a few months.  my pain and bloating has gone away and the excessive gas is still there, but much less.  2 weeks ago, i decided to buy a box of cereal just to test it out (plus it was my birthday and i wanted to have my favorite dinner lol).  well let me tell you...that gas came right back!  so now i defintely know that cereal is a big culprit.

my GI doctor did actually recommend a probiotic.  i need to buy some and try that.  sybil, that's interesting about the flaxseed, does that just add fiber?

healthybmi -- you sound like me!  i'm 25, i've been having stomach problems all my life, but they got severe enough to see a GI when i was 20.  i've had LOTS of tests done, too, and they've ruled out most everything.  i do have chronic inflammation of my stomach (or gastritis) and esophagitis but all of that doesn't really account for my current symptoms so who knows!  has eliminating breads and pastas helped any?  it sounds like we're a little opposite though, b/c i'm not usually constipated haha.  have you tried taking fibercon?  my doctor told me to take that even though i eat enough fiber in my food.  i dunno, you could try that if you haven't already?   

Health & Support complex carbohydrate intolerance?? May 29 2008
03:54 (UTC)

i'm taking fibercon actually (my doctor recommended it) but i actually get tons of fiber anyway.  i eat very healthy, lots of veggies, fruit, whole grains.  and because nothing showed up on my colonoscopies, my doctors have told me i have IBS.  it's sort of a catch all though.  and the symptoms i'm feeling now (within the past few months), are very different than the ones i've felt in the past (for the past 5 years).  so i know the difference b/w IBS and what i'm feeling now.  ugh, its just very frustrating.  there is something i'm intolerant to and i just can't figure it out.  i might just try an elimination diet to find out.

Fitness Jogging and heart rate May 29 2008
03:41 (UTC)

yes i do believe so.  i just had some tests done and the doctor was monitoring my heart rate.  she was like, hmm thats weird, it's very low. do you workout a lot?  and since i do workout often, she said my HR is low b/c of working out.  so, to answer your question, i think you are probably getting in better shape and are able to maintain a lower resting HR.