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Weight Loss Am I FAT, honestly? Oct 30 2015
20:17 (UTC)

no and you shouldn't care what random strangers on the internet think anyway.

Weight Loss Sticky what caused your weight gain? Oct 17 2015
14:16 (UTC)
Well I guess to make a long story short I have yo-yo'd throughout the years, But the bottom line is my weight gain was caused by poor food choices and lack of portion control.
Health & Support All I can think about is food Oct 16 2015
18:58 (UTC)
Original Post by tigermoth5:

Original Post by mltdhy:

Thanks for the article, very interesting.


It's so hard to just say to myself yeah let's rest and eat as I'm absolutely terrified of gaining weight.  I still think I have a fat stomach and legs.  Such a battle in a mind about should I be hungry and look good or shall I just give in and eat!

Terror of gaining weight, and the unrealistic thought that you are fat (whilst your BMI is underweight) could be symptomatic of an eating disorder - and yes, that IS a battle in the mind exactly.

Please see a doctor, and confide your worries about gaining and feeling fat to him/her. Truly, an ED is somehting you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. I'm almost your height, and weight, and have fought anorexia for over 20 years. Don't still feel this way at 41!!

And I agree with Linden - having been thinner, I can honestly say it never, ever makes you happy. I was near death at several points, and still unhappy with my weight.

This exactly! Please seek some help. About 7 years ago I got down to a BMI that was considered underweight for my height. I was obsessive about food and over exercised, I was never happy with my body, and I feared "getting fat" meanwhile looking back at pictures I was way too thin and the realization came that I had an eating disorder.

Foods Simple 100 cal snacks? Oct 15 2015
15:51 (UTC)

I bring a pack of 100 calorie almonds and a banana with me to work as my snacks

Foods weird food combo's?! Apr 23 2014
15:16 (UTC)

I love ketchup with a lot of odd stuff- including vegetables. But, I have stopped that because too much ketchup can't be good for you!

Foods NASTY aftertaste from protein shakes??? Anyone else?? Apr 23 2014
14:00 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

You aren't going to build muscle eating 1300 calories.

But to your question, I found Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% whey double chocolate protein powder to be the least nasty.

This is the protein powder my DH uses, it is really good!

Weight Loss No weight loss @ beginning of diet? Please Help! Apr 23 2014
13:59 (UTC)

I would try upping your calories, especially since you are working out. I always find when I start a diet I feel myself starting to get thinner after the first couple of days. However I am sedentary for the most part except for the occasional walking, so I have to stick to a lower cal diet, if I did as much activity as you then I'd def have to eat more calories.

Weight Loss Diet Soda and Water? Suggestions? Apr 23 2014
13:56 (UTC)

Hi, I used to drink diet soda all the time, before the new year's I decided that I would stop. I found that I craved the carbonation in my drink, so I switched to seltzer..(or sparkling water). I have been diet soda free since then!

Weight Loss Sticky what caused your weight gain? Apr 23 2014
13:52 (UTC)
Original Post by trexlex:

Pregnancy! I started out at 150lbs and went up to 200 lbs! After i had her i was at 180 for a while..9 months later I'm at 155. My goal is 125. The prob is i cant seem to find the time or energy to work out because of my fulltime job, daughter, house hunting and online business. At one point the weight was melting off just because i forgot to eat, but now i am just trying to gain energy by eating better so i can find the energy to work out.

Ha we are pretty much in similar situations! I used to be a runner before getting pregnant, and now I am sedentary, I can't seem to find the time to work out as I work full time, so in the morning, I am rushing to get ready for work and my son out the door, and by the time I get home I am feeding him dinner, etc and exhausted. Now that the weather is getting nicer I am trying to go out for walks during my lunch break at work.

Weight Loss Sticky what caused your weight gain? Apr 22 2014
14:33 (UTC)

As a kid I was always chunky and had issues with my weight. I am a chronic yo-yo dieter. My weakness is that it is "all or nothing" for me. I have to get out of that mindset. I have been anywhere from the low end of my BMI (where I looked sickly) where I was severely restrictive on what I ate, to overweight (highest weight was right after I gave birth to my son). I have to admit it was all on me because I would eat what I wanted. Currently I am in the overweight range and need to lose about 15 lbs to get to the normal range of BMI. At this point I'd be happy just getting back to "Normal."

Weight Loss waist size measurements(apple shaped people) Apr 30 2013
20:24 (UTC)

wow it is telling me at my height i should have a 25" waist... I think I was that waist size when I had an ED! I would be happy to get to around 27.5-28 again!

Weight Loss I just had my first public fat bashing Apr 29 2013
20:22 (UTC)

Wow, the nerve of some people. You are at a healthy weight, I wouldn't pay any regard to what they say.

Weight Loss Vitamin D deficiency problems anyone? Affecting Weight Loss Apr 18 2013
17:17 (UTC)

Hi, I found this post in a search... I just found out today that I have low levels of vitamin D3, and to take a 2,000 unit/day supplement. I have to say that I do struggle with weight loss even when I'm really diligent about watching what I'm eating, so not sure if this is related at all. I originally went for bloodwork at my OB GYN because I thought maybe my thyroid was out of whack and it may have been causing my inability to lose weight and my short cycles, but apparently it is normal.  I would be interested to know if the supplements matter- vitamin D3 vs D?

Weight Loss weekly weigh in!! Mar 12 2013
14:34 (UTC)

Updating here as well, I think I lost weight without trying this week since I have not really been good about tracking and allowing myself treats but I have had stomach issues lately, so I lost about 2 lbs.

CW: 152.5

GW: 130

Games & Challenges 20 Pounds by June 21st. first day of summer! Mar 12 2013
14:30 (UTC)

Hi all, I went on the scale this morning and at one point it read 152.9 then 10 minutes later was 152 even, so I am going to say I'm at 152.5 which is about a 2 lb loss I think from last time. Although I don't know how because I have been bad about tracking lately and have allowed myself several treats. I have also been having lots of stomach issues lately :( so that could be why I lost weight without much effort this week. Good luck to all!

CW: 152.5

GW: 130

Games & Challenges 20 Pounds by June 21st. first day of summer! Mar 04 2013
15:50 (UTC)

I was down .4 on Sunday morning but this morning up a lb since I didn't eat too healthy yesterday. So I guess I will see how it goes next week.

Weight Loss Skinny people who say they never stop eating? Mar 04 2013
15:45 (UTC)

I think genetics does play a big role, well I think for me at least. I gain weight very easily and it takes me a long time to lose it. I can diet and be constantly good during the week, and I won't see 2 lb losses each week. If i have a slip up day (say, if I go to a family party and eat something other than grilled chicken and veggies) then I'm up 2 lbs. It's really frustrating! At my lowest weight I was eating very, very little calories. and it was nearly impossible to maintain. So, I would just be happy being in a mid range of a normal BMI if I could ever get back there again.

I did have a childhood friend that was always very skinny and she is still skinny today. But we used to snack on the same stuff and yet I was always the chubby kid haha.

Weight Loss Women's clothing sizes, body weights Mar 04 2013
15:38 (UTC)

I am 5'4" around 155 lbs and I *think* i'm a size 12 but i'm still wearing stretchy stuff from when i was pregnant, I know, so bad!

When I was about 20 lbs lighter I was in a size 8.

At my lowest weight I was around 118 and a size 4. Don't think i'll ever get back there though (I had an ED to stay at that weight). I'll be happy if I get to size 8 again!

Weight Loss weekly weigh in!! Mar 03 2013
18:37 (UTC)
Down .4 so now at 154.5, today though I sort of strayed so I have to be good for the rest of the week
Pregnancy & Parenting Am I too heavy to think aout getting pregnant? Mar 01 2013
15:33 (UTC)

i would also work on losing some weight before getting pregnant. just in case you gain a lot like i did! with me I lost 10 lbs before I got pregnant. This put me at the higher end of a normal BMI. But then, during pregnancy, I put on 45 lbs!!  My son is 6.5 months now but I still have 10 lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and another 15 on top of that to get to my "wedding weight". sigh.

oh i wanted to add that i did not have a c section or any other complications.