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Fitness New to Strength Training Mar 14 2010
22:46 (UTC)

I would start slowly with some simple exercises that use your own weight as resistance:

Pushups - great for upper body and your core!  You can modify depending on your current strength by either A.)  putting you knees on the ground or B.)  elevate your upper body so that you are at a slant with feet on the ground and you are leaning against maybe the edge of a sturdy table or chair.  Yo can also change the distance between your hands.  It is usually easier the furhter your hands are apart. 

Chair Dips - Triceps and slight abs if done correctly.  place a chair against the wall so that the seat is facing out.  With your back toward the seat edge, grab the edge of the chair (fingers will curl under the seat) and place your feet outward in front of you so that your body is outstretched.  Bend at the elbows and then straighten.  Think about your elbows being parallel to your hands, as opposed to the elbows bending out like "chicken wings". 

Ab work:  simple crunches to start, working toward flutter kicks and leg lifts.  Flutter kicks - lay on back, hands under your bottom with head elevated.  Raise your feet about 6" off the ground and then do little quick swimmer kicks up and down alternately with your feet foot.   Range of motion for each foot is about 6" - 8".  Leg Lifts - same start posiion as flutter kicks, but raise both of your legs 90 degrees so that the bottom of your feet are facing the ceiling. 

As for repetitions, do as many as you can at once without completely straining youself.  Take about a one minute break and try to do just as many.  Repeat a third time.

Any of these can be modified to be simpler or harder depending on your fitness level. 

Fitness Running shoes vs. walking shoes Mar 04 2010
12:50 (UTC)

Thanks for the advice!  As I already spend way too much money on running shoes, I'm going to use them...until I find some decent walkers on clearance.  It makes sense that you can walk with runners, but not vice versa.  Thanks! 

Vegetarian vegetarian to nonvegetarian Mar 02 2010
13:11 (UTC)

I made the transition a few years back.  I was never a strict vegetarian so it wasn't too difficult for me.  I started with a few ounces of grilled chicken or fish weekly and gradually added additional meat products.  It will be a shock to your system so do it slowly.  (I had some bathroom issues initially which quickly resolved themselves)

As for letting everyone know - it's already a topic of discussion so it shouldn't change that much.  You don't need to make an announcement if you don't want to.  Eat what sounds good to you and let the others ask.  When they ask why you are eating meat say nonchalantly "it sounded good to me.  So, (insert name here), tell me about that new project you're working on"  If the person persists,  just say that you'd prefer to discuss it after you have eaten. 

Good luck!  

Weight Loss Any advise on the next step for me Mar 01 2010
17:20 (UTC)

I know that some women's weight fluctuates significantly wih their monthly cycle, especially if combined with heavy sodium intake.  I would take a look at the calandar to see if this pattern repeats.

I certainly wouldn't worry too much about it in the short term.  Maybe you did actually put on a pound or two, but that is fairly insignificant.  Keep a healthy focus on your goal and you will get there! 

Fitness I need a new type of exercise. Mar 01 2010
12:41 (UTC)

Speed walking is great if you don't like to run.  You won't burn as many calories if you walk for the same amount of time as run, but if you walk as far as what you were running it is comparable.  Also, you can get a great glut workout by elongating your back stride (before your back foot shoves off the ground). 

Also, speed walkng is less prone to injuries.


Weight Loss What do you drink? Mar 01 2010
03:35 (UTC)

I struggle with water except immediately following a run. 

The rest of the time I drink Immitation (Walmart brand) 0 calorie Crystal Light Cranberry.  Love the stuff!  I mix it with about 30% more water than it calls for and dilute it with bunches of ice and always drink it with a bendy straw :-)

Foods Game day snackage -- replacing nachos and cheese with more healthful options? Mar 01 2010
00:18 (UTC)

The game is over, but I'm throwing my suggestions out there anyway...

If you really want the chips/dip thing, baked tostitos are better than the real thing.  Also, a dip with FF yogurt or FF sourcream and taco seasoning works. 

Salsa just rocks! I ask for that instead of salad dressing at restaurants when there aren't any low calorie options. 

Whenever I'm not sure if I'll have a healthy opion at a potluck, I take veggies and FF dill dip.

hummus has been mentioned, but you can also make a bean dip (just puree canned beans - black, canelli, garbanzo, etc.  add water if too thick) with taco seasoning or chili seasoning or jsut some cumin an dred pepper.  Yummmmm!


Weight Loss spin-off on the "Oh, but you're so skinny" post Feb 28 2010
23:29 (UTC)

My perspective is that people, especially women, who urge against weight loss want someone to be their equal, not look better or be healthier than them.  Women are naturally competitive regarding looks - it just makes sense that no one wants the other girl to look better.  I believe it goes back to natural selection and mating, that it is how our brains are wired. 

So, with that said, I will lose my 7 vanity lbs so I can be healhier and, yes, look better.   

Weight Loss A question regarding weight loss and alcohol Feb 27 2010
21:37 (UTC)

For me, I eat a slightly lighter calorie day and then add the alcohol.  I end up a few hundred calories over my target of 1400, but not too high over.  The next day for me is usually a moderately high calorie day too because I feel like I need a more substantial calorie intake after drinking. 

I also delay eating the majority of my calories until just before I head out.  No drinking on an empty stomach!   

I sill end up a bit below my burn rate so I consider these two days as maintenance.  


Pregnancy & Parenting baby won't take a bottle Feb 27 2010
18:25 (UTC)

Try teaching him use a straw instead of a sippy cup.  I found it to be easier for my daughter because it didn't require as much coordination with lifting, tipping and drinking.  Start with a capri sun straw - it's easier to get liquid since it has a smaller diameter.  You can even cut it in half just to make it super easy.  Eventually get the sturdier straws designed for reuse and cut a small hole in a cup lid for them to fit through.  Also, alot of restaurants have good quality cups/lids/straws for children that you can reuse.      &nb sp;   

Foods What can I do with almond breeze? Feb 27 2010
18:14 (UTC)

I use it in alot of sweet creamy dishes that normally call for milk:

Sugar free instant pudding - Reduce the total amount of milk called for by 1/4 to make it extra creamy.

Sweet rice pudding - brown rice, splenda blend, cinnamon, milk, egg whites, vanilla, raisins

Baked french toast - whole grain bread, eggs or whites, breeze instead of milk, cinnamon, vanilla.  Soak the bread in the milk egg mixture for a few hours or overnight in a casserole dish in the frig.  Bake 350 for about 35 minutes until puffy. 

Wih both the french toast and the rice pudding I sub ingredients often.  Maybe add dried cranberries with 1/4 orange or pineapple juice instead of all Breeze.  Or add diced apples or pears with some apple or grape juice.  Or mmmm blueberries and peaches with all breeze and extra almond flavoring.  Anything goes once you have the basic recipe.     


Fitness Long Distance Runner? Feb 27 2010
15:44 (UTC)

Here's what I do for food before a long run:

Night before - healthy carb load (whole grain pasta or rice with minimal veggies and protein)

Middle of night or very early morning (no less than 3 hours before running) - banana or granola bar

Immediately Post run - oatmeal, maybe with nuts and some dried fruit or yogurt with granola

Remainder of day - whatever I want! Usually a balance of whole wheat carbs, protein and veggies.

**The website is a great reference for all your running questions. 


Fitness Long Distance Runner? Feb 26 2010
15:08 (UTC)

I became a (semi?) long distance runner a few years ago.  I asked many people about increasing my speed.  I received many complex formulas for interval training and muscle training and building cardio endurance and....One answer really made an impression on me - "just run faster."  ummm huh?  That's it? 

Yep. That was all I needed.  It doesn't need to be difficult, just put one foot in front of the other quicker than what you normally would.  Maybe start with running one mile in your run faster than normal and build from there.

Happy running!    

The Lounge Snow=no school =dont want to go out = gym? Feb 26 2010
14:55 (UTC)

Snow Daaayyyyyy!  My workout will be shoveling (and then probably shoveling again)!  It's great combination of cardio and strength training.  No need to get to the gym when there is a workout right outside the house.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Foods Carb, Fat & Protien percentage question Feb 24 2010
16:16 (UTC)

Thanks for the response.  I eat lots of veggies YUM! (usually 5 or 6 servings a day - sometimes more).  It's just that on the heavy carb days I may have a banana instead of cucumber or broccoli for a snack; or have the oatmeal instead of nf yogurt w/a bit of granola with breakfast.  Also, instead of a salad for lunch, I may make a wrap with a whole grain Flatout (those are amazing!). 

I guess I understand why I am heavy on carbs, I'm just curious what is optimal.  Now I'm wondering - what changes are noted when the calorie composition changes?  How does altering it effect matabolism, digestion, body composition and energy levels?  hmmmm  looks like I've go a bit of reading to do!



Weight Loss How to weigh fruit? Feb 23 2010
23:03 (UTC)

Just looked up a few fruits and veggies on the CC food database.  They each had an options for "with' or "without" skin (or maybe "peeled").  Just make sure you're picking the correct option.     

Weight Loss This enough food? (leaving out the calories) Feb 22 2010
22:27 (UTC)

Here's my experience wih baby belly:

Prior to getting pregnant I was in the military and in great shape.  I'm 5'6" and weighed about 135 (23 years old at the time).  I gained a normal amount of weight during the pregnancy.  Although I lost the weight in a few months, it took about a year for me to feel comforable with my stomach.  Several factors led to this - working out, eating a low fat diet and my mental attitiude.  I realized that I may never have that flat stomach again...and I was OK with that as long as it didn't jiggle anymore and was fairly firm.  One thing that helped my stomach "pooch" reduce was to STOP doing excessive crunches.  I was building muscle, which made it look like my pooch was bigger - the opposite effect of what I wanted.  I would say that eventually I went back to 90% of what my pre pregnancy body looked like. 

After having my second child, I would say I am at about 85%.

Ultimately, yes, your stomach will revert, but maybe not completely.  Give it some time and you will see some positive changes.  In the meantime, enjoy that new baby!

       &nb sp;

Weight Loss Is it OK to eat too little one day, more the next? Feb 22 2010
13:20 (UTC)

I have questioned this also.  Our bodies don't restart the calorie and burn calculators at midnight!  We don't go into starvation mode or gain mode based on our eating and activities during a relatively short period of hours.  It's the averages that count!   

I'm a distance runner.  I know that there are days when I can't eat enough to get close to what I've burned during a 10 miler, but I'll make up for it over the next day or two.  (and no, I'm not the thin runner type who doesn't understand the struggles - I'm at a healthy weight, but by no means skinny!) 

Hope his helps!   

Weight Loss This enough food? (leaving out the calories) Feb 22 2010
13:06 (UTC)

How much weight did you gain with the pregnancy?  The closer you were to 125 prior to the pregnancy is a significant factor in how realistic the 125 lb goal is. 

I believe regardless of the pre-pregnancy weight, the timeframe for losing is unrealistic if you want to lose in a healthy controlled manner.  A woman's body takes months to recover from pregnancy (metabolic rate, hormones, etc...).  It took 40 weeks to have the baby - it may take 40 weeks to recover.  Give yourself some time!



Weight Loss Eating alone Feb 18 2010
12:44 (UTC)

Been there (sorta)!  While I was in the military I moved to Japan with my husband.  When I found out I was pregnant I got out of the military and became a stay at home wife/mom.  It was such a drastic change!  I no longer had professional contacts, my social interactions significantly changed with a baby, he deployed for weeks at a time and barely speaking Japanese made daily interactions generic and meaningless.  Unfortunately, our marriage did not survive (there were other issues, too).  Let's not allow that to happen here! 

I would find a library, gym, coffee shop or rec center and get active both physically and with my personal interactions quickly!  If that doesn't help to alter the behavior significantly,  I would seek the aquaintance of the local physician for some professional help.  Radical life changes can reak havoc on both our physical and mental health and getting some help can remedy the situation much more efficiently than individual effort alone.  In hindsight, some professional help may have made my transition much smoother and maybe even saved my marriage.

Remember that the person in the mirror is still the same wonderful person on the inside that you were previous to these changes.  You just need to act like it :)