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Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 28 2011
23:38 (UTC)

It's okay, Tecklajo! Being sick is something you have no control over. You'll be back on track! And just think, you're still down overall!!


To everyone: CONGRATS! As a group, we have lost just under 16lbs overall! That's a lot of weight! Let's keep up the good work! :)

Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 28 2011
14:12 (UTC)

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday everyone!

Starting Weight: 153.6

Last Week: 153.1
This Week:151.1
Loss: 2.0lbs

Total Loss: 2.5lbs
Average Loss: 1.25lbs/week

I've updated myself on the graph already and see that aasil has as well (congrats on the 2.0lbs loss since last week, btw!!)

C'mon guys! Stay on track! You can do this!

Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 21 2011
20:04 (UTC)

Happy weigh-in day to everyone!
Hmm.. not as bad as I thought! Somehow I managed not to gain!!

SW: 153.6


Total Lost: 0.5lbs

Not my best weight-loss week ever, but it's something (somehow)! Hopefully everyone else has done better than me :)

Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 20 2011
17:11 (UTC)

DREADING! haha I moved into my new apartment this weekend and had a major event to go to, and a dinner with a friend from Germany who was in town... My life has been bad food and no exercise (other than lifting moving boxes haha) for a week now. I am simply terrrified!
I'm about to go get some groceries now though so will hopefully be back on track this week!

I hope everyone else is faring better than myself!! :)

Recipes Couscous = Heaven.. Ideas? Sep 16 2011
03:39 (UTC)

Deff tried a breakfast couscous! Amazing! Totally happy and surprised with how well it turned out! I added almond extract and it really created an amazing flavour in it :)

Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 15 2011
04:15 (UTC)

Yay so happy everyone approves! haha and SOOO glad to have everyone on board with it :) God to know there are some other spreadsheet nerds out there!

When I did shiftwork along with my schoolwork this year I even used excel as a calendar - I actually liked it a lot better than outlook and totalled my hours at the bottom. Quite handy dandy things they are! I've also used it to track calories, exercise, total deficits, and weightloss and correlate the deficits vs. loss to see the impact. Fun fun! hehe

Aasil - good call on the collective loss! Really makes it feel like a group effort :) Let's see how high we can get that number to go!

Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 14 2011
18:51 (UTC)

Hey! So I've inputted the data we have for everyone into a spreadsheet which can be found here

I've password-protected the site with the password "health".
(URL: s_by_New_Years)


It's probably the business student/accountant in me, but I just see things better when in a spreadsheet haha

Please don't change any of the entries, as many of them are done with formulas that are consistent for everyone. The columns that you can change/update are Age, Height, Challenge Starting Weight (aka weight on Sept 14), Ultimate Goal Weight, and Current Weight (you can change this once per week and, after you've inputted the rest of your info into the previously mentioned columns, will be the only one you will change from now on).

If you feel uncomfortable with the spreadsheet (haha I know tecklajo mentioned not being sure how to do this "computer stuff") just post your info in here and myself (or someone else) can change it for you :)

Hopefully this helps organize all of the data we all keep posting! :)


Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 14 2011
18:03 (UTC)

Aasil, would you mind updating mine too?

starting weight (8/31/11): 157.5
9/14/11: 153.6
total lost: 3.9

My goal weight is to be between 125-135 (not sure quite yet what I'll be happy with). The lowest I've ever been in recent history was 136 and looking back, I think I looked amazing (albeit, at the time I could have been happier to lose a bit more). My problem was that as soon as I reached that goal, I stopped keeping track of what I was eating and I gained everything back and then some :(

So here I am on Round 2! (Well, the biggest effort since then.. there have been many mini round 2s, and 3s, and 4s)

I maintain a blog with my meals, exercise, weight history, etc. which can be found on my profile page if anyone is interested!

Good luck to all! LET'S DO THIS!!!!

Games & Challenges 10 people, 20 Pounds by 2012!! ***CLOSED*** Sep 12 2011
21:22 (UTC)

I would love to join! I always do a lot better when I have some form of motivation and someone to be held accountable to!!

I'm currently about 155 currently (down 5lbs in the last 2 weeks) and would love to lose that extra 20 before the New Year! I'm 21 and 5'5" and want to be around 130 ideally!

Recipes Couscous = Heaven.. Ideas? Sep 11 2011
16:08 (UTC)

Ah! Thank you so much everyone for your advice! I will have to experiment immediately!

Suspendue_lahaut - your recipes looked especially amazing (I'm super intrigued by the idea of the breakfast couscous - I thought of it as more of a savory dish until now)! Thanks for the specific instructions! I will most definitely be trying some of these out today :)

The Lounge 51-year-old marries "16" year-old... Jun 21 2011
18:57 (UTC)

10,000x worse than Friday!
Like vomit in your mouth and scar your eyeballs in addition to Jules' aforementioned ear-bleeding...

The Lounge 51-year-old marries "16" year-old... Jun 21 2011
18:55 (UTC)

I am really happy for your advanced apology, Jules, otherwise I would be demanding one immediately! I found this article which claims she is a country singer! Ah! That was the farthest thing from country (or any real music) I have ever heard in my entire life.

As for the age difference, I'm highly skeptical that she is actually 16. I'd say more like 25 at least. If they're in love, so be it. I'm still in shock that her dad, aged 47, let her marry a 51-year-old especially if she's actually 16! Eek!

Weight Loss Week 1 Complete! Down 6.4lbs and 1 week since a binge/purge!! :D Jun 20 2011
00:21 (UTC)

Ah totally missed this new message!
Thanks so much, smw. I know people are worried and that on this site any mention of disordered eating triggers a massive response in posters.

I know I don't have to do it on my own, but so far it's been working well! 10 days down as of today and I'm incredibly proud of myself! Hopefully I can keep this up for the next few months until I reach my goal!

Weight Loss Week 1 Complete! Down 6.4lbs and 1 week since a binge/purge!! :D Jun 18 2011
02:51 (UTC)

Valid point, Smw. I guess I'm just a bit scared. I was really stressed during the December exam period due to my upcoming tests, and really tired because of a job that required 2 midnight shifts per week. I finally broke, and went to the health building on my campus. They set me up with a counselor (not specifically trained in nutrition or fitness; just a general therapist) who I just kinda vented to. I ended up telling him about the binge/purge cycles (they were really bad at that time because of the stress) and he basically told me they're a stress-coping mechanism and I should probably just keep doing it until after exams. I was shocked. The fact that anyone could possibly recommend that to someone just killed me. I stopped seeing him immediately after getting the slip to let me get a couple exams deferred).

I guess that whole experience turned me off of professionals. I KNOW that's not all people, and the guy provided incredibly stupid advice. I know that most doctors wouldn't prescribe the same thing whatsoever. And I'm not saying I won't see anyone - like I said, I'm seeing my family doctor when I get home. But, also like I said, when I'm eating properly I easily abandon the desire to do anything harmful.


Anyways, this wasn't exactly the response I was expecting. I just made a couple steps in the right direction to being healthier and having a healthy relationship with food and I'm proud of what I've accomplished. I was not expecting such backlash, just trying to share my success and get a few words of encouragement.... If I was announcing I have food issues and asking for help, that would be one thing; but, I was saying that I've successfully battled those issues for a week and told my mom (and indirectly my doctor) about them... does that not warrant a few words of congratulations and support?

Weight Loss Week 1 Complete! Down 6.4lbs and 1 week since a binge/purge!! :D Jun 17 2011
18:43 (UTC)

Thanks Bierorama!
And honestly, I have been mostly eating around 1300 - there was one day after a tax exam though where I basically just slept the whole day (after pulling an all-nighter) and it killed the average. I'm not discussing it as if it's a good idea, or a sustainable diet plan (people talk about eating disorders where they eat <1200 all the time) and I definitely know the risks AND watch my analysis to make sure I'm getting the right nutrients!! Other than the whole binge/purge issues, I like to think that when I make an effort, I am a healthy eater who is well-educated on nutritional issues overall :)

This past week's food analysis:

Cal: 93%
Carb: 118%
Protein: 97%
Fat: 37%
S.Fat: 26%
Chol: 38%
Sod: 120%
Fib: 123%
Sug: 226%
VitA: 136%
VitC: 542%
Calc: 135%
Iron: 129%

I have the analysis setting set to standard USDA settings, I've been eating quite healthily (not really ever super hungry or anything) including lots of fruits, veggies, oatmeal, lean protein, etc., and I take multivitamins :) I could definitely afford to eat some more fats (I'll probs toss a few hamburgers on the grill this coming week and enjoy this great summer weather!) and will try to eat less sodium (soups have been killing my rating) and less sugars (although most of them are from fruits).

As for the disordered eating, my mom apparently brought it up to our family doctor at her last visit. I have to go see her when I'm home from my summer accounting program. Although, I'm skeptical on how much help she's going to be. I've been fighting the issue for around 8 years (nearly a third of my life) and I've learned what triggers it and how I can stop it. When I'm eating healthy, making an effort, and seeing results I have zero urge to participate in such behaviour. Also, I know the risks, I know how dangerous it is, and I know that any perceived benefits I see in it do not exist. If I'm informed and aware of my triggers and mechanisms to stop it, is there really much more she can do??

Weight Loss Week 1 Complete! Down 6.4lbs and 1 week since a binge/purge!! :D Jun 17 2011
18:00 (UTC)

Oops! Sorry about posting the links! A link to my blog can be found on my profile :)

Also, *edit: "There are reasons" (for not eating 1200/day) .. I guess I can't really say "good reasons" because those don't quite exist!

Health & Support I didn't purge :-) WooooOoooT!! Jun 11 2011
23:17 (UTC)

Congratulations! I know that that is one of the absolutely most difficult things to do! It takes a huge amount of willpower (especially after American Chinese!!) You deserve an amazing congratulatory hug/round of applause for each time you are able to tell your ED "no!" Hopefully one day that instinct to immediately purge will be faded (if not gone completely). Best of luck, and great job on being strong!

Motivation Lets support each other! Jun 11 2011
22:18 (UTC)

Hi Michelle! I absolutely and completely agree! Accountability is key. The only times I've ever successfully dieted are when I've had others checking in on me (roommate, housemates, Calorie Count users). Thus, I'm starting an all-new diet plan (as of yesterday haha). When I realized what really made my past diets successful, I realized I HAVE to be held accountable to someone, and have thus create a blog to track my progress. I would really appreciate it if I got some followers to comment on it and provide words of encouragement! Likewise, I'm always hear if you need someone to talk to! We're all in this together :)

A bit about me... My name is Jenna, I'm 21 years old, and have an identical weight-loss goal of 30lbs. I'm not involved in a specific program, although I'm a huge fan of the Skinny B*tch Method. My plan is to simply count calories and exercise 5-6 days a week, always ensuring calories in < calories out (with a deficit of >500cals per day).

Young Calorie Counters Unviersity Students: A Healthier Summer - What are you doing? Jun 11 2011
19:42 (UTC)

Ahh this awesome! Thanks for all the information and tips, Loukas! I'll definitely try to apply some to my own life-change plan. Again, congrats on your success and wishing you all the best with the last little bit!

Young Calorie Counters Unviersity Students: A Healthier Summer - What are you doing? Jun 11 2011
06:28 (UTC)

Thanks Loukas! That's actually a great idea! (Although I'm sure you're right about it working better for guys what with their insane levels of competitiveness haha). I might see what I can do with my friends (or maybe my mom) although $150/person adds up quite fast! I guess that's the point though - a large financial sum to lose!

I think the accountability thing is huge. If I don't somehow advertise what I'm trying to do to friends/peers, I'm much more likely to fail at reaching my goals. Additionally, the point about a sustainable diet is key: I've done a lot of crash and restrictive diets in the past and they've NEVER been tolerable for an extended period of time. What kind of things did you change in your diet? To your exercise routine? Anything specifically you did throughout the summer (activity-wise)?

The advice is greatly appreciated! And congratulations on your incredible success! (6 months ahead of schedule? Amazing!) Good luck on the final stretch!