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I'm 35, originally from Boston, and I live in Atlanta after 12 years in upstate New York. I don't really need to lose weight, but I do watch what I eat and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I try to eat only organic foods and to create a well-balanced diet that includes all the nutrients I need, and is low in calories. It shocks me to see how horribly most Americans treat their bodies.  Part of being an adult is taking responsibility for yourself. I try to take responsibility for my actions as well as the food that I eat, and especially make the decision to support social responsibility by buying locally produced food as well as cage-free poultry and eggs, and hormone-free, grass-fed meat. More and more, I am motivated by my own duty towards improving the planet, the environment, our government, and our general quality of life.

All that said, I really love food a lot. I like a glass of wine and a big bowl of pasta on those days when I allow myself to indulge, or pretty much anything with cheese on it. I have a cheat at least once a week, and I use it as a prize for eating well and working out, and also as an incentive. "One more mile and I can have Mexican food!" Currently I run approximately 30 miles per week, with more or less depending on if I am training for a race. I strength train in some way about 4 days per week, usually with boot camp-style exercises. I also try to do yoga 2-3 times per week. Yoga complements running so well, it really stretches out the muscles and keeps your body in top working order.

Everyone on this site is incredibly supportive of each other, and also aware that health/losing weight is important. I find this site to be inspirational when I need inspiration, and informative and even entertaining. Love it!

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