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Foods Good before bed snack? Jan 04 2012
18:52 (UTC)

If I'm really feeling like I need something at the end of the day I pop up some air-popped popcorn and have a cup or two of that.



Recipes Beans & Lentils - Recipe Search! Oct 28 2010
14:59 (UTC)

Thanks Everyone!

No excuse not to get cooking now! 

Recipes Beans & Lentils - Recipe Search! Oct 26 2010
14:50 (UTC)

Thanks - I knew about the recipe search but was hoping for specific recipe recommendations to help narrow down the good from the bad.

Will try to find the cranberry one....


Foods woah wait...tsp or tbsp of pb? Oct 26 2010
14:20 (UTC)

Are your spoons accurate? Was it a heaping TSP?  Or flush?

I know my regular cutlery is gianormous and I have to measure with actual measuring spoons.

I am sorry to hear your pb consumption is more than you thought. Seriously am - PB is amaaaaaaazing!!!

The Lounge Unnecessary Mean and Horrid Thoughts of the Day Oct 26 2010
14:02 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Today, I've permanently retired any plans I had to move to the greater toronto area. A city that'd hire a knuckle-dragging dooshbag like Rob Ford is clearly not a good choice.

Pity. There was some nice places near the TTC in Etobicoke that were appealing.

The only thing keeping me optimistic about that hatamoto - Is that I am pretty sure Ford is currently having a heart attack as I type this. And if not today - tomorrow. There is no way he is going to last long.  *hopeful*

Fitness Standing. Yup, we're going there...again. Oct 25 2010
19:13 (UTC)
Original Post by mjsophia:

*A: If I make a new thread, people will get angry for not looking up older threads
B: If I bump an old thread, people will think I'm a moron for not checking the date. Decisions, decisions...*


 I have nothing much to add regarding the standing/sitting stuff...

...but that intro made my day. :)

Weight Loss Is Hunger Healthy??? Oct 25 2010
12:35 (UTC)

First check: Are you sure you are hungry? Often we can't distinguish hunger from thirst!  Have a big glass of water and see if you are still hungry after about 20minutes.

Also make sure you're eating high fibre and protein in your restricted calories. The combination of these two will help you feel less hungry.

Eat smaller meals more often.

But some hunger when changing your intake is normal. If all of a sudden your body thinks you are 300 calories short it might complain with a bit of an uncomfortableness. You shouldn't be ravenous though. Or dizzy or light headed.

Motivation No one is judging you while you workout! Oct 14 2010
14:10 (UTC)

The world would be a better place if everyone verbalized the positive thoughts that they have for strangers.

I'm sure there are those with negative thoughts too but thats not my point here.  All judgements aren't negative.

Why do so many of us keep the good inside? This post has inspired me to be better at random stranger compliments!

Motivation Motivation for the Gym! Oct 14 2010
14:04 (UTC)

You have to just GO.

Unmotivated or not - schedule it in in advance. And then follow through and GO.

Eventually you will start to remember how great it makes you feel. How much energy it gives you. And the relief of guilt of not using it helps too.

Once you force yourself to go consistently for about 6 weeks it will start to create the habit and thus the motivation.

I like to label a calendar with checkmarks when I get to the gym. If my goal is say 2x's per week than I need to get a minimum of 8 checkmarks in a month. It helps me visualize if I am staying committed or not to the visits.

Speaking of which - I better start retraining my 'habit' myself....

The Lounge Never Ever EVER... Aug 24 2010
20:27 (UTC)

I feel your pain.

I've been battling the bump (and associated the bun in the oven questions) lately myself.

Weight Loss "What not to Wear" makeovers on larger women Aug 24 2010
17:36 (UTC)

I miss my cable channels for this show alone!

I think it makes a huge difference like amethystgirl said to dress for the body you have today.  Why wait to feel good about yourself!?

I know even know while I've put on some extra weight that there are clothes I just am not attractive in right now. But there are plenty that I can look and feel good in.  So I try as much as possible to wear those items in my wardrobe.

Right now I'm being stylish and feminine in my skit collection (because its more forgiving than my pants that aren't very comfortable at the moment).  Few have noticed the extra lbs. Many have noticed the style!

I think the show actually does a really good job at stressing the importance of fit.  The overweight subjects are still wearing clothes that fit at the end of the day.  Is it that you think the clothes would "fit better" if they lost weight? Or you just think overall the clothes would look better on a size 0 than a size 14?

The Lounge What's your clear-skin secret? Aug 20 2010
18:42 (UTC)

I suffer from some serious pimples as well. And dryness and oilyness. Lovely isn't it?

I agree with the one post about the best way to have nice skin is naturally. Unfortunate for those of us who naturally have bad skin!

The one cleansing routine I've LOVED is the "Oil Cleansing Method". You can search for all kinds of reviews online and also in old CC forums. But basically its washing your face with olive oil and a drop of castor oil. Sounds kinda counter-intuitive but it makes my face glow and doesn't dry it out like the harsh commercial cleansers can.

Now - if only I wasn't too lazy to stick with a cleansing routine (maybe thats my real problem - once it works I get lazy and stop!) or could break my obsession with picking at blemishes (oops?) I'd have better proof of the system.


The Lounge Speaking of weddings, what about male bridesmaids? Aug 20 2010
18:33 (UTC)

I also know a friend who had her brother stand up with her at her wedding.

I think it makes total sense to have the people you WANT standing up there with you on a day like your wedding. Much more sense than chosing someone based on "the appropriate sex" to meet a traditional expectation.

Fitness Ten Reasons Women Can not "Bulk Up" Jul 30 2010
20:51 (UTC)

I didn't have time to read ALL the comments - but I agree - weights + women = good. Heavier the better!

Personally my lack of "good shape" is 1% because of my lazy and my love of food.

Once after a coworker found out that I weight lifted when I went to the gym and that I did things with free weights like bench presses and such... he photoshopped my head onto a body builders body (I'm talking 'roids enhanced bulk here).

Not cool! 

Fitness Does anyone know of a fitness programme/workout which really hammers you into amazing shape?! Jul 23 2010
12:57 (UTC)

If you can get some weight lifting equipment access (gym or home) try the New Rules of Lifting for Women.

Weight lifting is what I find really makes the difference in looking amazing!

The Lounge Personal Space Jul 22 2010
17:56 (UTC)

The shy comments made me think of something:

Make sure you aren't super duper quiet. I know some soft talkers that basically require some serious closeness from those around them just to hear what the heck they are saying!

So maybe if you turn yourself into an extra LOUD talker the close talkers won't want hearing damage. :D

I have mints at my desk. The container says: "Please have a mint since your breath smells like butt" on them.   Perhaps popping gum or mints yourself and offering some to him as an "afterthought" might help the horror?

There are certainly people I want to yell "BACK OFF" to - but not because they are close talkers. :)

Foods Favourite Protein Powder Jul 22 2010
17:01 (UTC)

Oops. Double post.

Foods Favourite Protein Powder Jul 22 2010
17:01 (UTC)

I am absolutely in love with the AllWhey vanilla flavour!

I don't even ever want to try anything else its soooo good.

And any other brands - go with vanilla - its good on its own and much easier to mix with other flavours (fruits, chocolates, peanut butter) without being WEIRD.

I know you can find AllWhey at Shoppers or Loblaws/Superstores for sure.

Fitness Question for women who lift heavy Jul 21 2010
15:29 (UTC)

I recommend picking up the NRLFW.   As someone who has worked at a gym, and has a good history with both machines & free weights (free weights win hands down) - it was a good, practical and logical book to pick up and have reasonable workouts already laid out for me.  And better than having a trainer because the programs make sense and aren't useless (like some (not all) trainers).

I haven't been dedicated enough myself to prove this theory lately - but historically I think by the two month mark (8 weeks) you should start to notice some differences in your body for sure.

The Lounge Earthquake! Jun 24 2010
14:03 (UTC)

Everyone but me in my office felt it... I was too busy spinning around in my desk chair to notice it. Boooo.

BUT in good news we were all evacuated and sent home at 2:00 so they could confirm that the structural integrity of the building was a-okay.

I got home early - went to the gym during non-peak hours and cooked up a fabulous pork tenderloin roast with barley risotto dinner!

My sister is working in Ottawa and she thought the eq was one of the labs in her building exploding!  Fun!