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Motivation calling out to women 50+ Sep 17 2011
20:38 (UTC)

Just got back from the grocery store. Eating (especially healthy) isn't cheap. I came home with $200 spent - and no junk. How is that possible?

I'm finally realizing that this whole weight loss thing is going to be a lifetime project. And to be honest, I don't know how to deal with stress and upsets in my eating plans. Right now I'm logging every bite and trying very hard to get all green boxes and to stay within the 1500 calories CC tells me I must have. This week has gone well but then the first weeks always go well.

It's encouraging to know that I'm not the only one that struggles, tho. Hillish, Christine, Badger...hang in there with me! I know that when I let my guard down (like I have for the last few months) the scale just keeps climbing. Then it's doubly hard to lose again.

BEB, glad you've had word about Kyle. Maybe as he starts feeling better his communication with you will improve. It does sound like Nicole has his best interest at heart. Glad you are doing so well with darts and are continuing to get in shape. I'm proud of you!

Laura, I so admire your courage in going to another country and starting over. That has to be challenging and invigorating at the same time. How is the job market there? Are you actively looking for another job or is it OK that you can stay home? Did either of your kids come with you?

Rest break is over and I have to finish putting away the groceries. I unloaded the cold stuff and then collapsed for a few minutes.  (:


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Sep 12 2011
21:14 (UTC)

I don't know how to apologize for falling off the CC site, but please forgive me. Welcome to the new members. This is usually such a supportive bunch - and I haven't kept up my end of the support system at all. Again, I'm sorry. New start, OK?

It was a whirlwind summer and I'm pretty bummed that it's over. We've had so much flooding in our area of PA but my home hasn't been impacted. My heart aches for those who have suffered great losses, though. I want to just cry when I see the pictures of some areas. Hopefully none of you have had serious problems.

My weight is up - way up  - and I've started logging my daily food intake to get a handle on it again. I went overboard with calories this summer and my knee has made me much less active. I believe I can change things around again, and for the first time in months I have the desire to try again. So no excuses and no pie-in-the sky promises. I've decided to make each day the best that I can.

Alice, your hike sound amazing. Hopefully you'll post pictures again for us to enjoy. You are a real inspiration. BEB, you sound happy and full of life again. Bravo! Laura, I hope you are settling in to your new home and will soon find an enjoyable rhythm to life.

Hello to all friends, new and old. Hope everyone is enjoying these first crisp days of fall.



Motivation calling out to women 50+ Jul 05 2011
17:18 (UTC)

Even though I take a minute to read the posts every once in a while, I haven't posted -maybe because I just don't feel I have much to contribute. Even as I type this sentence, I realize how selfish it sounds. Like Dee, I think it's great when everyone is so supportive of each other and I truly want to be that support for the rest of you. Please forgive my thoughtlessness.

Dee, you are singing my song. I have some success and sabotage it as well. Maybe we can BOTH follow your advice to yourself and "just stop doing it!" I'm rooting for your success as well We can do this!

BEB, it sounds like you've had an up and down summer. I'm sorry your reunion didn't go as planned and that Kyle hasn't been able to see you. Keep pressing on, my friend. You have a good attitude and an indominable spirit. Keep pressing on!

I'm still struggling with my knee. It's really limiting my ability to exercise and that has an effect on my weight. I do find that aquatic exercises help the most, but we've been plagued with so much rain it's not easy to fit in a trip to the pool. And I need to realize that I CAN compensate by not eating as much!

Guess I'll go read the journals and catch up a little there. Hope everyone is making the most of their summers.


Motivation calling out to women 50+ May 12 2011
19:02 (UTC)

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics, Alice. I'm so glad you shared them. DD2 and I went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago, but since we don't hike, I didn't see the vistas you did. I love being a virtual hiker, so please don't stop sending the pics. When I have a little more time, I'll go back and enjoy all of them!

Thanks for the knee advice, Alice. I sure am not looking forward to a knee replacement! With the cortisone shot I don't have nearly as much pain walking, but the stiffness remains along with the lack of mobility. I have had a clicking sound with most steps, but sometimes now I also have a clunking sound, lower in the knee. It doesn't hurt but it's scary. I believe you that the meniscus is there somewhere, it's just not doing me much good.

My rear is in gear on the weight loss - big time! If I do have to go into surgery, I'm gonna be 30 pounds lighter with the strongest quads I can muster! This is a huge, huge, motivation. I'm not worried anymore about "how I look in a bathing suit" or "if my last year capris still fit."  I'm now worried about how my poor knees are going to support this extra weight. I've lost 3 pounds this week since seeing the ortho on Friday!   (:

Glad you stopped by, Debbie. From the dearth of posts, I'd guess we're all pretty crazy right now. The improved weather doesn't allow for the same amount of time on the computer, does it? Hope everyone is doing well - Bonnie, Chris, Helene, et al. 



Motivation calling out to women 50+ May 11 2011
18:33 (UTC)

Sorry about your phone, BEB, and that Kyle didn't call for MD. Keep your positive attitude and both get and give as much joy as you can in each day. No sense dwelling on the negatives, is there?

My news is that I finally saw the orthopedist last Friday. He took X-rays - first time I had the knee X-rayed (the family doc didn't seem to think it was necessary - HAH!) and did I ever get a huge shock. I didn't tear the meniscus because there IS no meniscus. I'm looking at a total knee replacement - maybe soon. I surely hope not because I want to put it off as long as possible. The X-ray showed bone-on-bone arthritis. He gave me a cortisone shot which has helped with the pain. I'm not sure what the next step will be. We're taking it one day at a time.

That does explain the pain. I always just though I had "bad knees", I just didn't know how bad!


Motivation calling out to women 50+ May 02 2011
21:46 (UTC)

Sorry to be MIA, Girls. The knee is not good. I finally see an orthopedist on Friday. I'm sure I'm facing meniscus surgery ASAP. Would really like to wait until June, but we'll see. DD's PhD graduation is in 2 weeks and no way am I having surgery before that, even if it means a wheel chair for the graduation weekend. I'm discouraged, to say the least.

The inactivity is making weight loss double-difficult. I have bee watching every bite but the scale doesn't move. (That probably is because I don't move, either. LOL  Motion=Pain.) Not a good scenerio.

Anyway, enough Debbie Downer. We had a gorgeous day today - long overdue. I spent the afternoon taking Mom to an eye appointment and "had to" stop for ice cream on the way home. My diet will have to take a back seat today to treating my 94 year old mom.

DH just came in and I need to think about supper. Will check in again soon. Thanks again for your inquiries and support!



Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 18 2011
17:51 (UTC)

I just logged on and am flabergasted by the  number of entries since I last checked. I can't take the time to read everything now, but will catch up when I can. BEB, glad to see you're back! We missed you.

This morning I was the most encouraged I have been since I hurt my knee. I think the therapy is finally starting to help. I've had 4 sessions so far, and although I could see a little improvement, there was still so far to go. This morning I really did feel better, with less pain and more mobility. I have another session this afternoon, so I'l see what the PT says...

This is also motivating me to stick to my eating plan. I'm steering clear of the scales but can feel a difference in my clothes. I know that weight off my knees will help them - and I carry most of my extra weight in my thighs and legs.

Hope everyone is having a good day. I'll pop back in later and catch up on the news.


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 11 2011
11:02 (UTC)

Welcome, Debra. I'm glad you found us, too. SmileMy DH had the same problem with Lipitor, one of the statins but the dr. changed him to Zocor and that didn't react the same way at all. There is a strong family history of heart trouble in his family - his dad had a triple bypass at 53 (but is still living at almost 90!) and DH also lost his youngest brother to a massive heart attack, and another brother has had a quadruple bypass so he really does try to listen and do the right thing...

Please don't get discouraged if you don't lose your 20 lbs. over the next 6 weeks. That's really fast since 1 to 2 pounds per week is considered great progress. Kudos to being proactive, though. Really wanting to change is the biggest step!

Bonnie, I bought the CosiminDS at Costco and have begun taking it. I'm glad to hear it helped you. For a reluctant and sometimes unmotivated dieter/exerciser, this knee problem has opened my eyes and I'm suddenly very, very motivated. I guess we don't know what we had until we lose it...

Time to get going this morning. Hope everyone has a good day!


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 09 2011
13:25 (UTC)

Oops. Just pushed "send" and realized I hadn't asked you all something I've been meaning to ask.

Do any of you have experience with the supplement cosamin DS? (glucosimine/condroitin)  I've been reading on-line and am thinking of trying it. Probably I should ask both my Dr. and my PT before buying any, but I've just now begun researching it. Any experience with this, Bonnie/Alice/FTF? 



Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 09 2011
13:21 (UTC)

Bunny, that "over by 100 calories can put on 10 pounds in a year" statistic is mind-blowing! I always think " oh well, it's only 100 calories" when I decide to nosh on something. No more! Thank you!

Marti, you're singing my song. I lost a bunch of weight (many times, actually, since I'm a yo-yo dieter) and gain it back every time. If you can tackle your 5 lbs. NOW before it becomes more, you'll be so much better off. And how cool that you're back in college. That's fantastic. You go, Girl!

Laura and Helene, you both are encouraging, as always. I appreciate your steady support. You both make me want to keep plugging and not give up. Thanks! (:

And Alice, you are also my hero! Knee problems overcome; still hiking (and sharing those gorgeous pictures) What an inspiration!

Well, I've completed one week of PT on my knee. It's hard - very hard! I'm so exhausted by that time I get back home that I can hardly move. But I'm seeing slight progress and that makes it worthwhile. I'm doing my exercises faithfully on the days that I don't have therapy but they are much less intensive than the ones the PT has me doing at the office. He's increasing the weights on my ankle weights, so that's a good thing. 

Take care, Girls, and have a great weekend!


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 04 2011
23:29 (UTC)

Helene, your commentary on nuclear accidents and their consequences was very interesting. I hadn't thought of that in regards to thyroid problems, but it make perfect sense. I also read the other day that the prevalence of MRI's and Xrays, especially dental Xrays, can work havoc on the thyroid. The protective apron that dentists have us wear before taking Xrays  are supposed to have a special neck piece to protect the thyroid, but often this is not used.

I had a lazy Sunday as well. I never left the house and DH decreed that I was only allowed to climb the stairs one time since that seems to be a real problem for my knee. It felt good to relax, but today was business as usual and right now I'm very tired again - still have my 3rd set of PT exercises to do today.

Glad you popped in, Bunny. Glad you're doing well and hope you have a wonderful time with your family. We'll be glad to see you whenever you visit CC again.

Bonnie, I'm happy that your PT is showing results. It takes awhile for it to work, I guess, and that's hard for an impatient person (which I can sometimes be!) I must say that you inspire me with your enthusiasm for exercise, despite the pain!

Alice, thanks for posting the hiking pics. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can see why you love hiking so much. Thanks for providing us with such lovely "virtual" hikes.

BEB, miss hearing from you!  You need to get your internet allotment minutes expanded. Smile (Smiley face in your honor!) You must have a different type of situation than we do hear in the USA - I don't know anyone here that needs to monitor their on-line time. Hope you're doing well and are able to keep your weight loss going. It's getting to be the time of year that we all can enjoy being outside more and you'll probably resume your biking.

DH just said the after-dinner coffee is ready, so I must run. (Yes, I'm spoiled by DH - he has made us tea or coffee every night after supper for our almost 38 years of marriage!)






Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 02 2011
03:26 (UTC)

Just a quick update. I went to physical therapy for the first time today (had to wait that long for an appointment)  and am encouraged. He worked on my knee quite a bit and gave me exercises to do 3-4 times a day at home, followed by icing my knee. It will be time-intensive, but I'm desperate to overcome this. I will be doing PT twice a week at the beginning.

This set back has made me so thankful for the parts of my body that ARE working well. I took my relatively pain-free knees so much for granted in the past. No more! And this is a real wake-up call to get the extra weight off as well. I am motivated!

For you girls who like Hungry Girl: I bought her new cookbook today and have enjoyed browsing it this evening. Looks like some fun new food ideas to try.

This has been a crazy week and I still haven't had time to catch up on the back posts. I do hope everyone is doing well. And I'm sorry to be so self-centered in my posts lately. Guess I'm kind of in survival mode...


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 25 2011
17:16 (UTC)

Hi Girls,

I skimmed the posts and look forward to reading them more thoroughly this weekend. Welcome to Marti.  (:  It sounds like everyone is pushing ahead...

My company is gone and the fridge is cleaned out. Tonight DH and I are stocking back up and my goal is to make all purchases as healthy as possible. I haven't even tried to count calories for the past week and a half. DD1 was in charge of the cooking and she made some delicious vegetarian dishes, but also some cookies, etc. And DD2, who iis renowned for her pies, made a beautiful apple pie for her dad's birthday. So today I start again.

I have had the immobilizer off my leg for two days and don't have the pain I had when I first tore the meniscus. The doctor thinks physical therapy may ward off surgery. I'm stiff from disuse right now, and can't get in to see the physical therapist for another week,so I'm trying to be very careful. I'm willing to work hard at the rebuilding - this has been a serious wake-up call for me.

Chat more later. Have a great weekend!



Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 18 2011
17:07 (UTC)

I'm stealing a moment to catch up on CC. DD2 and her boyfriend are visiting from AZ until Tuesday. DD1 is also home on Spring Break, especially to meet said BF. I'm hobbling around like a cripple trying to do what I would usually do - and it's not working! Fortunately DD1 was here a few days before the AZ pair came, so she's been cooking up a store. Lots of new recipes for me, since DD2 and BF are both vegetarian.  My house has never seen so much healthy food. (:

It's been almost a week with the immobilizer and I have a love/hate relationship with it. The support feels wonderful and I can walk without pain, but after a few hours my leg feels claustrophobic and I wish I could yank it off. My "good" knee is taking all the brunt, of course, so I've been wearing a drugstore brace for extra support on it as well. 

I go back to the Dr. Wednesday afternoon (a little early for the 2 weeks but that's when I could get an appt.) He'll then determine my next step. I'm hoping for physical therapy on BOTH knees. I think both core and leg strengthening exercises would help tremendously. Of course, surgery is a real possibility as well. I hear you loud and clear on the weight loss, Girls, and I've been bashing myself over the head for putting my knees at such risk. Believe me, I'm not VERY motivated to get this extra weight off.

Sorry to rattle on so much about myself. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts but just can't respond right now. Thanks for your support and encouragement.  (:




Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 12 2011
23:09 (UTC)

Ouch, badger! I guess we have to watch out for those clothes baskets! I appreciate the advice, and believe me, I will heed it!    (:

Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 12 2011
19:58 (UTC)

Things have gone from bad to worse around here. Last night I was carrying a basket of laundry up the stairs and tore my left knee meniscus. Talk about pain! So last night consisted of an emergency call to the doctor., who prescribed heavy doses of Aleve last night along with continual ice packs.

This morning we saw the doctor who and he made the diagnosis. I'm in an immobilizer for two weeks with pain meds, after which time they will reevaluate the situation and see if surgery is needed.

I am not happy!   ):


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 11 2011
00:07 (UTC)

Glad to see all the new people. Welcome! It's nice to have such an active thread. I'm discouraged right now - when I'm brave enough to step on the scale it just seems to bounce back and forth to the same weight regardless of what I eat. Doesn't make sense.  

I'd love some advice. When I was away a few weeks ago I took a nasty fall. At the time, I thought I was fine but several days later I started to get symptoms of sciatica pain. I took Aleve and did some gentle stretches and thought the problem was clearing up. Now yesterday and today I'm in agony again. I did stop the Aleve since I don't want to take it too often, so maybe it I should continue awhile longer. It has poured buckets all day today and this has been my worst day ever, so maybe that's a factor as well.

So I'm between a rock and a hard place when it comes to exercise. I guess I'll keep trying to stretch for a few more days and if it gets worse, I'll have to see the Dr. about possible physical therapy sessions. Have any of you girls had problems with sciatica? Any suggestions to get through this?


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 02 2011
22:09 (UTC)

BEB, I think closing the kitties in the bathroom with a litter box and food is the best approach. That's what I do when there are workmen in the house and I'm worried about the doors being left open to outside. The kitties seem to take comfort in having company...maybe you could lay down a couple old towels for a soft place for them to sleep for the time they're there. You'll love having new windows, even though it's a pain to go through the installation process. We had all new replacement windows installed two summers ago and I'm so glad. They tilt in for easy cleaning and really help with the heating/air conditioning bills. It happened that DH and I were on vacation in Savannah GA when they could schedule installation, so DD came home to check on G'ma and be here while the workmen were. What a lovely thing to come home from vacation and find all the work done!

Sorry you've been so sick, Bon. Did you have the flu shot this year? Please take it easy and don't push too hard to get back to your regular schedule so you have a relapse.

I had an unpleasant surprise last night. I ate dinner with a girlfriend at TGIFriday and thought I was ordering something relatively healthy and low cal - pecan crusted chicken salad with raspberry vinegarette dressing. When I came home and looked it up on-line, I found it was 750 calories. Ouch! So much for restaurant meals...

I think we all share dread of those fitting room mirrors. I don't look nearly that bad at home! We just did a mini-remodel of our bathroom and replaced the huge plate glass mirror over the double vanity with a smaller framed one. I have to admit that it's not nearly as scary to step out of the shower with the smaller mirror facing me. LOL

Alice and Deb, I'll add my name to those who tend to overeat when tired. I talk myself into thinking I "deserve" something - wrong!

Must leave for choir practice in a few minutes so I'll cut this short. Daily savings time for some of us in a little over a week. I'm so anxious for the daylight to last longer into the evening. It makes summer seem much closer.



Motivation calling out to women 50+ Mar 01 2011
04:10 (UTC)

Yep, BEB, we made it TO March and THROUGH February. My fingers type faster than my brain thinks sometimes. I'm so glad Kyle called you for your birthday and that he sounds happy. Your little boy is becoming a man. Kind of fun, isn't it? BTW, I like seeing you "birthday pic" in your gallery. I think you look great!

Belated best wishes on your anniversary, Helene, and also congrats for making your target for the month. Your perseverance is motivating. One of these days I'll be brave enough to set a target - maybe then I could actually hit it. Alice, I'm happy to say I am faithfully counting calories again. And Helene, my Gazelle and I are good buds. We're actually starting to enjoy each others company!

Deb, we had rain today too, but it was warm! It smelling like Spring outside - what a treat! The snow has finally completely melted. I'm not anxious to see any more this winter.

Bonnie, how goes the foot? I hope you are seeing steady improvement...

Time for bed. Tomorrow morning will come too soon.


Motivation calling out to women 50+ Feb 28 2011
12:20 (UTC)

We made it through March, Girls. Spring is just around the corner.

A very happy birthday to you, BEB! I hope it's extra-special. Go out and treat yourself to something (probably not food!)  fun today. We're have forecast of a warm spring-like day here in PA. Maybe you'll have the same!   (: