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Fitness Speed Training for Half Marathon Dec 14 2012
19:37 (UTC)

Thanks for the help guys!!!

Lysistrata, I will definitely start to incorporate some longer interval training. Do you know how fast these should be run? Like as fast as I can, or just a minute faster than my normal runs? Also how many of them should I do? Yesterday I just did interval training for 2 miles (I did a total of 6 short fast intervals). But should I be doing more like 6 miles for interval training? I just have no clue haha. 


Health & Support Did I just make my 'anorexia' up? Dec 14 2012
05:18 (UTC)
Original Post by Ladydog:

Original Post by sisibeez:

Original Post by Ladydog:

Overreacting or not, you are over thinking. 

You should tell your doctor. You know...because he is a doctor. If you don't want help for your health, why do you even go to a doctor? Especially if you hide things from him.

I don't hide things from my doctor, I didn't keep from him the fact that I lost weight, he just had no past records of it himself. I did tell him though. But, I only visit once a month or when I have bloodwork done, he said I have low blood sugar last month and I have to start eating more, which I did, but he didn't ask anything about my eating habits, he just thinks I'm picky and have a small appetite. So, I'm not really hiding things from him, I just didn't tell him because he didn't ask.

Not telling somebody something they should know = Hiding something.

Letting somebody think something that we know is not true = Hiding something.

And you have reached the point where I say do whatever the hell you want, I said what I had to say.

Ladydog, why so hostile? Sisibeez is only 13 years old - I certainly wouldn't have known at that age what qualified as an ED and what didn't. She's obviously confused, but recognizes that something is wrong. I completely understand where she's coming from. If she does have an ED, she wants to know so she can properly recover. But if it's not one, she doesn't want to overreact and create a problem where it doesn't exist. I think a little bit of sensitivity towards the younger crowd on CC is needed.

Sisibeez - Talk to your parents, a trusted adult, or a doctor. Weight loss during puberty isn't necessarily an indication of an ED. But it is not normal to obsess over food/calories. I'm no doctor so I'm not sure if you have an eating disorder, but at the very least it seems like you might have some unhealthy habits. Please get some help! And good luck!

Health & Support How much body fat do you actually need to have a period Aug 19 2012
18:54 (UTC)

I agree with armandounc. I think if you get to 15-16% there's a good chance you'll lose it. Above that, it probably varies.

Foods What is your opinion on the paleo diet? Aug 17 2012
20:13 (UTC)
Original Post by tropicalchic:

The bottom line is that the Paleo diet is a restrictive diet. The CC forums are not a place where restrictive diets are well liked or recommended. This site promotes a balanced diet which incorporates all the food groups including grains because that is what has been recommended by governing bodies. You are not going to have many people supporting you when following a restrictive diet of any kind on these forums.

I honestly don't know enough about the paleo diet, I haven't read much into it because I have no desire in eliminating healthy food that I enjoy just because humans did not have access to them 10,000s years ago.  I personally think that it will go out of favor in the next few years, like the aktins and will be replaced by the next dieting craze.

You are young, have fun and enjoy the enjoy the foods you love!

By the way, PB rocks

You should do some research on it. A lot of people have a gluten intolerance (not necessarily celiac) and IBS problems can often be attributed to consuming gluten. While the majority of people can eat wheat, dairy, etc., a lot of people feel poorly when consuming these items. I don't think it's fair to say that people on this forum won't support this diet. I have a lot of reproductive problems, and this diet is very helpful in keeping my symptoms in check. I would like to have support from people on cc, and I don't think it's unfair to ask that. 

I also think it is very good to restrict certain items. Maybe for you it's not good to restrict grains, but I think it's good for ALL people to limit white flour and white sugar products. Just because you reduce or even completely stop consuming certain types of foods does not make it a bad thing. 

Foods What is your opinion on the paleo diet? Aug 17 2012
20:09 (UTC)
Original Post by trh:

Cavemen didn't have chocolate.

trh, cavemen didn't have most food in the form that we eat it today. I think you're taking a way too strict take on the paleo diet. It would be impossible to eat exactly as the cavemen did!! You gotta enjoy yourself!! Eat some dark chocolate :)

Weight Loss PCOS and weight loss- need support! Aug 16 2012
20:02 (UTC)

Hey Jen, 

2 different doctors have told me they think I have PCOS, and I doing a glucose test next month to find out for sure. It sucks!!! I'm sorry you have it!!

I asked my gyno about diet, and he recommended low-GI and low-carb diets. I recently started the paleo diet to see how it affected my body. Read this link, I found it really interesting: aleo-diet-and-pcos.html

Anyway best of luck!!! You can do it!!

Foods What is your opinion on the paleo diet? Aug 16 2012
19:51 (UTC)

Hm but I didn't realize you are 14 with an ED...

I would say you definitely fall into the category of someone who shouldn't adopt the Paleo lifestyle. Practically speaking, eating Paleo will restrict you from fun activities where food is involved...parties, going out to eat with friends, movies, etc. You are young and should enjoy those situations!! And I'm certainly not an expert on EDs but it doesn't seem healthy to restrict certain foods, especially when you're still at a young age with a lot of social and academic stressors. 

Enjoy your peanut butter :)

Foods What is your opinion on the paleo diet? Aug 16 2012
19:42 (UTC)

A lot of people are calling this a "fad diet." Following the Paleo Diet is a lifestyle change...we who eat paleo don't see it as a short-term, fad diet. Sure, it can help with weight loss. But what's most important is trying to feed our bodies the best possible foods. I started this diet because I felt very tired after meal times and in the afternoon. I wanted to see if I could increase my energy levels by eating Paleo. ;

Search through that website and you'll see that it truly is a lifestyle change.

It seems restrictive at first, but believe me - you can easily overeat on this diet (hello dark chocolate covered almonds!!!). 

Personally, I've had increased energy on this diet. I started the diet cold turkey, and it was very difficult at first giving up grains and dairy. However, my body has adjusted and I no longer crave processed foods. I am mentally and physically more energetic. 

Why not try it for 30 days and see how you feel? If you don't feel any different, then go back to your previous eating habits. Paleo certainly isn't for everyone, but if you're curious to see how your body will react then there's no harm in trying. Just make sure you're getting in enough calories. I find it important to start with a large breakfast everyday (2 egg omelette w/onions, mushrooms, bellpeppers, etc. w/sausage or bacon). 

Good luck!!

P.S. Try almond butter instead of peanut butter. It's delicious, especially on apples :)

Health & Support Need Advice on Paleo Diet! Jul 17 2012
00:12 (UTC)

thanks marissa and sean for taking the time to give me such thorough answers!! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions (and sean I'm sorry you lost your first answer! that's happened to me before and it's very frustrating). 

My weight has fluctuated a bit the past couple days, so yes I think y'all are right. I do hope to lose some weight on this diet though!! 

It's really getting easier each day. I think the hardest temptation is to grab something easy and processed when I'm really hungry. My sister keeps junk food in the house and it's hard!

and Jcor, thanks for your input but I love meat far too much to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. I'm all for eating loads of fresh veggies and fruit though :)

Health & Support Relevant again! Letter asked me to movies Aug 28 2010
21:45 (UTC)

Do not quit the gym. The next time you see him say something like, "wow, sorry for sending you that letter....I was super bored and got really carried away, and I just now realized how creepy it may have sounded haha."

If you acknowledge that it was a mistake, then he'll probably laugh it off, too. Just last week, I was out with my girlfriends and drunk texted this guy I've been seeing (always a bad idea haha). Anyway, I was clingy in my text messages and said things like "I miss you!" and "I hope you like me as much as I like you" etc. The next morning I was horrified, and sent him a text that went something like "wow, sorry for getting so mushy on you last night. i was really drunk and acted retarded the whole night." He laughed it off and was fine with it. 

We all make mistakes, PT. Don't beat yourself up over it!

Health & Support Relevant again! Letter asked me to movies Aug 28 2010
05:09 (UTC)

Yeah, you didn't do anything wrong...he's just too immature to realize your intentions weren't weird or romantic. A lot of guys are just immature, even at age 20. There's also a chance he wasn't freaked out by the letter and just forgot to call you. Guys are pretty flaky - don't take it personally. But definitely don't let this ruin your gym experience - go in there and hold your head up did nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of. 

Health & Support Relevant again! Letter asked me to movies Aug 28 2010
04:50 (UTC)

Aw, PT, that makes me so sad to think of you crying :(

I really can't imagine all that you're going through. Don't give up hope. You will meet nice friends eventually. And if this guy got freaked out over a letter, then you don't want him as a friend anyway. There are a lot of nice people in the world, but just as many (if not more) jerks. 

If it makes you feel any better, I have been rejected by guys loads of times. It does hurt for a while, but pretty soon you grow thick skin and become a better person because of the rejection. Be persistent and you'll find friends (and a boyfriend!) who appreciates you for who you are. 

I've never had an ED so I don't understand the restricting struggles you're going through, but I am very glad that you're still eating. Don't give up on your body!

And meds aren't necessarily a bad thing - I was briefly on Zoloft (about 3-5 months, can't quite remember) when I was going through a particularly tough time. After I recovered, I got off the meds and was fine. There's no reason why you should go through the days crying if you don't have to.

Hang in there, PT :)

Health & Support Body Fat Percentage Aug 28 2010
03:33 (UTC)
Original Post by cherimoose:

A lack of periods happens below about 15%.  So i would stay above around 15%, with 17-22% being a good long-term goal for a woman with a lean build.  Check with your doctor though, because they know you better.

I second that, I find that for me personally, anywhere within 17-22% is good. I prefer to be between 17-18%, but it's kind of hard to maintain. 

Good luck!

Health & Support Relevant again! Letter asked me to movies Aug 28 2010
03:27 (UTC)

PT- I'm sorry for all that you've been through. You sound like a really strong and determined person, though! Don't give up on making new friends. 

I would imagine that maybe a letter caught him off guard - unfortunately in today's day and age, most people communicate via internet (facebook, skype, IMing, etc.) or texting. Even talking on the phone is becoming obsolete, not to mention handwriten letters. I guess next time you want to reach out to someone, try adding him/her as a friend on facebook. Then you can chat on facebook, and maybe get their phone number. It's sad, but that's how a lot of friends are made today. 

Also, I'm assuming you're in school? Join some extracurricular activities. I'm in college, and almost all of my best friends come from some sort of organization I met them through. 

Best of luck to you, and PM if you want to talk further or facebook :) 

Health & Support Thirst being mistaken for hunger? Aug 27 2010
18:46 (UTC)

You just have to make it a priority. Make it a habit, something as second-nature as brushing your teeth. Aim for half your body weight in ounces (i.e. if you weigh 140lbs, drink 70 ounces of water). You can do it!

Fitness Triathletes...any good training plans? Aug 25 2010
15:18 (UTC)

Thanks so much Wes!! Yeah, I don't need a plan to get ready to join the tri club, I just want to start getting in tri shape now rather than later. Plus, I'm super competitive and want to be the best girl on the team haha. 

Thanks for the links! That masters site is awesome. I have a question I only have to do freestyle? I get immensely bored when I only swim free. I do IM work every time I swim, along with kicking and pulling. Am I just wasting my time by swimming other strokes? 

Thanks :)

Fitness Elliptical vs Treadmill Aug 24 2010
18:05 (UTC)

First off, congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome! :)

Second, I hate the elliptical. It's so easy compared to the treadmill, and it really lies about calories burned. Don't pay attention to the calories burned on the elliptical - I find it can overestimate by as much as 5-8 cals/minute. 

And to answer your question, you can look into the Couch to 5k program for some good routines (just google it). Or you can just alternate between 3.0 and 3.0 for 3 minutes, 4.0 for 2 minutes, 3.0 for 3 minutes, 4.0 for 2, etc. Or maybe see if you can do 3.5mph for 30 minutes. If you're looking for something structured, though, then I recommend looking to the couch for 5k programs. 

Good luck :) 

Fitness Some questions about running? Aug 24 2010
17:47 (UTC)

Wes gave great advice (as always!), and I only have one thing to add. A good rule of thumb of how fast you should run is that you should be able to talk and carry on a conversation, but you shouldn't be able to sing. haha when I first started running, I would mumble a song for a few lines to see if I was going fast enough. This wouldn't work if you were running a short distance for speed, but it does work if you're doing a longer run. 

Good luck....running is amazing! :) 

Motivation Anyone interested in a smaller motivational group for college students?? **Closed** Aug 24 2010
16:40 (UTC)

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post on laptop was broken and I just got it fixed :) Anyway, for my own sanity I'd rather skip this week's weigh-in haha. I was up three pounds which I don't think is possible, so I'm just going to ignore it and put it off as a fluke. I refuse to believe that's my actual weight haha...let's hope it really is a fluke! 

Anyway, congrats everyone!! keep up the good work :) 

Weight Loss Relatively fit, relatively active, gaining (or staying at the same) weight. Aug 20 2010
18:24 (UTC)
Original Post by napalmcheese:

The confusing thing to me is that I was losing weight, predictably 1 - 1.5 lbs a week before I broke my collarbone by eating at an 800 cal deficit 5 days a week and taking the weekends off. Post collarbone breakage (and consequently post weight lifting) this no longer holds true. By no means am I trying to make a cause and effect relationship between these things (lifting, weekends off, broken collarbone, weight gain or loss) but they make effective time markers.


Anyway, it's confusing. Thanks for the advice, I'll have to try next weekend (as this upcoming weekend will be abnormal).

oh, I may have read this wrong...if you're at a plateau, that typically means you need to up your calories. this whole calorie counting game is still quite confusing, and I've been doing it for a while haha. Most people recommend upping your calories by 200-300/day once you've reached a plateau. 

And that is odd about your doesn't seem like a coincidence. Perhaps ask your doctor next to you see him? 

Sorry I can't be more of a help :/