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The Lounge So who's not getting vaccinated against swine flu? Oct 29 2009
19:01 (UTC)
Original Post by carmenxox:


survival of the fittest I guess.. perhaps this is natures way of controlling our exploding population? Sorry but I'm all for the way Nature should work, evolution and what not.. and if I myself am not equipt to survive, then I shall except my fate and make room for the strong.


 I totally agree.

I think all the dumb strong people with good immune systems should live, and all of us weakly asthmatics should die. That would be for the best.

Who needs science and intelligence, lets just let nature run its course.

(and before I get pounced on, NO, I don't think all strong people with good immune systems are dumb!)

The Lounge Is monogamy realistic? Oct 29 2009
18:42 (UTC)

I have to agree with everyone who said that it depends on the person.

To me it's completely realistic. My parents met when my mom was 15 and my dad was 17. They've been happily married for 26 years.

I personally couldn't imagine being with more than one person at once. I don't necessarily feel that my way is the right way, it's just what feels right for me.

The Lounge Etiquette for Ignoring Friends Requests on Facebook Oct 28 2009
17:36 (UTC)

I would just ignore them.

The Lounge Guinness' Baby Body Builder Oct 27 2009
20:17 (UTC)

If I had to guess I would say 2 years old is too young to start training....that just seems wrong on so many levels.

The Lounge Ghost in my house Oct 27 2009
19:19 (UTC)

Is the house old? Do you know if it's near or built with any limestone? I've read that limestone is linked to a lot of poltergeist activity. I haven't looked into it much though.

The Lounge Guinness' Baby Body Builder Oct 27 2009
17:37 (UTC)

Haha,'s pretty silly. I get a lot of crap about it from my boyfriend and brother. I check it almost daily though! No idea why.

The Lounge Favorite Horror Movies Oct 27 2009
16:53 (UTC)
Original Post by silentdeadlyrose:

"The Lost Boys"

 Ooo! I love that movie! I've been in the mood to see it again lately...but can't find it anywhere.

The Lounge I have MASSIVE BALLS. Oct 26 2009
20:28 (UTC)

I can appreciate someone being blunt if there's advice or a reason behind it.
Like for instance, someone like pg. Even though I didn't agree with her at times, I could appreciate her bluntness.

The majority of what I've read from jackattack (maybe it's just coincidental) are just insults. That's why I made my comment in the other thread.

eta: ...and I still don't get how being rude to people over the internet means you have big balls.

I also don't care about this enough to continue posting about it.

The Lounge How many times a day do you.. Oct 26 2009
20:08 (UTC)

I wash my hands after using the bathroom, before eating, before cooking, after working, and before bed. I always try to carry hand sanitizer with me. I like to wipe down my steering wheel, use it after pumping gas, and use it after work.

The Lounge I have MASSIVE BALLS. Oct 26 2009
19:52 (UTC)

Hmmm, I don't know though.

Are we saying jackattack has big balls because she insults people over the internet, or because she literally has big balls?

If it's insulting people over the internet, I would think it would be the opposite of big balls because you're hiding behind a computer. If it's just that she has big balls, well...then she has big balls. I can't argue that.

The Lounge I have MASSIVE BALLS. Oct 26 2009
17:45 (UTC)
Original Post by moonikins:

I found it. You're right jblargh was the one who hijacked, yet jackattack gets told off.

 Yea, I did hijack it. I admitted to it and apologized for it (in that thread), but that comment got deleted.

I swear!

The Lounge So who's not getting vaccinated against swine flu? Oct 26 2009
17:41 (UTC)

I'm a bit skeptical about it, but that's simply because I'm extremely paranoid when it comes to stuff like that.

I have asthma, so more than likely I'll get it. Plus I'm working in a pharmacy right now.  Tons of parents come in with their sick kids hacking all over the place..and they're usually picking up tamiflu, which more than likely means they have swine flu.

I probably already have it :/

The Lounge Favorite Horror Movies Oct 26 2009
17:26 (UTC)

The Shining
Saw II (I'm not even a fan of the Saw movies)
The Halloween movies
I really like the book It, but I've never seen the movie. I heard it wasn't that good.

I just saw the movie Paranormal Activity this weekend. I didn't find it scary at all while watching it, but I was so paranoid at night!


The Lounge Freakout!!! Wth dude! Oct 25 2009
18:27 (UTC)
Original Post by watergirl:

jackie speaks the truth in her own way. no sugarcoating. personally, i like how she cuts through the happy-dappy bs and gets to the heart of the matter. pffft.

 It's completely unecessary to laugh at the girl, say her boyfriend hates her, and then say she's a loon. I don't see where there's truth in that or how it's helpful.


The Lounge Freakout!!! Wth dude! Oct 25 2009
18:05 (UTC)

Jackattack, the fact that you continuously say rude things just to get a rise out of people is getting very very old.

The Lounge roommates options - I must make a decision ASAP Oct 25 2009
00:00 (UTC)

I'm curious how everything turned out too Safina.

Hope it all went well! Let us know :)

The Lounge Pharmacy Technicians: love your job or hate it? (excuse the venting) Oct 22 2009
04:23 (UTC)

It's going to be full time for 6 weeks (5 weeks starting next Monday). Then I'm getting transferred to an office where I'll be dealing with phone calls. The calls will only be refills and general store information. I won't be doing anything with insurance, and of course any clinical questions will get transferred to a pharmacist.

It's supposed to be training, but 90% of what I'm going to be doing isn't going to relate to my actual job. Plus, they're not training me!

I'm naturally a very high anxiety person, so this is just added stress to what I already have. I'm just going to have to suck it up, because I really want the end position. Good pay and benefits, I can't complain...
I'll just have to ignore the little voice in my head that says "If you don't like it, there's the door. Leave." Even though it's tempting.

The Lounge Pharmacy Technicians: love your job or hate it? (excuse the venting) Oct 22 2009
00:20 (UTC)

Thanks! I took a look at it.

I also actually googled pharmacy technicians and the chain store I'm working for. Looks like a lot of what I experienced is the norm. I'm not looking forward to these next few weeks :(
I think I'm going to have to go on meds for anxiety! I'll definitely be losing weight :/

The Lounge Pharmacy Technicians: love your job or hate it? (excuse the venting) Oct 21 2009
22:17 (UTC)

I'm gathering no CCers are Pharmacy Techs?

Health & Support Read this before getting the swine flu vaccination! Oct 21 2009
20:12 (UTC)

I've been getting the flu shot for years now because of my asthma. I've never had any problems, or the flu for that matter.

I know a lady who refuses to take any form of medicine (besides natural remedies) or go to a doctor.

She's been having her period every day for 12 years....EVERY DAY!!!
CLEARLY the natural remedies she's using aren't helping, but she still won't get checked out. I find it very disturbing.