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Weight Loss Anyone out there looking to drop 100 lbs?!? Jun 08 2011
19:44 (UTC)

Hello I just found this blog today....I am very stressed out about losing 100 pounds as I need to and want it off fast..I have been to the doctor and have had every test done on me..I dont get why I gain 1 or 2 pounds over night..I ride a bike 4 times a day 10 mins each time..Do I need to be doing something else? I drink a slim fast for breakfast and 1 for lunch and eat about 6 bites of dinner..I cant eat veggies as they make my stomach sick is there something I can take to get my veggies in me? I really need help girls..Any advice please let me know thank you all..

I am 263 5ft 8

My goal is 150-160