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The Lounge Job Interview Aug 23 2012
14:10 (UTC)

i think that's probably fine, tea toddy.

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 23 2012
14:02 (UTC)
Original Post by mdillman3:

Ahh Jane (i'm thinking that's your name, haha-also my daughter's name btw!)...I'm really sorry to hear that it's sounding grim...did you think there would still be a chance?  My experience isn't recent either but I still feel strongly about the experience itself, stay confident.  Sell those deliberators! 

I didn't bring up the salary at all in the interview, so I hope that helps.  I've only ever sent a thank you letter once after an interview and i didn't get the job (not even a call until i got a letter in the mail back from them saying 'sorry' a month later).  So I'm a little superstitious about the letter aspect. 

It's only 6:30 AM in az right now (9:30 my time) so I know I can't hear anything for at least a few hours.  I sure hope I hear something this week.

Thanks, mdillman :) I hear you on getting superstitious, been going a bit funny that way recently. No more thank you letters, ever! ;) (I actually wonder if I might have hung myself there. I tried to address what I'd thought might have emerged as a weakness in an interview. I probably, in effect, reminded them it was there :/ Lesson, then: never say anything that could be considered even vaguely apologetic, ever, we're all flawless superheroes.)

Clockwatching's a killer! Can you do anything physical, around the house? I know, you probably don't want to be more than a foot from your phone, or have your pocket accidentally call the wrong person. Just thinking a couple of pushups or some pillow fluffing might help out the nerves :)

eta: thanks luvs :)

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 23 2012
13:23 (UTC)

No, it's sensible. People even add employers who've rejected them on LinkedIn. 

I should do that.

Fitness "Kick her in the ankles!" Aug 23 2012
12:52 (UTC)

'any' kind of weight bearing activity? yes, see a doc.

Fitness "Kick her in the ankles!" Aug 23 2012
12:46 (UTC)

31 is young, but sadly, not too young to have accumulated enough trauma to start being careful.

Depending on a million things (how well you heal, smoke exposure, anatomy), it's possible to accumulate scar tissue after mild sprains, over time, which can cause other problems. And any trauma can manifest as arthritis later in life.

I think yes, see your doctor, but know that foot/ankle things can be very hard to get diagnosed, especially in the early stages of a thing. A stress fracture, for example - not saying you have that, just an eg - doesn't show up until for several weeks, and maybe longer than that if it's worked all the time and not had a chance to heal. Add to that that tiny breaks can be missed, even on an MRI, even by a specialist - you might not come away with a clear diagnosis. But it's absolutely worth checking.

I think, if you have unstable ankle/s and a history of pain, it makes sense to avoid even medium-impact activities. And maybe take precautionary measures to strengthen things, working with a good PT, if you can find one. (Balance/stabilizing exercises, things like that, nothing crazy.)

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 23 2012
12:26 (UTC)

Thanks, and sorry. I've written them three already (one after each interview). Another, you think?

I kind of can't believe I didn't get it, I honestly thought I had this one. Goes to show, you never know.

I'm going to try to get more feedback and find out if there's anything I can do differently next time.

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 23 2012
05:07 (UTC)

My post-pint advice is: don't mention the money again until you're close to signing. You can probably finesse a case for at least the middle of the range they actually advertised, once you've won them over. 

I got word. It was 'very close'. I think it actually was - the job would have started Thursday, and they deliberated until 4.55pm today. The other candidate had 'more recent experience'. 

Hope both your news is better.

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
19:18 (UTC)

@ everyone - lol! none of us are pathological, good. thank you, murrill, for confirming :)

I'm probably the worst person to ask about salary negotiations. My ex was really good at that (if you attach the qualifier 'at outright lying' - he'd inflate his previous salary by 30% every time. And win the deal). But I wouldn't feel comfortable with doing that. Plus where I am, we've got a ****-ton of bartenders with multiple graduate degrees, so...

Did you give them a bald number, originally? I've said "I would expect it to be within range of the national average, $xx xxx - xx xxx, but am open to discussing it further", when those numbers make sense for my region. Or, I'd reference salaries typical for the sector, if they're lower than average (as with not-for-profits). 

I guess everything depends on the role, your competitiveness, & the sector (again you wouldn't get much leverage with charities, they have what they have). Do you have a profession, or several years' experience using a specialized skill-set? Is your recent experience impressive in some way (developed something recognized as kick-ass; worked for a high-profile organization; managed a ton of people)? Are you really well-matched for this particular job (meet 9-10/10 of the criteria, in a mind-blowing not mind-blowing; 'sellable' way)?

If any of those - especially the last - are true, I'd feel more confident about taking a risk.

But I mean, if you don't even ask, it definitely won't happen... 

eta: obviously you know that, sorry. I can't help, is the short answer - hope someone else can :/

Fitness August Fitness Group -- All are Welcome!!! Aug 22 2012
17:56 (UTC)

3 rounds of 1 min intervals (low impact mods where relevant)

  • hip thrust
  • lunge/tuck/rear kick L
  • lunge/tuck/rear kick R
  • 3-way kick L
  • 3-way kick r
  • 10 high knees + drop
  • mountain climbers
  • tricep leg lifts

nice work, hollow :)

The Lounge Real thin girls have an advantage over pretty overweight girls? Aug 22 2012
17:53 (UTC)
Original Post by caloricat:

Original Post by janelovesjam:

no skin off my ass if it's not true, or you don't agree, i've honestly had it with conflict on this site.

Theres the door.

Dude. Just stay away from me, what's your problem? I don't come here to wrestle - why do you insist on instigating things? Back off.

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
15:35 (UTC)

i actually spent a fair bit of my sunday scanning craigslist for places closer to this job & planning a budget with 'my' new salary. sick.

mdillman: didn't know that about arizona, lol - i'd be the same!

teatoddy: hope you get the one you want :)

hope we all do!


The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
15:00 (UTC)
Original Post by luvs2eat:

Well, I just got a job. Fastfood but I should be able to move up the ladder fast and be manager within 6 months.  I had in big letters to call my cell to tell me my start date. They called my home and since they didn't talk to me directly, I don't start until next week instead of today. sigh  Not a great start.

It is a start, though! Congrats :)

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
14:59 (UTC)
Original Post by teatoddy:

Original Post by mdillman3:

Original Post by teatoddy:

I'm in the process of waiting too! I so want the job. It's between me and two other applicants, and I had my final (and third interview) on Tuesday/yesterday. If I don't get it, I'll be pretty disappointed. I know there are other jobs out there (okay, kinda), but finally having a job I'd actually want would be so nice.


Ah, I totally know how you feel!  I really really want this job too.  How great would it be to have a job you really really like?  I feel like not that many people can say that.  Good luck to you too!!  Keep me posted.  It's good to know I'm not the only one sitting here checking the clock and the phone!!

I'll probably know by either Thursday evening or Friday. The interview went really well though; I gave it my best shot, and that's pretty much it. I'm sure you did too. I'm currently working a job I don't hate, but am really feeling unhappy. It's data entry, spreadsheet making, and I'm isolated in this grey cube. Wah Wah. My other job is all about people, staffing, and administrative work. Yes, please!

Whatever happens, know that there is always something around the corner!

Is it an HR job, like you wanted, teatoddy? Fingers crossed!

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
14:58 (UTC)
Original Post by mdillman3:

Original Post by mytenderoni:

How long do you have to wait? When I was applying to graduate schools, it took six whole months from the time I submitted my application until I finally got an answer.

I so feel your pain. I was a mess the entire time.

Good luck!

They said they'd let me know either way and it sort of sounded like that won't be long from now.  They also said there might be a second round of interviews depending on the panel's decision.  I wouldn't mind a second interview.  I hope I hear something...anything this week.

If their HR's at all decent, I bet you'll hear within a day or so :)

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
14:57 (UTC)
Original Post by mdillman3:

Haha...I haven't resorted to the brownie baking but I'm definitely a bundle of nerves.  My problem is, I can't concentrate on ANYTHING else while I'm waiting like this.  I'm useless for any other task right now.

I hear that! I've also felt, yes exactly, the time must (can only) be spent explicitly waiting. Have been able to interview and then detach for other jobs, but this one's tough, really want it too.

Ok here's my advice to all of us: keep phone with, put the ringer on 'obnoxious' + double vibrate, and maybe leave the house... 

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
14:37 (UTC)

yes, good luck and positive vibes to all!

The Lounge Job Interview Aug 22 2012
14:31 (UTC)

OMG can I relate. I should hear back today or tomorrow for a thing. It's brutal.

I made brownies last night to distract myself from gnawing at my fingers. and then gnawed at the brownies, and then my fingers again.

Fitness August Fitness Group -- All are Welcome!!! Aug 22 2012
14:19 (UTC)

i've been using a pillow at home; painful and awkward, still. 

hoping the gym i'll go to is similarly equipped.

The Lounge ways to improve election season Aug 22 2012
14:14 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by janelovesjam:

i'd like to see something done with project runway. want to watch romney run around mood looking for charmeuse.

Lol!  I think they've already got the lock kn the cheched gingham vote.  Charmeuse seems a bit ambitious!

Ha, true.

It would be neat to live next door to a country whose leader could hand stitch a rolled silk hem, though. i'd trust that guy.

The Lounge Looking forward to fall... Aug 22 2012
14:10 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I suppose summer had to end sometime. It's sad, though, because I had a great summer. I got West Nile virus, lost a ton of weight. Then I went back to the lake. I stepped on a piece of glass in the parking lot, which hurt. That got infected even though I peed on it.

-Michael Scott

that helps, actually :D