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Motivation Wagon Jumpers - October 12 - 18th, 2008 (Closed, Waiting List Available) Oct 15 2008
13:23 (UTC)

Just saying hi, have been away from cc and counting for a bit. I was spending a bit too much time on the whole enterprise, without really the results I wanted. I need to think about my goals, and stuff. I need to think about alot of things. So I'll check  in again next week.

Fitness wise I've been walking really alot the past weekend, really need to drag my butt to the swimming pool, still been putting it off, even though I know once I start I really enjoy it.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - September 28 - October 4th, 2008 (Closed - Waiting List Available) Oct 02 2008
16:12 (UTC)

Hi, sorry for not checking in sooner, but I have been ill the past week. Also I have put myself on a calorie-count and spider solitare ban. Since I currently waste way too much time on both of them. if I really want to procrastinate I can either do nothing, or something else, but both of these are off bounds for a bit.

I have been thinking about this language thing quite alot. I have realised that for me, even rephrasing negative ideas in positive words is not always productive, because it still alludes to the negative thing, which I am trying to change. Better to completely not give those ideas any language at all.

so far with the eating etc it hasn't perhaps been as succesful as I hope it will ultimately be, but I haven't bitten my finger nails since the end of August. So at least that is something.

anyway hope you are all doing well,


Health & Support nauseous and miserable Sep 29 2008
17:12 (UTC)
I completely understood why you suggested what you did, i just thought it was funny. I certainly didn't mean my comment as a criticism, thus the ;-) face. I guess it probably depends on whatever your mother fed you when you were young and sick. I guess that is the problem (or benefit) from getting advice from a forum like this, everybody's perspective is so different, somebody's is bound to align with yours. Actually I like the crackers with vegemite, but I didn't dare suggest that to non-Australians!!!
Health & Support nauseous and miserable Sep 29 2008
16:38 (UTC)
Strange, but bananas, peanut butter, peppermint and dried fruit are probably the last things I want when I am feeling ill. ;-)Although bananas definately help with the leg pains I get after drinking from low potassium.

I would advise having a shower or bath. This will help hydrate you a little. Then start sipping water, or even better ginger ale. Ginger helps settle your stomach. Have One sip, wait a few minutes, then another sip. I would then eat dry crackers like "premiums" (at least that is what they are called in Australia, don't know about else where). Eat even if you think you feel sick, if you do actually throw up, give it an hour and try again.

If you are still actually throwing up after drinking or eating, after the second try, then you probably should call a doctor or something.

Hope you are feeling better soon
The Lounge Convincing parents on college of choice? HELP! Sep 24 2008
23:55 (UTC)
I'm all for the big impulsive moves, and listening to signs. But you havne't even slept on this info yet, yet alone been accepted. I think you need to wait awhile. I know in the past I have been super excited about new ideas and then a few days later, decided that perhaps they weren't the best thing to do after all. You have mentioned it to your parents, which is great. But now you need to wait a bit to see if it is still what you want to once the new excitement of the idea has worn off. Then you need to apply, then you need to get accepted, and only then do you actually have to worry about making a decision and what your parents think.

One step at a time. Don't put the cart before the horse.

But good luck with your studies.
The Lounge What would you do? Sep 24 2008
23:26 (UTC)
If i am ever lucky enough to be married and have a 3 year old and husband I love who I haven't seen for a month, I would hope this question would be a no brainer.

Although I guess the exchange rates does make a trip to the US a good idea, especially if you are earning Euros and not Pounds, just need to be careful going through customs on the way back that you have removed all the tags from your new clothes!
Motivation Wagon Jumpers - September 21 - 27th, 2008 (Group Closed - Short Waiting List Available) Sep 24 2008
19:53 (UTC)
Hey, just checking in for the week. So far it has been a bit up and down. THe good news is that I am getting pretty good at recognising when exactly I am full enough to stop eating. The bad news is that last night I ate straight past that point, because I was feeling uncomfortable and mad with my friend (actually she isn't really a friend but when you don't have so many native english speakers around you sometimes get forced to be friendly to people you don't actually like) and then today, I still haven't quite gotten back on track. I feel like I am coming down with something too, my throat has a tickle in it, and my limbs are kind of sore, and I've been sneezing.

I haven't changed to the new CC plus yet, I looked at it when they first changed over but it seemed less discrete than this version, plus I don't need constant sensory overload with all the extra graphics etc. I don't know if i can figure out how to remember my passwords etc. If not I might need to just create a new account, in which case I'll be Jane????? So i hope you will all still recognise me.

Regarding the strategies, I'm begining to think maybe mine should be getting a prozac prescription. I do think I am making progress on a few of my issues though, and maybe soon I will actually be ready to release myself of the weight, and not panic as soon as I start looking better and overeating again.

sorry for not responding to posts individually, but I hope that you are all doing well, and that the rest of the week goes well too.

The Lounge Just let a dying guy do his own thing... Sep 24 2008
18:12 (UTC)
I just thought i'd put the idea out there, because I'm sure it happens quite often, and people with nice grandparents/parents don't always realise how manipulative some old people can be.

Sounds like you are both caring and careful. Keep up the good work.
The Lounge Just let a dying guy do his own thing... Sep 24 2008
16:47 (UTC)
This sounds like a very complicated situation. You sound like a very caring person.

I may be able to shed some perspective on the sister's reactions though. This guy may be the greatest person in the world, he also may not be. I've found even my bastard of a grandfather can manage to be nice kind and sweet to the nurses who come and visit him at home everyday. Who he tells how lonely he is, and how he doesn't have any friends. But won't wear his hearing aids when I visit for a week from overseas.

Now he also lives with my parents. My parents have been kinder to him than most people would. Mum feeds him, does the laundry etc. She doesn't go out much, because gas is so expensive and they live 25 km from town, so she doesn't take him out on outings, because she doesn't go anywhere.

My parents feel conflicted when other people offer to do stuff for my grandfather, because they are afraid that they are offering because they think my parents are too mean or lazy to do it themselves. But they are also reluctant to take him places because when they do he complains and sits in the car the whole time, because it is so cold or whatever (in the middle of summer). So it is probably more about her than you, but her response might be reasonable given the 80+ years of history she has with her brother.

There was also an incident where he gave one of his care nurses a ring worth about 1,000 dollars, "because she was so kind" that used to be my grandmothers, which completely pissed off my uncle and aunty.
Young Calorie Counters Been observing my naturally thin roommate Sep 23 2008
16:05 (UTC)
I've also been doing that the past week or so. Um, I'm trying to eat healthy things, but if I am hungry and what I really want to eat is french fries, then I am also listening to that message too. If I'm hungry and there are two cookies, I eat one and I'm full, I will stop. If I'm still hungry though, then I'll eat the other cookie too.

I think this only works if you really listen to EVERYTHING your body says. not just the messages you want to. Including that junk food desire sometimes. I am lucky though, when it boils down to it, I actually prefer relatively healthy food. Fruit etc is my favourite, over cookies any day. I have found that actually if you really listen, there isn't much will power required. especially if you really give yourself permission to eat anything WHEN you ARE hungry. It isn't that I am NEVER going to eat that whatever, but that I am saving it for when I am hungry. That makes it much easier.

Tactics I have been trying to use include:

Taking slow bites of everything. Whether it is a banana or a piece of pizza, eating half, stopping, waiting a bit and then keeping on going.

Chewing things properly.

Stopping when full, whether it is somthing low cal I am eating or something high cal.

Trying to eat the things I really want to eat, so I don't eat them later because I'm still not satisfied.
The Lounge I love clearance! Sep 23 2008
11:08 (UTC)
The trick is to learn when your stores discount. Generally this will be around the same time everyday. I think throughout most of my undergrad degree I didn't eat any bread that wasn't reduced (they reduced it every evening, so it wasn't even old)

The other thing to figure out is which days they get thier fresh supplies in different departments, if there is alot of left over stock the day before, they will often reduce stuff, even if it isn't out of date, because they have the new stuff coming in they need to make room for. I once got $100 worth of meat for $50 this way, all with around 4 days left before expiry, which froze perfectly.

Often produce is reduced if it is getting a little old looking.  

If you aren't too picky about what you will eat it helps too. As does have a flexible schedule, which as a student you generally have. Because if you don't go at the right times, the stuff is generally snapped up pretty quickly.
Recipes Anyone know how to make low(er) cal pastry Sep 19 2008
15:03 (UTC)
I have a savory recipe, I'll check for it at home, my dad has experimented with getting the volume of flour to a minimum and increasing the light milk to egg ratio, and upping the vege content (grated zuchinni apparently works quite well) so as to really reduce calories, so I will post the recipe i have at home tonight (which I think you could also easily increase the vege amount without too many problems), and once I've talked to him, also give his version.
Recipes Anyone know how to make low(er) cal pastry Sep 19 2008
14:44 (UTC)
I have a few options, the first isn't for quite the same thing, but can be a pretty good substitute and is great for a party or whatever.

1) I have quite succesffully put things like spinach ricotta filling, or egg, bacon whatever like would be in a quiche into spring roll pastry, which I then fold up and bake in the oven (either sprayed with a little oil, or egg/milk on top).

With egg fillings it can't be super runny, so lots of spinach etc is required to be included in the "quiche" mix for this technique to work. 

2) Or else there is something called impossible pie my mum used to make, where you just add the flour to the egg mix, and while it cooks it falls to the bottom, so there is no pastry bottom at all. you can add whatever you want in the  mix. I don't have the recipe with me here at work, but if you are interested I can find it at home. 

3) I guess using filo pastry, but with out the oil layers would be another alternative.
Motivation Wagon Jumpers - September 14-20th, 2008 (Closed, Waiting List Available) Sep 18 2008
20:32 (UTC)
Hey, just thought i'd check in and say hi. The last couple of days have been kind of up and down. Yesterday was not really a good day in any way at all, my new b/c pills seem to be having a bad effect on me emotionally, and I managed to spend about 4 hours crying, I really hope it settles down soon. I didn't do any exercise or anything all day. I ate too much, but still nothing like I would have done on such a day before. I didn't stop eating just as I was full, but I also didn't completely stuff myself, so actually I think all things considered it went pretty well from that perspective. TOday was much better, I actually went and did some of the sightseeing types of things that I had never done in city before. Sad that it has taken me 3 years to do them, but glad that I did them before I leave soon. Walked for miles and miles, ate wurst and mustard and fries, but didn't over eat at all. Ate a little too much at dinner, in that I could have left the last 4 spoonfuls, (I made pumpkin sauce for my spinach ravoli, it was actually surprisingly delicious and super easy) but all in all a day I can feel quite good about.

Hope you are all doing well.
Motivation Wagon Jumpers - September 14-20th, 2008 (Closed, Waiting List Available) Sep 16 2008
19:22 (UTC)
Hey everybody, so great to read everybody's posts and see what motivates and influences other people.

KC great to have you in the group. I have also been meaning to make it to the pool, but somehow just haven't lately. I wish I could take my mp3 player in there though. Unfortunatley it isn't water proof.

rpete, the only exercise I do is walking, (alot actually, around 7-10 km a day). I think walking is actually really good exercise and has the added benefit of being a method of transportation. is great for seeing how far you are walking and it works all over the world, (well Germany and small town Finland are the only places I have tried to use it so far).

kyashiis, way to go on the running, I can't run to save my life, even as a kid I didn't like to run. Walk for miles, even race walking in little athletics, but running and I are not friends. Also congrats on the medium pants.  I know complements from others can be great, but remember why you are doing this, whihc is for you. Keep on working towards your goals, and that is all that matters.

sara, thanks for the links to yours, and others blogs. It is really interesting to see what others think. Also good for your for making it to the gym today! well done. glad to hear you are back on track!

My update for today is kind of good, although for some reason I feel completely exhausted, I don't know if I am getting a cold, or if it my Doctor changing my b/c pill, but today I have felt tired all day.

My intuative eating experiment is now just at the end of day four, and I would say it is going reasonably well. Today I did eat a couple of things before I was actually really hungry, especially dinner which I really should have waited another hour to eat, but I had been thinking about eating this meal for 3 days (today was the first day I left uni early enough to go to the supermarket, (they are closed on Sunday and at 8 or 10pm here). so when I left early I went shopping and then made dinner early. I also ate a banana when I wasn't really hungry.

THe interesting thing so far is realising that you really don't need to eat that much food to stop being hungry. And although I have had a bit of a cheesecake fixation (they had these prepaked 70g bars at the supermarket on special, last and this week) otherwise most of the food i have wanted to eat has been pretty healthy. I am kind of enjoying it, and so far the scale isn't going the wrong direction, and maybe even the right one, so I think I will continue it.

anyway hope you are all doing well, Jane
Weight Loss BUDDIES WANTED (aged 32, 5'6") Sep 16 2008
18:54 (UTC)
hey sorry i didn't log in yesterday, but I checked in early, and meant to come back but didn't get a round to it. I haven't changed from last week. I have started a new approach since saturday, which is really just eating when I am hungry (novel I know, but surprisingly difficult) then I can eat anything, it helps alot of my favourite foods are healthy. Three days is too soon to telll, but i hope to see how it is working next monday.

Anyway, my goal for this week is only to eat when actually really hungry, and stop once i'm not hungry any more .

 Hope you are all doing well. Jane
Motivation Wagon Jumpers - September 14-20th, 2008 (Closed, Waiting List Available) Sep 15 2008
16:28 (UTC)
wow denise, I am so glad to hear that you are are relatively alright following your accident. I hope that the damage you suffered continues to be relatively minor and that you are feeling all better soon.  So glad to hear you were being safe and wearing a helmet. Here in Germany almost nobody wears a helmet except kids, back home it is compulsory. But here cars are also supper aware of the dangers because everybody bikes.

Anyway just wanted to say we are all thinking of you, and I will check in later with my report on my new approach later.

Have good (and safe) days.
Weight Loss BUDDIES WANTED (aged 32, 5'6") Sep 14 2008
19:33 (UTC)
Hey, casey, I've also been at the office all weekend, It is now 8:30 pm and I am still here, I promised myself I would get something finished before I leave, but at the moment I think 10pm might come first, so I might end up having to finish the last little bits tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from everybody tomorrow.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers - September 14-20th, 2008 (Closed, Waiting List Available) Sep 14 2008
17:29 (UTC)
UNtil now I have always dived off the wagon. Dieting has never really been the problem, the problem has been that I eat for reasons that have nothing to do with providing my body with the sustainence it needs to function. eating badly, or sticking to a diet have all been the same thing, either overstuffing or underfeeding my body, either way not listening to what my body actually wanted. This is what I really need to start to do now.

I have actually decided that I am going to try not counting calories at all, or restricting myself. the only restriction will be that I only eat when I am hungry, until I stop being hungry. No more boredom or punishment eating. So far I am about a day and half in and it has been interesting. I went home last night for the first time in a week and didn't just mindlessly eat everything in sight. I had a thing of chocolate mousse, was no longer hungry and stopped eating.

Hope you are all having good weekends!
Weight Loss When you lose it... where does it actually go? Sep 11 2008
20:56 (UTC)
you breath in oxygen, you breathe out carbon dioxide, where do you think the carbon comes from?