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Weight Loss right thigh measurement? Feb 11 2013
22:45 (UTC)

Smile LOL  ^^

Weight Loss Weight Loss Question - Last ten pounds? Feb 07 2013
13:30 (UTC)

Could it be that you're aiming for too low a weight for your body? I stayed around 117 lbs for many years before I had my kids (I'm 5'4) with relative ease, but once I'd given birth I found my natural set point went up 7lbs or so. If I tried to go lower I was starving. I think in part that's what led to my huge weight gain. Instead of accepting I should now weigh a little more I fought against it and ended up so hungry all the time it led to binges and I lost total control of my weight. Think carefully before you try to force your body to stay at an unnatural weight as the consequences aren't pretty.

Weight Loss diet soda Feb 07 2013
13:19 (UTC)

I find diet pepsi a lifesaver. I allow myself one or two a day and it eases the craving for something sweet. I've lost a lot of weight whilst drinking them.

Weight Loss Xtra Skin Jan 22 2013
20:29 (UTC)

I think everyone's different when it comes to how much loose skin they have. I've lost around 100 lbs and I have hardly any. My stomach is flat and my legs are pretty firm and taut. I have a little at the tops of my arms which I hate, but it's already improving. I'm not super active by any means and I'm 51 so there's lots of hope for you!

Motivation I can't make myself buy a scale. Jan 22 2013
20:00 (UTC)

I lost the vast majority of my weight without a scale. I was too frightened to know what I weighed as I was very large. At the end of the day the number is meaningless. You are what you are whatever that number reads. I reckon that if I had weighed myself at any point before I did, I would have descended into a pit of despair and been unable to find the focus I needed to lose weight. As it was I felt incredibly positive and motivated and I could see the weight melting away week by week.

My point is you don't need a scale to go on a healthy diet and lose weight ~ whether it's a large or small amount. For some people it's a great motivator, but for others it's the exact opposite. I'm nearly at my goal weight now but I still don't like the scales. If I weigh myself and I've put on, I feel totally despondent. If I weigh myself and I've lost, I feel 'yippeeee' I can eat some more and that's when I binge.

I think for me the answer is to go by my clothes and how I feel and weigh maybe once a month. Good luck with whichever way you decide to go xx

Weight Loss Pre-weight loss photos Jan 15 2013
08:38 (UTC)

I avoided the camera when I was overweight and have no photos of fat me. There's no way I would ever have posted a fat pic on any social site.

Weight Loss 65 LBS down! Jan 15 2013
08:35 (UTC)

Well done! Smile

Weight Loss Struggling! Jan 13 2013
23:55 (UTC)

Jbeargate - Thanks for your reply. Do you mean grelin? If so I am aware of this hormone and it's pretty scary thinking about it! I find the idea of a hormone controlling us like that awful. It really does explain the intense hunger though. I hate the idea that my control of the situation is compromised by a stupid hormone. Do you find the milk and protein work? I must admit I avoid full fat milk like the plague although I love it. I do reach for the slices of cold chicken when I'm feeling a hunger attack. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. How many calories are in your protein drink and how often do you have one?

Weight Loss Struggling! Jan 13 2013
19:09 (UTC)

Thanks for replying! I use that trick too and it works great when I've got my sensible head on! It's when that switch flicks and I lose control then all tricks, strategies and aids go right out the window! I'm working on it and I'll get there. I'm never going back to how I was and I'm determined to reach my 139 lb goal and stay there!!

Weight Loss Struggling! Jan 13 2013
13:44 (UTC)

Tina - I feel exactly the same way. I'm tired of it too and enough is enough. I too find it a big help coming on here being able to post my frustrations and receive wise counsel. Hearing that other people face similar battles helps too. I know we can and will both do this. Thanks for your support! xx


Weight Loss Struggling! Jan 13 2013
01:05 (UTC)

Kitkeith - It seems we're in the same boat. I'm very sorry you're feeling this too although it is nice to know I'm not alone. As you say, apart from anything else it's embarrassing to be fat/thin/fat/thin! I suppose I'm looking for someone to come up with some magic solution to this, while knowing full well there isn't one. I guess we just have to realize that we have to be constantly mindful of what we're consuming and try to get used to the fact that a lot of the time we feel deprived. I'm going to try the meditation in the hope that it proves to be even a tiny help in this battle. The best of luck to you

Solid555 - Yes, maintaining has always been my downfall and so much harder than losing the weight. I have maintained for a good few years when I was younger, but again it was a conscious battle to do it. I don't think it will ever be easy for me, but I'm so determined to do it! I think I will definitely have to up my exercise. Thanks for your suggestions.

Weight Loss Struggling! Jan 12 2013
22:31 (UTC)

I've been thinking along those lines and I'm definitely going to give it a go. It really is all in the mind! Thank you!

Weight Loss I've never had to ask for help but I need it bad. Gaining rapid weight Jan 06 2013
13:42 (UTC)

Either we haven't been given the full picture or you need to change your doctor. Something is obviously very wrong. I wish you lots of luck in getting to the bottom of this. You lost a huge amount of weight and you deserve to enjoy it and have a healthy life.

I do think your calorie intake is way too low for anyone. I'm worried you may have damaged yourself. Does your doctor know you only consume 800-1000 calories a day? You simply can't have been getting all the nutrients your body requires to function properly.

Weight Loss I've never had to ask for help but I need it bad. Gaining rapid weight Jan 05 2013
00:25 (UTC)

I think you have to get to the bottom of the pain and sickness before you worry about the weight gain. The two may or may not be related. I had what sounds like exactly the same pain as you after I lost a lot of weight in a relatively short space of time and then started eating more again. I threw up and collapsed. I went to the hospital and they couldn't find out what it was  despite having x-rays and scans.

I suffered these awful attacks sporadically for years until finally a gallstone got lodged in my bile duct. They removed the stone and shortly after removed my gall bladder. Just because the doctors can't find anything doesn't mean there isn't anything. Be persistent and don't let up until you have an answer. Hopefully once your health is back on track your weight gain will be able to be tackled. In the meantime try to eat lightly and avoid high fat foods as if it is your gallbladder that will cause an attack. Good luck ~ I hope you get this sorted soon xx

Weight Loss hey!! How Many Cheats Days Can You Have? Jan 04 2013
00:49 (UTC)

I allowed myself one treat (as opposed to cheat) meal a week. Usually an Indian or Chinese meal. I would stick to boiled rice not fried but eat as much as I wanted. I'm near maintenance now and I still do that. I think if I allowed a whole day of 'cheating' I'd only be cheating myself because I could definitely eat enough to prevent any loss at all.

Weight Loss menstrual weight gain Jan 04 2013
00:44 (UTC)

I weighed last week and was 4lbs up. I knew I would be because I had over eaten over the holiday period. Then I unexpectedly got my period (I'm in peri menopause and haven't had one for months  ~ thought I'd finished!) needless to say I'm ecstatic as when I next weigh I'm sure at least 2lbs must have been water and I'll be nearer my goal than I thought I would be.

I used to take it in my stride and realize that I probably wasn't going to see much of a loss during that week. It all evens out in the end as the following week there would usually be a large drop in weight. It's not fat just fluid so don't stress!

Weight Loss Lost Weight But Food Still Controls My Life Jan 03 2013
18:34 (UTC)

I often look at 'normal' people to see how they eat. My daughter would say she eats exactly what she wants to eat when she wants and she does ~ pizza, chips, chocolate etc etc but.... she eats them in very small portions and is satisfied very quickly. She will eat two or three squares of chocolate and be satiated whereas I don't seem to have a full switch. She can also go all day without eating because it hasn't entered her head to.

I'm completely consumed by food and the thought of food. I've been skinny and I've been obese (several times!) and now at the age of 51 and almost at goal weight I know I can never eat 'normally' because normal for me is excessive. I will forever have to watch every morsel I put in my mouth and count every calorie because if I don't I lose control of the situation very quickly.

The upshot is I'm more miserable being fat than I am being slim and having to control my food intake. That's the top and bottom of it. It's hard either way but I've chosen my hard and it's being slim and healthy.

Good luck to you! xx

Weight Loss Best weigh day?? Jan 02 2013
13:57 (UTC)

A Wednesday worked for me. It gave me time to correct my eating if I'd slightly gone over at the weekend.

Weight Loss getting back on track after Xmas! Dec 29 2012
00:39 (UTC)

I've definitely overdone it over Christmas and a couple of days either side of it! I'm not getting on the scales for at least a week. Bummer!

Weight Loss Why am i here ? Dec 23 2012
13:28 (UTC)

Hi Adelie. First you must want to lose weight for yourself. Not your husband (who sounds as if he has problems!) Cut down on your portion sizes, eat 3 meals a day and if you want a snack eat fruit or vegetables. Check out the calories in foods and stick to around 1500 to 1700 calories a day and you will definitely lose weight and whatever you do don't let your husband bring you down!