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Weight Loss Advice for plateau. Apr 20 2013
22:07 (UTC)

Eat at no deficit for 1-2 weeks while maintaining current exercise regime. It sounds counter-intuitive but it most often kicks the body back into calorie burn mode.

Foods Singles meal, Lunch ideas, tired of eating the same thing? Apr 20 2013
22:04 (UTC)

Bulgar wheat and orzo pilaf. Flat bread and hummus.

You have to watch the sodium in the cans of beans but this recipe is handy: 2-3 sweet potato cooked and diced, 1 can pinto beans, 1 can black beans, 1 can red beans, 4-6cups brown rice. Drain all the beans, put it all in large bowl and toss.  You can eat it cold, put it in a tortilla, eat it with salsa  or without; side dish or main dish. It lasts for days in the fridge.

Any multi bean salad, home made is easiest way to control sodium.

Stir fry double and take 2nd portion for lunch.

Weight Loss i Apr 20 2013
21:53 (UTC)

You are OK. It does happen and it is not the end of the world. It is a good idea to review and see if their was a particular trigger that lead to the extra calories. If you can identify the trigger you can be better prepared to deal with it next time.

Weight Loss Feeling terrible and want to eat a bunch of food Apr 12 2013
17:18 (UTC)

You eating habits sound like they are mostly under control. Like you said you are not starving and you are recognizing when you want to stress eat and reacting intelligently to those triggers. What you may want to consider adding to the tool box is some stress management techniques. A yoga class if you have the time or "Light on Yoga" is the classic on which all western yoga is founded on, the breathing section alone is worth the price of the book alone. Mini meditation that can be done for 5-10 at work. There are a pile of good ideas give a few of them a good go. I suspect you if you manage the stress the Indian Food craving with less angst; when you order it wont be a failure but a reasonable treat, when you don't  it wont feel like punishment or the angel and the devil sitting on your shoulders arguing.

Good Luck

Maintaining Normal meal sizes Apr 08 2013
14:17 (UTC)

Long ago Maytag use to mock their competitors advertizements about how much each washing machine could hold. The competitors would call their machine a 30lbs machine. Maytag built a sign that showed two stacks of clothes both of which weighed 30lbs, one would easily fit in a very small machine the other would barely fit in a commercial machine.

So it is not simply about calories its about the foods that carry the calories as well. So you could eat 500 cal of oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, 250 calories of a huge salad at lunch and still have 750 calories for a steak and potato dinner.

Molly asked a great question. How does it feel. We do need to build meals that both feed us nutrients and "feel good". If we walk away from most meals feeling dissatisfied it wont be long before we walk away from that meal plan.

Fitness For those of you who can't afford a gym Apr 08 2013
14:05 (UTC)

To tag onto Melkor's idea, youtube is chock full of body weight exercise workouts or minimal equipment workouts.

Motivation Overwhelmed :( Apr 08 2013
14:02 (UTC)

What most of us need is a lifestyle change not a "diet" or "weight loss program". Changing our lives, our habits is not a simple or easy task. If we try to change too much too fast not only is the "dieting" really hard but we are fighting our own identity the essence of who we are, even the parts of the who we are that we don't like so much.

So it is not just 1lbs at a time, it is one step at a time. What is the one category of food you can cut way back on? What is the one snack time or meal you get discard. Do you eat on the run? Can you make eating more intentional and sit down instead? Do you eat in front of the t.v. or computer? Turn them off.

Make small but significant changes. Stick with them until they are comfortable then make another shift. Most of us cannot switch overnight from the weekly menu created by our grandmothers and mothers to ultra veggie, every ounce of protein weighed with precision diets. It simply isn't who we are and so we fight it psychologically.

does that help?

Weight Loss Calorie or Carb Cycling with strength training Nov 14 2012
21:28 (UTC)

You have gotten a ton of good advice.

The best advice given was to choose to loose or choose to gain. At your age I would suggest gaining then cutting. You are still in the prime of your athletic life the gains should come relatively easy. You will probably shed some body fat during the process and lean out a bit but not likely to look "ripped". The plus side is that when you do flip the tables and decide cut weight you will have all that muscle burning calories for you plus the physical fitness to go longer and harder.

I would suggest heavy lifting every other day while eating 500 plus cals on lifting days and 0 - 250+ on rest days biasing your diet toward protein over carbs. If you want to be a gym rat you can break the body down by push-pull or upper-lower and hit the gym every day while the off pat gets a rest day. Under the second plan I would suggest each day be 500+ cals per day.


When you get to the cutting stage alternate long slow distance cardio(hour plus at a pace were you can still carry on a conversation) with circuit training. The circuit training will help limit the losses of muscle while the long slow cardio is the fat burning engine.

Weight Loss Net calories - Help! Nov 14 2012
21:12 (UTC)

Just playing with the numbers you posted for example.

Lets say eating 2241 cal/day would maintain your current weight by sticking to your 1741 target you would be -500 cal/day or losing about 1 pound per week.

The math looks like this

your body needs to burn 2241 calories and each day you start at -2241 you then eat 1741 for a math formula that looks like -2241 + 1741 = -500

Help? make sense?

Fitness help please!! pulled muscle - can I still exercise? Nov 04 2012
20:22 (UTC)

If you are going to exercise change what you are doing to lighten the impact on the effected area. Heat it before, warm up more than usual, ibprofen or aspirin every 8 hours or so and finally ice it when you are done. 

If you have access you can bicycle at low intensity, no standing up out of the saddle and charging up hills. Power/speed walking is also a good alternative.

How long do you wait? Depending on the severity of the pull and location of the pull 2 - 6 weeks.

Only you know what is going on in your body, common sense is your friend, pain is there to tell you when something isn't quite right. Listen to your body.

Fitness Depression during a jog? Nov 02 2012
16:15 (UTC)

In your location it could be a variation of Seasonal Affective Disorder. You are far enough north and in that Pacific rainy spot. As suggested mood logging can be very helpful in finding the triggers. Everyone battles batches of depression, for some it passes with time for others they need professional intervention. If it has been hanging on for a while or is become debilitating it is time to seek assistance.

A couple near term things to try: Empty mind meditation, focus on a candle or each breath don't let your mind wander anywhere seek no thought. For your studying reading you can buy a true full spectrum light as a reading light, if nothing else it will be easier on your eyes. Finally during the run count steps, count sheep, do math, pretend you are chasing your children. Right now, when you are not focusing your thoughts your mind is wandering to dark places, keep it busy.

God bless

Weight Loss Not losing any weight Oct 26 2012
02:59 (UTC)

Don't Panic! Plateaus are common and there is no predicting when you will break through to the other side. You are doing the right things, changing things up a bit. I also agree with the other poster you may be getting fitter and leaner but not lighter. You might want to pull out the measuring tape and record that somewhere along with your weight. Sometimes the scale is a really dumb instrument when it comes to measuring our progress.

Things to try:

eat more, switch from trying to be -1000 to -500 for example

Switch from high cardio to resistance circuit training or swimming or from circuit training to high cardio just make a significant switch from what you are doing.

Change the diet mix of protein to carbs, flip them, if you were eating a high protein diet switch to a standard mix - something like that.

They key to switching things up is keeping track of the changes and to not make too many changes at once. Change on thing and try it for a couple weeks. If works, great, if it doesn't change something else until you find the new track back to weight loss.

Hang in there. We are cheering for you.

Maintaining Calorie Confusion :/ Oct 26 2012
02:47 (UTC)

At your age an current activity level 2000cal/day is what it takes for you to breath and pass your next test or write your next paper. Students actually burn calories at an above average rate because the brain needs energy to process. It takes more energy to learn something new than to do something mentally complex but familiar. Throw in your age and a bit of off season maintenance training and 2500 is not an issue. I wish all the girls I coach during track would eat 2500+ the only one I know of that does eat like that for sure is a tiny bit of a thing, not an ounce of extra anything and a heck of a good 3 season athlete. It helps that her parents understand her activity level and have encouraged good eating habits.

The fact that you ran cross on 1000 a day is terrifying to me. The math works out something like maintenance = 2000 to 2500 + 600 for the running for a bodies need of 2600 - 3100 that left you at a 1600 to 2100 calorie deficit each day.

So please ramp up the fuel intake. Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix are all calorie dense easy snack foods. The occasional Snickers isn't going to hurt you that much either although I don't recommend running after eating one the sugar crash would be uuuugly. ha ha

Fitness Is 40 mins of cardio a day and some weights enough ? Oct 24 2012
20:08 (UTC)

Poor Jem asked a simple question and has to deal with a bunch of folks who feel like they need to defend a religion.

The term I objected too was "lift heavy" and I addressed that, nothing more nothing less. Its unfortunate that some read the first line and hit reply  and didn't bother to read all the way through to see the recommendation of resistance circuit training and cardio. I also pointed out that purpose of resistance training during a weight loss regime is to maintain not gain.

Plenty of good exercises can be done with the weights she has and using her own body weight. Whether she needs to increase weight is entirely personal choice that can only be made by her when she has a better feel for her routines.

Good luck Jem I didn't mean to drag your post into this.

Fitness Is 40 mins of cardio a day and some weights enough ? Oct 24 2012
18:10 (UTC)

If the primary goal is weight loss I disagree with the suggestions for heavy lifting. Heavy lifting produces muscle mass and ought to be combined with a net calorie neutral or positive diet. It is extraordinarily difficult to gain muscle and lose weight. I would suggest sticking with the cardio regime but alternate the daily goals. One day circuit train aka sprint training, the next day mid speed for a longer duration than the circuit, third day is long slow distance - easy pace much longer than the mid speed.

For the resistance training I would suggest circuit training with body weight and the weights you have. On these days you work abs as well. A pull up bar is a cheap and useful addition to the tool kit. Also on youtube is and incredible resource.

I would suggest 3 days cardio, 3 days resistance circuit training or 4 days cardio and 2 days resistance.

The pumping iron is the best method to get in shape and burn fat mantra is the current exercise de jure. Its not wrong and it isn't everything everyone is making it out to be. How do I know? I coach, I read the literature not published in the magazines with the air brushed male and female fitness models on the cover. The funny thing is that when these models are interviewed about their regimes, when it comes time to cut for the photo shoot it is heavy cardio and light resistance. They accept the fact that some muscle mass will be lost.

For us 'hobbyist' that wants to lose fat we have to accept that either we need to build muscle and gain weight and then cut which will lose both muscle and fat or burn the fat, lose weight and maintain the muscle. Certainly keep the resistance training in your plan and if weight loss is the goal you need to get your heart rate up and keep it up. Once you hit your weight goal if you want to crank iron for body sculpting or to do something different have at it.

good luck

Fitness Muscle maintenance on a deficit.. Oct 23 2012
19:39 (UTC)

All good stuff below so I'll just tried to add a few possibilities:

A stability ball which can be used for core as well as dumbbell flies, lat pulls, reverse flies, pull overs and I'm sure there is a ton of stuff on youtube.

A pull up bar that hooks to a door; obviously for pullups/chinups and you can get some that help modify pushups and you can also do core work with it.

If you are alternating push pull you can do those days back to back because opposites get a day of rest while you are doing the other. This all depends on other work out routines needs.

If you set up your routine into a circuit between 8 - 15 minutes long you can also do wonders for your cardio. As you progress in fitness you can add the number of circuits you do. Good luck

Fitness Running Rut Oct 11 2012
16:50 (UTC)

I'm guessing its mostly an adaptation issue that will resolve itself. When on a trail your core is working probably 4x as hard as it had to on the treadmill, the same goes for all the stabilizer muscles. Also there are some techniques that can be used when running outdoors that are not well used on treadmills. A) arm use is often minimal on treadmills where on the road and trails they are required to propel you forward and to help keep your balance. B)shorten the stride and quicken the pace on the uphills, its like down shifting in a car or on your bike. C) when the trail allows slow the pace and broaden the strides on the downhill.

Walking may be required but it can also develop some bad mental habits, a slow shuffle can be better its often not any faster than a walk but it still feels like running. In running misery is a constant companion, misery eventually comes to an end. Unless you are really blowing out your lungs and heart strive to shuffle on. They mental and physical payoffs are huge.

Fitness Looking for some suggestions Oct 11 2012
14:36 (UTC)

The Brazilian butt lift DVDs maybe, Zumba DVD's but both of those are more cardio then strength conditioning. If you go to youtube and search "300 workout" you'll run into a ton of can be done at home, light free weight and body weight strength building circuits; most of these are done by guys but that really doesn't matter. GAH! Zussana may be you new best friend, search zussana light or go here e=results_main she is amazing. Her workouts are spot on and generally use very little equipment and definitely embraces strength conditioning.

Fitness Why don't I feel my Glutes working when I run/walk on an incline on the treadmill? Oct 11 2012
14:27 (UTC)

If you really want to hit the glutes do lunges, walking or static. It takes a pretty good incline to really engage the glutes walking or running to the point were you can feel the burn. They are getting worked just not to the point were you are feeling it intensely.

Fitness Knee Painnnnn Oct 11 2012
14:20 (UTC)

If it hurts more going up the stairs you may have a small tear and keeping the appointment will pay off. Of course as I right this you are probably at the docs. Let us know what she/he says.