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Weight Loss Tips on how to avoid eating when your bf/spouse is? Nov 25 2008
12:23 (UTC)

My boyfriend is the same way. He's a Taco Bell fiend and loves to run over at 10 or 11 to eat a bunch of taco bell before bed. He hates eating alone and always pressures me into eating with him, so now I just eat a healthy snack instead of Taco Bell. An apple or some popcorn or something light. he still gets to eat with me and I don't have to feel guilty.

Fitness how much do you aim to burn? Nov 25 2008
12:20 (UTC)

I usually aim to burn 750, which is no problem when I run, but on days I'm not feeling good (like the past week) I let myself slide by with 400.

Health & Support Sweaty pits problem . . . Nov 20 2008
14:10 (UTC)

I had the same problem. I tried Certain Dri but didn't like it because it made me smelly funny. It has a very vinegary type smell. I love all the clinical strength deodorants. They smell good and work great. I usually just get whatever one is on sale because they all have the same ingredients and work the same. Right now I'm using Degree, but I think Dove has one as well. And secret too.

The Lounge Holiday shopping for a DSS/DCF child Nov 19 2008
17:42 (UTC)

We did something like this when I was in high school. Each class would "adopt a family" and buy the kids and parents clothes and toys for christmas. Maybe you can convince your friends to donate some money or gifts as well to really give this child a great christmas. As for some ideas- you could get him some plastic sports equipment-like a wiffle ball and a bat, or miniature bowling set, legos are always fun but make sure they're the larger ones- the miniature ones are easy to choke on. Maybe a couple paint with water books. That way the art doesn't get too messy. And get him a couple of the "learn to read" books. My brother loved those when he was that age. Hope those ideas helped.

Weight Loss things suck sometimes. Nov 19 2008
12:42 (UTC)

You can message me. I'm always looking for new people to talk to. I'm on all day at work.


Weight Loss Eating frequent meals at school Nov 17 2008
13:26 (UTC)

Just sneak a bag of cheerios or goldfish into your purse and eat them during class. I could never eat breakfast in the morning when I was in school (I have a sensitive stomach that early in the morning) so I would bring snacks in with me and eat them during class. My teachers never called me out on it.

Weight Loss im bummed.. Nov 17 2008
13:24 (UTC)

The same thing happened to me last week. I worked so hard and really watched what I ate and I ended up gaining 3 lbs. I was so upset. Turns out it was just water weight. I got back on the scale yesterday and not only were those 3 lbs gone, I'd also lost another lb. So I'm sure it's just water weight. TTOM is no fun, and it really does make you gain weight. So don't be discouraged and don't give up. Wait a week and I'm sure you'll lose all the weight.

Fitness Help! I'm so confused. which count is right? Nov 17 2008
11:13 (UTC)

When I use the elliptical, I tend to go at 85 RPM and I burn about 750 calories in an hour. So I would say in 90 min. at 80, you burned around 1000 calories. Just a guesstimate, but at least it's something to go by.

Health & Support Panic Attacks (mental health issue) Nov 17 2008
00:39 (UTC)

I get panic attacks a lot. Sometime I get the ones where I feel like I'm dying and I have a mini asthma attack. The first time I had one my ex made me use his inhaler and it helped a lot. Now there's really nothing I can do to calm down. Usually I'll just stand in the shower, turn on music and cry. The shower helps me calm down and the loud music prevents me from thinking, and the crying usually gets me so exhausted that by the time I calm down, I can just go to bed. Other times my panic attacks are more like mania. I get ridiculously hyper and can't sit still. I've taken to running when that happens. It gets out all the nervous energy and helps me focus. I'm also on anti-anxiety meds for depression. It helps a little bit, not completely obviously, but it does keep me from completely breaking down. I've wanted to see a therapist, but I'm too much of a chicken to sign up for therapy. I've always been a perfectionist and seeing a therapist makes me feel like I'm not perfect (silly I know, but that's how I feel.) So I really don't know if this will help you in any way, but know that you are not alone.

Motivation Lose 5% by New Year's!!! -- a motivational group Nov 17 2008
00:31 (UTC)

I'd love to join you. I'm at exactly the same place in my life... only 10 years younger. Just got out of a 4.5 year relationship and trying to find myself as well as some close friends. I seem to have grown apart from all my friends from high school and it's hard to find friends since I work in an office building with a bunch of 30+ people who want nothing to do with my lovely 20 y/o self. I run almost every day, every chance I get. Nothing makes me happier than getting in my 4 miles a day. I've been on CC for 2 weeks and lost 5.6 lbs. So I'm at 184.4. 5% is about 9 lbs. My goal weight will be 175 by Jan.1st. My goal weight over all is 120 by Nov 2009.

Games & Challenges Wrong Answer Game Nov 12 2008
16:56 (UTC)

A: The king of Spartopolus

Q: Why is ice so slippery?

Weight Loss sticking to it! Nov 12 2008
16:49 (UTC)

Food journals. They are a life saver. I am a snacker, so I never eat a lot, just a little bit a lot of different times. Before I never realized how fast those calories add up, now I'm starting to notice and make changes in my diet.

Cut up veggies help too. That way I can just grab them and throw them in my lunch box and not have to do any prep in the mornings.

Young Calorie Counters college-how to deal with the stress of finals and mid tearms Nov 12 2008
16:09 (UTC)

I am really feeling the stress today. I have a midterm in a class tonight that I know I'm not prepared for, but I'm so behind in that class I don't even know where to start. And I have an 8 page paper due this afternoon that I didn't start until this morning. I've finished about 5 pages of it and now have to find a way to ramble for another 3. I really just want to go for a run (it really helps when I'm stressed) but I'm at work, so I can't. Instead, I'm turning to food, which I know is bad, but I need something to do besides stress. At least I'm eating a lot of fruit. That's something, right?

Young Calorie Counters So; What Do You Teens Do For Exercise? Nov 10 2008
18:33 (UTC)

I use the elliptical machine at the gym 5-6 days a week. 2 days a week (usually weekends) I jog for an hour (600 calories) and the rest of the week I jog for 30-40 minutes (300-450 calories)

Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Nov 10 2008
18:27 (UTC)

Breakfast was a cup of cheerios and a small apple.

Lunch was a salad with grilled chicken breast and low fat salad dressing (ranch)

Snack was six light tortilla chips

So far I'm at 400 calories, which is good because I'm going out drinking tonight, so I need those extra calories. I'm not sure what I'm having for dinner. But my goal is to keep dinner and drinks to no more than 1500 calories.

Young Calorie Counters College Student Wants to Lose Weight! Nov 10 2008
18:21 (UTC)

I was in your place a couple years ago. I gained a little bit of weight freshman year and kept putting off the diet. Now, I'm a junior and have to find a way to lose 70lbs. So don't keep putting it off. Try to find someone to make you go to the gym. maybe a roomate or a classmate. Try joining a club sport- they're lots of fun and a great way to meet people. Or my favorite- incentives. Say that if you go to the gym, you can skip a class. Or if you're going to procrastinate writing that paper, spend an hour on the treadmill instead of facebook. Just get up and do something now, don't put it off any more.

Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Nov 10 2008
18:16 (UTC)

Hello everyone!

I'm Jackie

Sex: Female

Age: 20 (21 on January 20th!!)

I'm 5'2

SW: 190

CW: 185 (started a week ago)

GW: 120 by Nov 3, 2009

I'd love a buddy who could chat via email, google chat, or text message (verizon preferably)

New Members Worse than I thought! Nov 10 2008
18:09 (UTC)

The same thing happened to me and my mom. I'm 5'2 and 190 and need to lose 70lbs. According to my BMI I should be between 106 and 134. 106?! I weighed that much in 3rd grade. My mom's 5'3 and 180. She just wanted to get down to 150, but her recommended level was in the 130s. She compromised at 140, but still doesn't think that will happen. Just lose weight until you are happy with your size. I think the BMI is just an approximation anyways, you're probably better off going to the dr. and asking her what your goal should be.

Weight Loss Too many cals too early... Nov 10 2008
18:01 (UTC)

Don't feel too bad about it. If you absolutely cannot exercise today, make up for it tomorrow. Your body doesn't take all those extra calories at midnight and immediately turn them into fat. As long as you are averaging a calorie deficit, you're okay. That doesn't mean go home and eat a cake though. Make a salad for dinner. That's a lot of food, but very few calories.

Weight Gain I'm not getting enough breakfast!! How do you manage? Nov 10 2008
17:58 (UTC)

I used to have this problem because I cannot eat within an hour of waking up. It makes me ridiculously sick. So I take cereal and an apple to work with me. Cereal is a lot less calories when you don't use milk anyways. I also like granola bars and muffins. Breakfast is actually pretty easy to travel with.