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Health & Support Back Spasms BOOOOOOOOOO Apr 08 2010
02:11 (UTC)

Thanks everyone! I'll give anything a shot!

Foods Weird State Fair foods Mar 31 2010
01:46 (UTC)

Omg chicken fried bacon almost made dinner suddenly reappear...SO GROSS! But that's just me, maybe it's great but I'll never know

Foods Eating Cake Hurt Mar 31 2010
01:43 (UTC)

Happened to me on Saturday, I ate a piece of REALLY sweet chocolate the kind that makes you cough its THAT sweet, and I started laughing and told my mom that my body was rejecting it from the amount of coughing I was doing.  Then I felt like crap for the rest of the day, my stomach hurt, my head hurt, it really wasn't worth it.  Just for the record two years ago that chocolate would have tasted fabulous but this time around I was like ew really? That's what this tastes like? I'll pass next time.

Foods Calories in this? Mar 28 2010
16:27 (UTC)

My thoughts when it comes to a night of drinking (not that I'm condoning a 19 year old getting obliterated but I did it myself at that age) is to write it off, don't give it a second thought and get back on the horse the next day.  Also don't step on the scale because you're likely dehydrated and it'll give you a lower number (usually) then what it should be.  Drink alot of water today, gatorade if you need it, and get back to counting as you normally would.  You can guess all you want at what you drank last night but it's going to be absolutly that, a guess and probably not a great one at that.  If I go out for a night of drinking then I call it an "oops" day and go back to normal the following morning.  Don't sweat it too much.

The Lounge Any former fans of The Baby-Sitters' Club series? Mar 24 2010
01:55 (UTC)

I am soooo Kristy, I didn't want to be but I knew I was. I wanted to be Claudia she was by far the coolest one.  I still remember this story about Mimi chasing an ambulence only to realize she knew the person in she doesn't follow ambulences anymore. 

Weight Loss Roller Derby Mar 18 2010
04:09 (UTC)

I'm trying out too!!!! Good luck to you!

Weight Loss Stretch marks and weightloss. Mar 18 2010
01:33 (UTC)

Well I hate to tell you this but mine actually look worse, I'm down 60 pounds and instead of just looking like faint lines where the skin stretched they now puff out because the skin isn't stretched anymore and that spot where it did had no where to go but...out.  It's not pretty I'll tell you that much but I kind of look at them as battle scars, I did this, and now I have to deal with them looking different.  Sorry girlie some fade but I was a big girl and 60 pounds lighter made them more obvious then they were before.

Weight Loss 50 pounds by october 22 Feb 25 2010
01:32 (UTC)

eh, i could stand to lose about 100 more so this 50 won't be the "vanity" weight but man will I be glad to get to that point

Weight Loss 50 pounds by october 22 Feb 24 2010
03:51 (UTC)

Thanks! I've already lost 60 and I think I needed something to get my head back in the right place, hopefully I can pull it off!

Foods Foods that reduce Belly Fat / Burn Calories Feb 10 2010
05:09 (UTC)
Original Post by leanerandmeaner:

this is the one that worked for me

 touche and agreed

Weight Loss anyone lose weight from site? Feb 10 2010
03:17 (UTC)

Also lost 60 and trying to lose another 100, the site is great it keeps me on track and any problem you come across can usually be found in the forums.  If not ask for help and boom you've got a band a cheerleaders bringing it for you.  You are responsible for what happens with your weight, you can use this as a wonderful tool but make sure you're doing the work as well, that means reading what your food comes in because sometimes things here are a little off and staying on track.  We all screw up sometimes but ask for help and its here.

Weight Loss Will I lose weight with this? Feb 07 2010
15:39 (UTC)

To the OP I think 1700 is a good place to start I wouldn't go lower with that especially with all the exercise you're planning on doing (good for you) but that can absolutly vary with the amount of time you spend exercising and what specifically you're doing.  For your age I wouldn't go lower then 1700 right now, you're probably burning (and this is just a guess) around 2100-2200 calories not doing any exercise so watch that carefully and do not make the deficit too large or it'll be hard to stick to.  I don't know you're absolute specifics with exercise so I'm just guessing here. 

Cherrygirl18....5'5" and 85 pounds?  Sorry to be blunt here but I really don't think you should be giving someone advice to cut down to 1500, she's 15 years old so she needs about 1500 at a minimum without exercising.  You need to check specifics before suggesting someone consume the minimum amount of calories they would need to function.

Weight Loss Women: a question for you! Feb 04 2010
03:08 (UTC)

I lost 50 so far and I've gone down two inches around and one cup size.....I wish it was more, really I do but well we don't have a whole lot of say in that

Foods ALL Slim-Fast Canned Products RECALLED Dec 05 2009
20:39 (UTC)

I'm calling them monday, I had two 12 packs that I just dumped down the drain and now I know why I was sick on tuesday...awesome

Recipes This just out from my kitchen...Protein Popcorn Balls! Yummo! Oct 22 2009
17:23 (UTC)
5 I think it sounds like an inspired idea I'll give em a shot sounds good to me!

Weight Loss Hydroxycut? Oct 19 2009
19:38 (UTC)

Seriously if the stuff worked then everyone would take it once and be done with the weight issue.  Go figure most of us have tried everything under the sun and end up resorting to (wait for it) diet and exercise.  If pills worked then those companies would no longer be in business as everyone would take them lose the weight and boom no need for more pills (which would mean the company that makes them goes under) it's all a scam to get your money.  They might raise your heart rate and make you jittery which would make you burn a few calories...hmmmm what else does that....oh now I remember, cocaine.  These conversations make me want to shake someone I've heard so many of them. 

The Lounge Let it snow...:) Oct 14 2009
15:37 (UTC)

We're getting it Friday thank God I'll be on vacation, I have a strange irrational fear of snow (I tend to wreck my cars in it)

The Lounge Biggest Loser Oct 14 2009
15:36 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I was completely utterly and totally baffled that they didn't vote Tracey out.  Morons.

I have to say that I did like her husband on the video though.

 Agreed on both.  I literally yelled WHAT?! when she got to pick the teams and team or no team they should have booted her out, maybe I'm petty and maybe I'm immature whatever I would have written her name down

The Lounge Hallowe'en costume Oct 14 2009
14:08 (UTC)

Dress all in white and make a circular finger pad out of cardboard and voila you're an IPOD (middle school kids would totally appreciate that)

Young Calorie Counters pants size related to weight? Oct 14 2009
13:45 (UTC)

I was a size 20, 5'3" and sounds about right to me.  Don't be upset just do something about it (I did and now I'm a size 16 and 60 pounds lighter).  Do not depend on your clothes though in some stores I'm a 16 in some I'm a 14 in some I'm a 20 (forget 18s those never work either way), you can't count on your clothes as a reliable measurement system.  The scale is most likely right.