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Foods What to do when I'm cravin that milkshake?? Mar 30 2012
21:33 (UTC)

My personal opinion is that if you're craving a real, genuine, "triple thick" milkshake, a banana blended with protein powder and almond milk will NOT cut it. It is NOT the same!!!

I recommend you go out, get yourself a small (or kids) size, and enjoy. One milkshake won't kill you, but it will satisfy your craving. It's already portioned out, so you can't over indulge. You can even be "extra good" that day if you're feeling guilty! Which you shouldn't, because it's just a bloody milkshake, and you deserve to be happy :)

Foods Sticky My life in **FOOD** a SURVEY Feb 20 2012
14:21 (UTC)
1. How do you like your eggs? Wasnt ever able to have them until recently due to an allergy, but I'm gonna say omelette-style/hard boiled.
2. How do you take your coffee/tea? Black
3. Favorite breakfast food? Oatmeal or a bagel
4. Peanut butter, Almond butter, or Nutella? If PB, Smooth or crunchy? I go back an forth between peanut butter and almond butter - never liked Nutella. And SMOOTH for sure!
5. What kind of dressing on your salad? Raspberry or Thousand Island.
6. Pepsi, Coke, or Sprite? Pepsi!
7. You’re pressed for time, what do you make? Grab money; buy takeaway.
8. You’re feeling lazy. What do you order in (must choose something)? Pizza or Chinese/Thai!
9. You're in a cooking mood. What do you make? Some elaborate completely from-scratch comfort dish - mac+cheese (not from a box), stew, soup, stir-fry, pasta w/ homemade sauce, etc.
10. What food reminds you of your childhood? Pierogi and beets ;)
11. What food can you remember hating that you now like? Tomatoes!
12. Is there a food that you currently refuse to eat? Hate zuccini. Always have, always will.
13. What was your favorite food as a kid? Hmm, probably something from McDonalds :P
14. Favorite restaurant meal? Something I wouldn't be able to remake at home, usually.
15. Favorite junk food? Jellybeans OMG
16. Food creation that you love and others think is weird? CheeseString+ketchup... don't know it till ya try it!
17. Favorite dessert? Frozen Yogurt x 1000 18. Food when you're sick? Tomato soup
19. Food for celebrating/special occasions? Cupcakes :) 20. Frozen/Canned/Pre-made meal? I have always loved/always will love Zoodles and canned noodles in sauce :P (I know, I'm gross)
21. Food you're most confident preparing for guests? Ermmm salad :\
22. Food you eat most often? (ex. I eat X every single day--which is more than you eat any other food)My dinners are almost always the same and I love em - this lentil-veg stew I prepare with spicy Indian-inspired seasonings. Deeelish.
23. Fruit you're most likely to eat on a daily basis? Blueberries, if only I could. Otherwise, bananas due to portability. 24. Veggie you're most likely to eat on a daily basis? (notice i didn't say "favorite")Broccoli (actually) or bell peppers
25. Favorite packaged snack food? Granola bars


Foods What did YOU eat today? Feb 15 2012
15:23 (UTC)

Today was my first day off in almost two months, so I was hella excited to finally be able to make all my foods and eat them in peace on an actual plate! Woohoo!

B - About 1/3 c. rolled oats and 1/4 c. quinoa cooked in 1% milk and water. Decorated with cinnamon, flaxseed, pistachios, carob powder and blueberries.

L - Tuna sammy made with a whole tin of tunafish mixed with hummas, plain yogurt, mustard and onions on a multigrain thin bun. With red + green peppers, and steamed broccoli with melty cheese on the side.

D - This is one of my favourite "stew"/"curry"-type of recipes I make. Basically involves a whole lotta lentils (a heaping 1/2 c., dry), frozen peas, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms with some nuked kabocha squash. And lots and lots of seasonings (turmeric, cayenne, ginger, nutritional yeast, etc).

S - A spinach-banana smoothie, with 1% milk and vanilla whey protein and a slice of wholewheat bread with a thick schmeeeear of almond butter.

I didn't move my booty at all today, other than to get more food, so my intake was only 2100, but I'm usually higher than that on my more active days!

Foods eating fruit after 1..? Feb 09 2012
20:24 (UTC)

I looked at the title of the thread and honestly, no disrespect but... WTF. Where do people come up with BS diet rumours and old wives tails like these???

Not blaming the OP - it was just something they heard - but SERIOUSLY?? I eat fruit wayy past 10 PM (not the best, since it hurts my tummy to sleep on a full stomach), but if I'm hungry at 11PM, I'll grab something! Be it some peanut butter or a banana or some granola. And somehow - SOMEhow - I live. How do these things start???

(For the record, if you eat berries at 1:01PM, you WILL gain 10 lbs in stomach fat IMMEDIATELY. Like, it goes directly there. Something to do with the position on the planet in conjunction with the moon or something. For the record.)


Foods Chobani Yogurt Jan 05 2012
03:11 (UTC)
3 e/store_selector.jsp;jsessionid=DwRqtFDWL3u6L oSo9EOUTw**.node3?_requestid=879228


There are three in Toronto. I would call the location before heading out to confirm that they have them in stock - you never know when a store may not get a delivery or whatnot.

For the record, they are not worth driving more than 30 minutes for, IMHO.

Foods Chobani Yogurt Jan 05 2012
01:18 (UTC)

They've been available for over a year at Real Canadian Superstore (there are 3-4 locations in the GTA).

I've tried 'em all, and I must say, my favourite is the President's Choice brand. Thicker and smoother than even Liberte. (Though they sell Liberte at Costco, which is what I usually go for). The PC brand comes in 0% and 2% now, as well as different flavours, making it even better!!

Motivation Counting Calories Obsession? Dec 22 2011
22:47 (UTC)

I'm in a very similar situation. I'm recovering from an eating disorder (anorexia) and the orthoexia that developed as a result of obsessive calorie counting and logging.

When I tried to quit "cold turkey", I would find myself undereating to the point of starving, just because I was scared. I have no problem eating my allotted calories when logging - its just the "fear of the unknown".

What is working for me right now is a more gradual approach. Instead of weighting and measuring all my portions, I "guesstimate" my calories (ie. this looks like an average piece of bread; this looks like about 1/2 cup of peas) and tally that - either on paper or just in my head. No measuring, no weighing, no concrete logging. It helps get past the obsessive-compulsiveness of numbers and micronutrients.

Then, gradually, when you see that the world doesnt collapse when not calorie counting, you can wean yourself off of it :)

Best of luck, and as the other respondants said, please seek help to recover from your ED.

Vegetarian How important is it to avoid added sugars? Dec 20 2011
20:42 (UTC)

I know this isn't an answer to your question, but remember, even more processed foods contain natural sugars in addition to those added sugars. Clif Bars, for examples, also contain dates and other dried fruits. Yes brown rice syrup is an added sugar, but dates contain natural sugars which results in the 20g listed on the label being a mix of natural and added.

I'm not minimizing the importance of controlling one's sugar intake - I'm just saying its not something to stress yourself about. I eat 90-100 g of sugar, total, a day - well over the RDI - with a majority (80%?) deriving from natural sources (Eating ~2100+ calories/day). I don't suffer from any sugar-related illnesses or ailments.

Foods Herselys chocolate... Dec 20 2011
16:39 (UTC)

I saw a chocolate thread, so yes, I had to chime in ;)

Polish E. Wedel (which is now partnered with Cadbury Europe) chocolate is ah-maze-ing. I can find it in Canada at the European delis/grocery stores, but my family back in Europe always sends a bar or two during the holidays :) I just got mine the other day... not a crumb remains ;)

Guylian is also amazing - and don't get me started on Laura Secord or Godiva... though those are expensive and reserved for very, very special occasions.

Weight Gain FATS Dec 03 2011
03:40 (UTC)

Thank you for this :) I've struggled with allowing myself more saturated fats lately - I've gotten better, but I still get HALF of the "upper limit" most days :\ I don't eat meat, but let's face it: cheese, FF yoghurt and ice cream are some of life's greatest indulgences!

I've been dying to try coconut butter, but the sat fat content has kept me away (well, that and the price tag..). I'm going to try and challenge myself to it as soon as I can get my hands on it.

I'm definitely going to look up this documentary, STAT!

Foods Brain food! Aug 24 2011
01:40 (UTC)

I think your best bet is eating meals and snacks that are well balanced - a good balance of fats, carbs and protein would be best to keep your body and mind working as it should. (Don't OD on the tempting as it may be!)

My grandfather swore by nuts for brain food for scholars. Walnuts, almonds, cashews and brazil nuts - alllll good :)

And of course, they say fish (esspecially those high in omega-3's like salmon) is well known as "brain food". In fact, anything with omega-3's (flax, chia) are great for the brain - which is composed of fat itself!

Suppliment this with plenty of sleep and you'll be good. Best of luck on your exams!


Foods Starbucks rant! Aug 06 2011
03:14 (UTC)

Barista here - I dont know about the US, but in Canada, we don't have a "sugar-free" mocha syrup. So when someone orders a Mocha Frappuccino Light, it gets the "Light Frappuccino Coffee" base (vs. the regular "Frappuccino Coffee base") and regular mocha. You can't avoid the base - it's what makes the Frappuccino creamy (containing xanthan/guar gum/etc) The only sugar-free (aka, sucralose based) syrups Starbucks carries are vanilla, caramel, hazelnut or cinnamon dolce.

As for the errors with milk, etc - I will say it definitely happens. I'm particularly sensitive to special requests like soy, sugar-free, non-fat, etc because I'm sensitive to dairy myself (I drink soy/lactose-free) and my own mum is a diabetic. However, realize that often, baristas are memorizing up to 15 drinks at a time, with people screaming from all directions because of too much foam/too little syrup/too bubbly foam/too messy condiment stands/too cold drinks/ETC, ETC.

Anyways, that's just me being devil's advocate :)

Foods Survey about the "F" word... Jul 11 2011
01:12 (UTC)

1. what foods make your mouth water?

Anything cheesy or creamy or chocolatey.

2. If you are starving and want to deviate from traditionally "healthy options" what would you eat?

Pretty much whatever I eat everyday - I don't eat healthy 100% of the time! ;)

3. Again, you are starving, but you really wanna stick to your diet, what do you have?

See above.

4. You are at your favorite resturant with a date you really want to impress, do you order what you always have or something different? What would that item be?

I order something interesting, but something I know I'll at the very least be able to choke down, and that won't bother my sensitive tummy :\

5. create a meal that you might find at Hogwarts (Harry Potter Movie/book)

Erm...something...magic? (Never read/seen the full movie)

6. snack to have under a tree or at a picnic

Some berries with yoghurt or whipping cream to dip :)

7. best dinner after a long run?

Smoooothie! A huge one with granola sprinkled atop

8. best snack or meal after a weight lifting session?

Almond butter on a spoon

9. food that makes you feel warm and cuddly?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

10. favorite cereal or protein bar?

Recently been loving Nature's Path Love Crunch and Ancient Grains granola... and Larabars and Clifbars and Lunabars :)

11. if a mermaid came to visit you what would you feed them?

Sea salt dark chocolate, and a cuppa water ;)

12. want about an alien, what breakfast would you serve?

A green monster smoothie ;)

13. would you be willing to eat an "exotic" animal, insect or plant if it looked tasty?

I don't eat animals anymore...soo, no

14. which is more important: taste or presentation?

A bit of both - however, I must say, mannyyy of my meals look pretty gross, but taste delightful in the end. Smell is a better teller, I'd say

15. What's the first section you visit on a traditional italian menu? what do you order?

Dessert; something I've never had before that doesn't look too suspect

16. Create a pizza: what crust type? sauce? toppings? seasonings? shape?

Ultra-thin, suuuuper-crispy crust, olive oil and garlic as the "sauce", with red onions, red pepper, tomatoes and basil. Ahhh yesss, plz

17. best thing to add butter to?

Chocolate. Sauce. (Yes)

18. do you use chop sticks or do you use a fork?

Fork - when I'm hungry, I have no patience

19. ever eat in bed? what's the tastiest thing to have?

On my days off, I bring breakfast to bed :) Usually, a grain-bowl of sorts with hot tea or coffee.

20. It's sunday morning and you decide to have something "untradtional", do you go for the leftovers from last night's take out, the frozen corndogs tucked in the back of the freezer, a can of spaghetti o's, a bowl of ice cream or a slice of almost stale birthday cake? And why would you choose that?

Well, I typically have Sunday morning brekkie at work, so it's usually something from the pastry case, or some overnight oats I've brought from home. If I had to choose, I'd definitely say birthday cake, tho! Thawed in the micro = no longer stale :)

Weight Gain Meeting calorie minimum Jun 28 2011
03:42 (UTC)
  • 14 almonds = 100 calories
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter = 100 calories
  • 1 tbsp Nutella = 100 calories
  • 1 tbsp olive oil = 110 calories
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed = 40 calories
  • 10 hazelnuts = 100 calories
  • 10 dates = 240 calories
  • 1/2 cup granola = 300 calories
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk = 275 calories.
  • Snack bars like Larabars, Clif bars, other (vegan) energy bars can rack up anywhere from 200-450 calories.
  • Try making a pasta dish, with lotsa sauce.

Basically, I've learned that eating foods I really LIKE makes it easier to meet my goals. Make me eat even a BITE of avocado, or an egg, and I wont wanna... gimme all the dates, dried fruit and nuts you want - I'll eat em all!!

Also, include lots of things you can mix/cook into other foods that add no bulk - ie. salad dressings, sauces, oils, flaxseeds, etc. Also, beverages are your best friend. Have them WITH meals (ie. shakes with dinner, fruit juices, hot chocolate with snacks).


Health & Support Have I completely destroyed my digestive system with ED? Jun 21 2011
18:56 (UTC)

One more thing I forgot to add in my original response!! A yoga move I learned in a Hatha yoga class called "child's pose". It's used as a rest, relaxation move during classes, but the instructor also mentioned it can help with abdominal, digestive pains. When all else fails, I sometimes go to this move and it does help me relax and feel (at least a little) better.

Here's an idea of how it should look: 612/958/783/004/yoga-childs-pose.jpg

Keep conquering those fear foods, and stay strong, lovie!


Health & Support Have I completely destroyed my digestive system with ED? Jun 18 2011
03:42 (UTC)

While I never had bulimia myself, I suffered, and still somewhat suffer, from AWFUL indejestion, bloating, "food baby"-itis, and the like. I SWEAR by ginger tea. They also sell ginger capsules, which are basically concentrated ginger, which help your tummy and intestines. I like to mix my ginger tea with peppermint to help sooth it aswell. I've also heard some people swear by charcoal tablets for upset stomach...

I would also try probiotics, like Bio-K.

But to answer your question - YES, it does get better! Your food baby WILL subside. Just remember to eat regularly, DONT end up at the end of the day with a butt-load of calories to consume and expect to feel alright. Focus on calorie-dense foods (nuts, dates, etc) that arent too heavy or hard on your tummy. Drinking calories makes life easier as well (and is a better way to absorb nutrients).

Just keep at it, and take it from me and others who have recovered - it DOES get better :)

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jun 01 2011
00:09 (UTC)

:: Brekkie ::
A mix of quinoa and steel cut oats with a Weetabix biscuit, with cinnamon, ground flaxseed, raisins and cranberries.

:: Lunch ::
Cooked asparagus, broccoli and bean sprouts with a salad of iceberg lettuce and tuna, topped with a homemade dressing of white wine vinegar, Greek yoghurt, radishes and garlic. Taken with a vitamin C tablet.

:: Dinner ::
A serving of dried lentils, cooked on the stovetop with garlic, onion, sweet peas, butternut squash, tomatoes, carrot and mushrooms. Seasoned with cayenne pepper, ground ginger, turmeric, onion powder and nutritional yeast.

:: Snack ::
Smoothie made with spinach, frozen cherries, frozen banana, natural vanilla whey protein, soy milk, Aguar gum, vital wheat gluten and echinacea tablets.

:: Snack ::
A slice of whole meal, glycemic tested bread with a heaping tbsp of almond butter, with hazelnuts and pistachios on the side.

:: Snack ::
A bowl of Nature's Path Ancient Grains granola with Greek yoghurt and fresh strawberries.

Foods Sugar May 06 2011
15:05 (UTC)

I'm totally with you. My sugar often hovers around 90-100+ grams a day. However, it's all from fruits, veggies, and (unsweetened) dairy. When I tally up my added sugars, it's around, like 10 grams. I've decided I'm just going to ignore the CC reccomended number and eat my daily apples and bananas in peace :)