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Motivation Over 200 club! Oct 11 2007
01:59 (UTC)
hi all.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I found on almost on bottom of page 2~~

I saw a friend of mine today that has started weight watchers.  She is a morbidly obese friend that has never been concerned about her weight.  So, I am soooo proud of her!  She is drinking water like she used to drink Dr. Pepper!!! 

One day at a time!  She was my motivation for the day!

more water for me!
Motivation Over 200 club! Oct 08 2007
13:00 (UTC)
hi all!  official w/i this morning.....down 4 pounds!!  That is from the gain from my Vegas trip...but it's leaving!! 

welcome to jonathan and alaska!  great job on your losses so far! 

This is a great place.  They are very helpful!!!

I wasn't on much last week....too much "mama drama" with my kids last week!!  One was with my daughter and a girls mom from dance, and the other was with my son and soccer.  I don't like drama!!

So, here's to a great week!!
Motivation Over 200 club! Oct 02 2007
12:25 (UTC)
welcome lineline!

csize-I'm almost 5 ft 2 and my calories to lose is 1450.  When I am in "the zone" and really trying, I try to stay at 1300.  My husband lost weight with trainer, etc.. and the one thing his trainer told him was that women should stay around 1200-1500 in order to lose. 

However, there are lots of folks on here doing much better than I am and taking in more calories!!  Check that area for "daily calories to lose".  Its a big help!

Okay, I got on the scale after that big ole gain from Vegas trip.  I have lost 5 of the 6.5 pounds.  No, it's not the official number for the week, I was just checking to see if it was water...errr...alcohol...weight.  whew.

Have a great Tuesday!  Oh....and I drank lots of water yesterday!  woohoo!  Now, that's an accomplishment in itself!
Motivation Over 200 club! Oct 01 2007
17:20 (UTC)
oh, I'm so sorry...I was so "all about me" in my previous post.  

Ginny I am so sorry for your loss.   Please know that we all care for you.  Before even typing, I stopped and said a prayer for you and your family. 

We will support you and help you. 
Motivation Over 200 club! Oct 01 2007
17:16 (UTC)
Hi all!!  Hey blj!!  Good to hear from ya!! 

Welcome to all the newbies!!  To all the ones that have been around....I just returned from my trip to Vegas.  This is the trip the my hubby won for that weight loss challenge.  I find it very ironic...yuck...that we went on this trip for his weight loss...and I gained 6.5 pounds!!!!  I hope it's ALOT of water in alcohol (I'm not a big I lived it up away from the kiddo's and responsibilities!!!) and lots of good eating. 

However, life being life.  I got right back on this site first thing!!!  I enjoyed my time, but now it's time to enjoy my life!!!!  I realized while I was gone that as my name says "it'smytime"

Vk--WTG on the 212!!  You'll see 200 this month..and we'll all WOOHOO with you!

October goal....hmm....well, since I have to start 6.5 first goal is to drink my water EACH and EVERY day.  I am so bad at that!  My weight goal??  219.  That is a "magic" number for me, b/c it's the one I remember when I being a mental block.

good luck to all!
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 22 2007
05:33 (UTC)
yea, 2...about the being up from July part.  I am getting better with my water though.  It's those little changes that make such a difference. 

My best friend, when she lost her weight, made a statement that sticks with me:

Measure every success.  That means:  Did I drink more water today than 1 week ago?  yes.  That is a success.  Did I eat within my allowed calories today?  yes.  That is a success.

It's a great way to keep you seeing that  we are making changes, even if the scale is moving slowly. 
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 21 2007
19:32 (UTC)
978 2!!!  and in the middle of page 2 at that!!!

official w/i from last week...down .5


losing the extra's from this summer is not fun.  Of course, I keep trying to tell myself that last year at this time, I was at my all time high of 248 pounds!!  Now, I'm 230.5

one step at a time!
Games & Challenges Over 200 Club! Weight Loss Challenge Sep 20 2007
20:28 (UTC)
I found it!!!  been wondering where this was!! I'll be back with totals.....great accountability!
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 19 2007
04:10 (UTC)
hi all!!  I betcha thought I was MIA again didn't ya??  (or so many posts on here, you may not have even noticed I was gone!! )

My modem died and I just got the new one today.  (when ya live in the middle of takes a while!!!) but I'm back!

I've missed y'all this past week. This morning was sooo hectic that I didn't even weigh in for my official day!! 

So, results tomorrow!  Welcome to all the newbies!  Hi and glad the other MIA's are returning!!  and finally....VK....woooohooooo to you on your 70 pounds!!  You make me smile!

oh, and I'm with judi....where is that challenge??  and sabine...a big woohoo to you for saying GOOD BYE to those 300's!!! 
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 11 2007
11:03 (UTC)
good morning all!  curvyqueen---wow!  what an inspiration you are!  congrats on all of your hard work!!! 

it was great looking over the last couple of pages and seeing names I havent' seen in awhile.  It's so good to be back.

I lost 2 1/2 pounds last week!  woohoo!  These were 2 1/2 pounds that were part of vacation.  Still up 9 pounds, but that's okay.  I actually started feeling better after just 2-3 days of eating better.  I truly think my body was tired of all the junk.

Thanks vk for the link earlier.  I''m going right now and checking it out! Biggest Loser starts tonight.  More motivation for me!

A very important note to my fellow Americans ~~ May we all remember our nation today on the anniversay of 9-11-01
Motivation so when do I become attractive? Sep 07 2007
12:02 (UTC)
well, I'm so out of this range b/c I am 40 and have been married for 17 years ...but....the thread name caught my eye b/c I think all of us that are overweight or have been overweight truly lack that self confidence thing!  (most anyway)

However, when I saw your picture!  You are a beautiful lady!  Honey, go for it!  I hope you will see what I  see.   

Good luck!
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 07 2007
11:57 (UTC)
bqueen-that's for the motivation!  first of all just remembering that you "made it" out of the 200's was a huge motivator! 

blj-sorry, just got back on here, but I would love to know that thread as well!

Happy Friday all!!! 
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 07 2007
02:06 (UTC)
Hi all.  Well, it's Thursday evening, and I had to dig this thread off of the middle of page 2~~~~

I hope everyone is having a good week.  It's actually nice to be "back on the wagon".  I just feel better.  I think my body was just tired of all the ickyness from the last couple of months.  It probably thought I had finally "grown up" when I started losing weight in the Spring, and early Summer!!!
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 05 2007
13:31 (UTC)
well, i love that list kansasgal!!!

i feel like i'm back!  it's gonna be good!!
Motivation Over 200 club! Sep 04 2007
13:01 (UTC)
well, here is one MIA!!!!   I'm bacccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!  I brought some pounds with me that weren't invited, but I'm soooooo glad to be back on this post.  I pulled up the website after 2 months, yes, 2 months!!  I logged in weight ..yuck....then, came right here and hoped to see "over 200 club" and my friends...and there you were on the top of page 1!!  Wow, have I missed you all!!!

Went on vacation....and didn't come back!!  I can't wait to catch up on all the posts, and track y'alls progress.  I only progressed up the scale. 

But yesterday as I was eating a Sonic burger and tots, it hit me...and actually the taste grossed me out....  This is not what I want.  I am now 40.  I want to be wiser and healthier!! 

The burger moment was a good thing; it snapped me back.  (no, nothing was wrong with the burger, my body just finally told me to cut this junk out!!!)

Thanks for listening!
Motivation Anybody overweight for a long time have this problem? (clothes) Jul 03 2007
15:43 (UTC)
oh , I totally understand the self sabotage!!  I am one that USED TO "look " for the people upset when they didn't.  BUT sabotaged myself when they did!!  Man, what warfare in my head!! 

I am slowly realizing that it's okay if they do notice, and okay if they don't.  This is all about me!!!  :)

You are sooo worth the effort!!  Congrats on losses so far!!  That is awesome!! 
Motivation Over 200 club! Jul 03 2007
15:39 (UTC)
wtg theresa!!!  woohoo to you!!! 

I understand your feeling of slowness....I figured at my size, I would drop those pounds...but it's okay!  You know why?  since I started c-c in march, I have lost 23.5 pounds!  I haven't been able to say that in..umm...never! (well, there was that low carb thing, but as soon as i lost it...I found it!)

be proud of your 2.4 pounds!!  go to the store and put 2.4 pounds on the scale (like potatoes) then hold'll see! 

ginny--we'll just be slow together!!  and then, one day we'll look back and go wowowowow! we did it!  :)
Motivation Over 200 club! Jul 03 2007
14:01 (UTC)
woohoo vk!!!!!  50 pounds!!!  I am soooo proud of you!!  what an inspiration!!!

rweber, judi, and tabby!!!!  congrats on your losses!!! 

tabby--you hung in there...and look!  3 pounds!  shopping for me on Friday wasn't that great either...I came home with new whole family had tons of new panties!!  BUT...I did go into Catherines Plus Sizes (never shopped there before), tried on a swimsuit...too big!!  That was a good thing. 

my official w/i was yesterday..... 221.5 ..that's a loss of 1.5 pounds!  I'lll take it...but I really wanted to be under 220.  So, that means I need to change some things.  More water....exercise consistently, oh, you know the routine!!

Vacation is less than 2 weeks away.  At first, I was upset b/c I really wanted more weight gone.  But I know, this is a journey and not a sprint.  So, if I can just keep matter how small, it's a good thing!!!  Plus....I have lost almost 16 inches!!  I'm down to a size 18 and 20 vs. the 22/24 4 months ago! 

Okay, thanks for letting me ramble....I feel better!!  You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Motivation Over 200 club! Jul 01 2007
14:33 (UTC)
hi all.....haven't read recent posts.  :(  been shopping and out of town...getting ready for vacation  in 2 weeks. 

Just wanted to pop in and say hi ....good job on pounds lost....hang in there if not... (like I said, haven't read posts...but I know there will be pounds lost...and not)

will check posts after church.  Hope all is well with you!
Motivation Over 200 club! Jun 28 2007
16:33 (UTC)
welcome to all the newbies!!  you'll love it here..just jump on you see, we are chatty!!  I don't know anything about a cookie diet.  but I no longer diet.  I think that is how I got to be 245 pounds!!  (wow...that was 24 pounds ago!!) It has worked for us to count those calories and LOG THEM IN!!  You'll be surprised at how many you eat and also how you get used to eating within your limit.  Funny, all these years...the old "watch your calories and exercise" was right!!  We are here to support you!

vk-  i'm with you on the monday weigh in...although...<<> there are many times i wished I weighed in on friday...and lived it up that night!! 

juv--can't wait to celebrate when you are under 200!!  that's a biggie here!! 

aimless--i had a 100 pounds to lose as well--(being 5 ft 1...) so , i think in small goals...5 pounds, 10 pounds, 10% weight loss (that's goal for this week)  ...keep us posted!