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Weight Loss Weight loss without cardio exercise? Jul 08 2010
01:26 (UTC)

severity of the asthma...well, its hard to say...haven't been to a doctor recently... but I cannot breath at night unless I sleep with my head elevated. I can't do more than walking without gasping for breath. I can run for a few minutes if I push myself, but I spend like 20 minutes after that just trying to catch my breath. ANd then there are times when I just cannot get my lungs full of air, even if I am not doing any kind of physical activity at all (it is usually worse in the evenings)

Weight Loss Weight loss without cardio exercise? Jul 07 2010
02:28 (UTC)

I am calculating it by using my BMI and factoring in my work level. CC did it for me.... so i don't know exactly how they calculated it.

Weight Loss Weight loss without cardio exercise? Jul 06 2010
19:02 (UTC)

yes, it is important to consume less than you burn for weight loss. Mathematically and scientifically speaking, that is how weight loss works. But if your BMR is already low, you can't afford to lose weight without exercise, because doing it by diet alone would force me to consume under a thousand calories a day, which I am not willing to do because it is not healthy for me. :-) I appreciate all the exercise advice you guys have given me! I have some good ideas of things I can do to help without bothering my asthma! :-)

Weight Loss Weight loss without cardio exercise? Jul 06 2010
13:34 (UTC)

I'm currently following a good 1200 calorie diet to shed the few extra pounds...balanced nutritious meals, with lots of veggies, lean protein, and carbs that are primarily whole grain. But I don't seem to be losing, even though I am following a healthy diet. That's why I that exercise must be the magical component. I agree though, a healthy diet is probably much more important than exercise, but I think that exercise probably needs to happen as well, if I expect anything to come about as far as weight loss is concerned....

Weight Loss I really need help before I go crazy.. I am out of control. Jul 06 2010
12:55 (UTC)

I dunno about eating alone...that is often one of the worst things...because there is nothing/nobody to stop you from a binge. And it is perfectly ok to have cravings, and to eat the things you crave. Many times, cravings come from your body telling you that you need something. I would say to try and have a few good friends keep you accountable to what you are eating. Not people that want to micromanage you, because that can be overwhelming. But someone who can model good and appropriate portions. It is all a process of re-teaching yourself, and it can be frustrating, and it takes time. But keep your head up! You can do it!

Weight Loss Weight loss without cardio exercise? Jul 06 2010
12:50 (UTC)

Thanks for all of the advice! I will def. try some water activities...maybe water aerobics???

cutietuttifrutti: I can't talk with my team anymore, because I went to a treatment team through my university, but cannot go there anymore because I just graduated. And I don't have health insurance until I get a job, so I can't go see anybody else. So I'm trying to navigate things on my own as best as I can....



Health & Support C.C is not an E.D forum. Some links for E.D related issues Jul 06 2010
03:13 (UTC)

I find it sad that people do not realize that undereating, OVEREATING, and binging are all equal when it comes to meeting the criteria for an eating disorder (Check the DSM-IV). I mean, if everybody flagged a post for a violation any time somebody posted about their weight issues, this entire forum would be a graveyard of locked posts. As someone who went through treatment for an ED, and am now working hard to make good healthy decisions, I can honestly say that this website is the best place for me to look. Believe me, there are websites out there that would make your skin crawl...websites that promote girls to binge, purge, and restrict to absolutely insanely low amounts of calories. Anybody who posts on this site isn't doing it to try to perpetuate their obsessions with an E.D. If they wanted to do that, they could go to any number of websites which would service those desires much more readily. All that to say, before you start condemning people whose eating disorder might be different from your own, try being nice and compassionate. Treat other people the way you would want to be treated on this site. I think this post is a good idea. There are many great resources! But I don't think that this post means that everybody has the license to be rude to someone who is struggling with an E.D. Because, really, lets face it, if you are on do, or did at one time, have some kind of E.D.too.

Weight Loss I really need help before I go crazy.. I am out of control. Jul 06 2010
02:52 (UTC)

hey I'm not even gonna pretend that I know the right answer. I don't. But I will say that I went to a dietician this past year, and one of the really helpful things that I learned from her was to learn to read my body's cues. She called it "intuitive eating". She told me that when you struggle with any kind of ED, you lose that ability to simply eat to nourish yourself. She also said though, that you can re-train yourself to eat like that. I'm not saying its easy. I still struggle with the concept. But what I started doing was forcing myself to think about it. With every bite I ate, I stopped and put my utensils down, and waited for my body to tell me if it needed more or not. It was hard for a while, but eventually, I started to be able to read my body's signals again. I still struggle every day, and something tells me that I might for a very long time. But learning to read my body's cues has helped me significantly in regaining a normal relationship with food. I don't know if that helped....let me know if I can do anything for you!

Weight Loss weight gain or just body changes? how can you tell??? Jun 08 2010
02:33 (UTC)

I would like to lose like 15 or 20 pounds...but I don't really know how to do it without crash dieting... which is what I have always done in the past. I feel lost. Any advice?

Weight Loss weight gain or just body changes? how can you tell??? Jun 08 2010
02:22 (UTC)

unfortunately, that picture is not me in my current state...that was about 15 pounds ago. i refuse to get in front of a camera these days. lol.

Motivation in tears Oct 09 2008
19:11 (UTC)

isn't my 5 pound weight gain just as important as someone elses 50 pounds? Weight gain is weigh gain.

Motivation in tears Oct 09 2008
19:02 (UTC)

In response to the last few posts...

First of all, I am NOT undereating. I have been trying to maintain my weight for a while now, and haven't been on here recently, so my ticker probably isn't very accurate. Staying where I was at 112 was fine. I was at a respectable bmi, and I looked fine. However, I have a small frame, and when I gain weight, it doesn't look very good on me, especially since I dance, and all my performance costumes are spandex. So being 112 was just fine, but jumping to 118 doesn't seem acceptable to me. Yes, I know that it is still in the healthy BMI range. However, my point is that I was trying to maintain, and I ended up gaining, and I don't know where i went wrong. that is my main issue. I was trying to eat balanced meals, and somewhere, I obviously messed up. that is my main concern. it has nothing to do with distorted body image, really. it is just trying to get back to where i was, or if nothing else, figure out what I am doing wrong before my little problem turns into a wildfire of weight gain. After all, prevention is the key, right?

Motivation in tears Oct 09 2008
04:57 (UTC)

but how do i make sure i do it right? I am in college, so a lot of times my choices are to eat something that is quick (which usually means I am not eating healthy foods) or to not eat at all. I had been just going without if i didn't have time to eat anything healthy, but I am student teaching 25 4th graders, and that caught up to me really quickly. I try to eat mostly vegetables, and I work out a lot.

Weight Loss anybody in a weightloss rut? Jul 15 2008
06:19 (UTC)

Thanks for all the great tips everybody. I am going to try adding some lean protein, and making sure I have about 5 or 6 small meals a day, particularly when I am at dance practice. Also, i am going to try that suggestion that somebody on here gave me to change up my exercise a little bit, so that I will tone different areas of my body other than my leg muscles. Looking at my stomach, i think that crunches might be in my near future! :-)

Health & Support How to fix blood sugar problems Jul 10 2008
14:55 (UTC)

My dad is a nurse, and when I told him my symptoms, he gave me a blood sugar monitor and told me to just  "keep an eye on it", whatever that is supposed to mean. That is how I ended up with a blood sugar monitor. The problem is, I am not totally sure what my readings mean.

and for the questions from Lady Kelien...I don't drink anything except for diet soda and water, so there is not a chance that I had drank a sugary drink that would have boosted my blood sugar.


oh, and Type Two Diabetes? What does that mean? Does that mean there is a type one?

Health & Support How to fix blood sugar problems Jul 10 2008
06:08 (UTC)

diabetes? Really? Are diabetic blood sugar levels like that? I didn't know mine were that messed up? Anybody know what a diabetics blood sugar range looks like?

Weight Loss anybody in a weightloss rut? Jul 10 2008
05:23 (UTC)

so should i only up my calorie intake on days that I have dance practice, or should it be increased all the way around? Also, i had put 95 lbs, before I looked at my BMI, and then never got around to changing my goal weight. (I should probably do that after I finish posting this). My goal weight is actually 105. I am working right now on updating some of that stuff like that. I probably haven't really spent time on this site in a few months.


And I think I need to lose weight because I have a beauty pageant coming up, and lets just say they frown upon any misplaced fat. even the tiniest bit is scrutinized.

Weight Loss anybody in a weightloss rut? Jul 10 2008
05:01 (UTC)
forgot to add that I am 20 years old, 5'3 1/2'', and i weight 112 lbs.
The Lounge How many languages can YOU speak? :D Jul 10 2008
04:58 (UTC)
english and romanian, and am working on spanish. once I get out of college, I will have more time to devote to learning it.
Weight Loss College Students: Advice for all-nighters?? May 10 2008
06:17 (UTC)
hmmm..well, having just finished my finals (I am officially a college junior now! :-) ) I know your pain. I also know that the advice of simply "going to bed" doesn't help, because it just isn't an option. So...what I did was have some pastas available. I love suddenly salad personally. I know that they are fairly high in calories, but your body is burning extra calories to try to stay awake, so you can afford a few extra, and the carbs will give you extra energy. Also, if you aren't vegetarian, try throwing a piece of grilled chicken in every now and then, or even a veggie burger. THe added protein comes at low calorie expense, but provides you with greater mental power to study harder and do better on finals. '

Wish I could give you more advice. Best of luck!