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Hi, my name is Tom, I'm 24 years old, 1m73 and live in Belgium. In February of 2012 I obtained my masters degree in civil engineering.

My goal is to get a lean body, so losing the excessive fat without losing muscle mass. I want my muscles to be better defined than they are now. 

I started my diet in December 2011, since then I've cut a lot of junk food out of my diet, stopped eating late at night and started eating breakfast everyday. I restrict myself to eating healthy food, rich in protein and low in calories. Luckily I found a wide variation of food that meets these criteria and that I like.

Before this period I visited the gym three times a week on average, I still do so now but I've added cardiovascular exercises to my off days. In the gym I lift weights, I try to introduce a lot of variation into the exercises and I try to lift as heavy as I can. My cardio consists of roughly half an hour of rowing.

I'm hoping to achieve the desired results before this summer, which shouldn't be a problem I think. I'll upload a photograph of my progress monthly.


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