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Weight Loss Which is better: Fit it in, or just go over? Jun 14 2012
02:07 (UTC)

I allow myself to not count calories one day a week. So I don't feel TOO regimented or restricted. If I don't do this, even if it's not to a catastrophically huge degree for the day (like say one meal) - I won't fall off the wagon out of despair of never being able to eat "like a normal person" every once in a while. I've learned to be less hard on myself. It can be detrimental otherwise - I was afraid to eat in public or at friendly gatherings - talk about being a pariah!

Weight Loss Trust me, it's not worth it! Jan 15 2012
21:41 (UTC)
If there was a "like" button for this kind of I remember not too long ago, I became obsessed with the number on the scale. Five years ago I lost almost 70lbs, by working out 5-6 days a week and by counting calories. It became a real challenge for me too, to eat out or even at a friends house! I was so worried about EVERY calorie! I lost the weight - but it was lonely - except for all of the strange men leering at me simply for my skinny body. I liked the attention - but I am, and was then, happily in a relationship. We even have been married now for almost five years! If there's anything I've learned - do it to make yourself feel better. Not to impress others. Now I work out and try not to focus on the scale. I am hoping to lose weight again, but first, feeling better about all of my small accomplishments. One small step at a time!
Motivation Belly Weight Feb 11 2011
03:18 (UTC)

I'd say just stick to your workouts and maybe switch things up if they get too easy or boring. I've also heard spot reducing is pretty impossible. However, I have also heard that wherever your fat started accruing FIRST is where it's going to come off LAST. That might be discouraging, but at least you know it WILL eventually come off. I do Tae-Bo personally, and while it may not be targeting ONE area..I can certainly notice EVERYTHING thinning out and tightening a little at a time. The constant twisting (for the waist) and perpetual movement helps a lot with burning off those calories. Just remember, the more you work a muscle the stronger it will get, and the more fat it will burn. Simple stuff once you get your head around it! Best of luck to to you, and don't give up!

Weight Loss how many people are on "diets" they could actually stay on forever? Feb 09 2011
03:11 (UTC)

I will always have a craving for something not so healthy, but now that I know what the better choices are and correct portion sizes, I know what I'm getting myself into! One poster mentioned that first slice is always the best (pizza), but by the third it tends to lose its sparkle...I totally agree! Now, even when I do "have a day off" and go out to eat, I seriously have to control myself, because my stomach can't handle nearly as much food as it used to. Never mind richer foods! Kind of annoying though (in a healthy way I guess) - if I do eat out and overdo it...I always get seriously ill! Not fun, but it reminds me over and over (if I'm dumb enough to do it too often) that I simply cannot eat like I once was able to!

Foods healthy cheese? Jan 14 2011
02:52 (UTC)

Sargento has a 60 calorie low fat cheddar cheese and a 50 calorie low fat Provolone cheese. They taste great and and I use them in my omelets in the morning!

The Lounge what is it about a delicious, satisfying, savoury meal... Jan 12 2011
02:04 (UTC)

Savory needs to be equaled out with sweet! I usually have a "skinny cow" ice cream cone for dessert. They are VERY satisfying and low cal!

The Lounge To iPhone or not to iPhone... Jan 12 2011
02:01 (UTC)
Original Post by jules817:

So it's finally official that Verzion is going to be releasing the iphone. As of today, I am due for an upgrade, and since losing my phone a few months ago I've been using a crappy old phone i borrowed from my sister. I've literally been counting the days till my upgrade to get a new phone. Now i'm not sure if i should go with my original plan, getting one of the many awesome looking smart phones verizon already has (was thinking Droid X) or should i wait the month and get the iPhone 4....

Anybody have any input?

I have inside information (my husband works as a tech for Verizon) - that they are doing away with the regular upgrades, the ''new every two''. He said they were going to make things more "personalized" when it came to that stuff. That's all he told me, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have all of the details yet, but there's a fair warning to ya. Unless you REALLY REALLY want that iphone!

The Lounge A letter from Santa to the doubters Dec 27 2010
12:20 (UTC)
I wish I could have come up with something this good to explain Christmas to my nine year old daughter. I think, though, that I am more heart broken than she is that she now no longer believes in Santa : - (
Weight Loss Should i listen to my mom? Dec 22 2010
11:50 (UTC)

I am 5'3'', and currently 144lbs and 30 years old. I keep my caloric intake at or around 1600 and try to do a tae-bo workout or DDR as often as possible. Up till recently (holidays) my weight loss has been consistent. I try not to eat after 7. It depends on the type of workout you are if you restrict calories too much your weight won't budge! I did that and had to up my calories to make sure I wasn't starving my body! High sodium content foods and menstraul cycles can mess with your daily weight, so try to keep those things in mind. Different things work for different people...experiment a bit with your calorie and food type/time intakes. Perhaps see if doing different varieties of workouts affect your weight any differently. I hope I've helped more than I've hindered!


Weight Loss How to get back on the wagon? Dec 22 2010
11:42 (UTC)

I feel your pain! I'm trying not to deny myself these indulgences completely. But I have noticed that if I just "let go", I have a bad habit of going overboard and making myself sick! So, I enjoy a couple cookies or pieces of fudge...even if I don't log them, I drink lots of water that day. I stuffed myself with fries and shrimp last night and did just that. I was good the rest of the day otherwise. And sometimes just squeezing in a workout on a "bad" day helps lift your mood.  I didn't do a workout yesterday like I wanted but my weight remained unchanged...amazingly. I think maybe eating my last meal early (like by 6 I was done for the day), last night may have been what the water...flushes your system out I think! Best of luck hun...everyday is a new day to start fresh and be as healthy as you can be. Have fun these holidays, and best of luck!


Foods Is there such a thing as too much potassium? Dec 03 2010
01:29 (UTC)

I have the same problem brian_. Always less than half of what I need for Potassium, and always around double the amount of sodium (1500) I should get.

Foods more protien less carbs? Nov 27 2010
16:10 (UTC)

high protein I can do. Low sodium, nearly impossible!

Foods more protien less carbs? Nov 27 2010
15:00 (UTC)

I do egg whites (mixed with a whole egg) in an omelet. So like 2-3 egg whites and one whole is VERY filling and has quite a bit of protein. i find if i do this for breakfast often, i stay full longer, and don't get that hungry feeling carbs leave you after a short period of time. I'll often put peppers for fiber (also is filling) and some low fat cheese to round it out for fats. =-)

Weight Loss I hate Thanksgiving. Nov 19 2010
03:04 (UTC)

One word Shinyredbutton: Tofurkey! 

Weight Loss I hate Thanksgiving. Nov 17 2010
00:06 (UTC)

White meat of the Turkey generally has lower calories than the dark meat (dark meat tastes better = more calories & fat) both are high in protein, but if you have a particularly tender turkey, the breast meat (which is white) can still be very succulent.

Weight Loss Lower Calories on Days with no exercise? Nov 06 2010
18:38 (UTC)

Hey there. I had a similar problem 2-3 weeks ago. I've been doing tae-bo for about 2 months now, but about 5 weeks in the scale stopped moving. I'm 5'3'' and right now 151ish. I was getting 1400 calories myself, so just for the heck of it i bumped it up to 1600, in a matter of a week i lost another 2 pounds! Try it! you never know, you may be putting your body in "conservation" mode without even realizing it! Best of luck to you!

Weight Loss I'm so cold! Sep 18 2010
20:22 (UTC)

Back when I got down to 120lbs, I got cold constantly! I'm heavier now (working on it), but because of the way calorie count has changed since the last time I've been on here I've noticed that my potassium level is always very low! So I did a bit of research and found that potassium is a heart and circulation vitamin. I was always told if you have poor circulation you tend to get cold more often. So I wonder now if that is why I STILL have this problem, and did back then. I found a low dose of over the counter supplement of potassium gluconate. I just took my first dose today with breakfast, but it's only 99mg. On further investigation, I have found it's best to seek advise of a doctor if you suspect you may have low potassium levels. It's something not to toy with too severely, but I figure the low dose extra won't hurt.

Weight Loss Why are these poor people punishing themselves? Nov 28 2009
19:06 (UTC)

I wish i was happy with my weight at 130! - when I lost almost 70 pounds 3 years ago, and got to 120 at 5'3'' - i still felt like i was "fat". It became an obsession/addiction I think. In retrospect, after having a second child (July) and stuck at 155 at the moment, I can only wish wistfully I was even back at 130. I scoff at the 120 as a "yeah right" weight for now. I have an amazing husband/family. In fact I shouldn't give a damn about my weight - being as happy as I am. Now I'm just dissatisfied with weighing anything more than what I know I've achieved in the past! Horrible cycle I know, considering my husband is still hoping we have one more child!

I guess for some people like me, it's a bit of a self esteem problem. I'm trying to go about it in a healthier matter this time. I mean I did before, but I let every crumb that I ate run my days and nights - it was kind of tense really. Now I know each day as it comes is what I make of it. I still struggle A LOT with my body image. But like the gym owner on here says, it's more about what you can do NOW that you are a bit lighter- Compared to when you were heavier.

It takes a lot of will power and strength now that I have a little one vying for my attention. My 8 year old daughter is a lot of help, and my husband working full time is a good/bad thing. The money is a godsend, but him around less for me to get a workout done is a challenge. This past week has been especially hard. He just came back from a 2 week training course, and I haven't had the heart/time to work out since LAST Thursday! I missed him and wanted to spend as much time as possible with him I guess now that he's back - plus Thanksgiving is rather self explanatory in my book.

Oh well, I guess this was a perfect opportunity to unexpectedly get that off my chest. Now I'm eating right today - don't know about that workout though, really need to focus on getting that done today. Sorry for the book guys.

Best of luck to everyone!

Weight Loss I reached my half way mark !! Nov 16 2009
22:11 (UTC)

fantastic work hun! If I were you I'd be singing it from the rooftops!

Recipes A new way (for me) to fix an omelette Nov 10 2009
10:50 (UTC)

nix the yolks, and they are SUPER low cal!