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Young Calorie Counters chipmunk. Sep 15 2012
17:50 (UTC)
@almond: omg yes! :)
Young Calorie Counters chipmunk. Sep 15 2012
13:59 (UTC)
My cat killed his brother and the mother abandoned them.
Young Calorie Counters chipmunk. Sep 15 2012
11:22 (UTC)
Guys.... He died. After two days. :( he's still warm...
Young Calorie Counters I'm her mum Aug 27 2012
20:32 (UTC)
Why can't this "mother" spell? and write sentences that are actual sentences?
The Lounge Skinny Gossip **TW** Jul 11 2012
03:10 (UTC)
I saw that! It made me mad cuz she claimed that it wasn't a pro ana site.
Young Calorie Counters he called me fat! Jun 19 2012
03:20 (UTC)
Lol. Live the a hole comment.
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 13 2012
04:05 (UTC)
I take care of the lawn, so yes it is mine. :P sounded like my Cousin (mine!mine!) ok. So technically it's my moms lawn. But I take care of it.
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 13 2012
03:17 (UTC)
Personally, I take care of the lawn and gardening and yard work. It one of the few things that I really care about and I put a lot of work into it. I just don't like how people cross through the lawn and throw trash in it. Honestly my mom doesn't like it either, but she sleeps most Of the day so she can't really say much.
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 13 2012
03:13 (UTC)
And the fact that I write about rape means I'm not Completely naive and know how the world is. Rape is a serious issue and I'm not going to ignore it because I'm 14. I know plenty of teenagers who write about things like rape so what's the big deal?
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 13 2012
03:11 (UTC)
Oh. Yea another thing. I respect adults completely as Lon as they respect me too. I give respect if they give respect. It also depends on their age. If they're older they can get away with more. They grew up I a majorly different generation. But if they're a little over thirty like this Lady was, well they probably didn't grow up a totally different way when certain things were acceptable then that aren't now.
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 13 2012
03:08 (UTC)
Oh one little itty bitty thing. I do NOT hate my grandfather. I was frustrated. He always seems to ask us to do things at the worst times, like the couple times a week we aren't over there to visit. I understand he is older and needs more help and stuff but I wish he could ask us to do some things when we are there not swimmin with our dogs or something.
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 13 2012
02:58 (UTC)
LEt me say this: I demand basic respect from people no matter their age. I know I am a child but that does not give people the right to be rude. Now if the lady had said her kid has an emergency and she needs to get him home, I would have let it go. But instead she stood in the middle of my lawn with her kid and yelled about how it was not my property wen technically it is. AND when she walked through my lawn the first time I let it go. And adding the fact that I work hard to make my lawn tame and nice, I just could not let it go. So yeah I went to her house for an apology. And later in the day I apologized for calling her a **** and she apologized too. Oh and sorry about the pink hair comment, people can color their hair how they want. Was still a little mad if you couldn't tell.
The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 11 2012
04:57 (UTC)
I don't usually yell t adults but she was being ugh! This lady walked through my lawn. So I said politely, " I'd appreciate it if you didn't walk through my yard." she snarled, "Do you pay for this? No. And don't ever talk to an adult like that." One: I was being polite. Two: adults don't have pink hair. Anyway. Five minutes later I knocked on her door to talk calmly with her. She came out yelling, "Get off my property. My kids had to pee. I won't walk through your lawn. Get out!" she got in my face. Now, I was planning on saying I was being nice, you had no right to be nasty with me. But she was in my face yelling about how if I didn't get off her property she was going to call the park manager or the police. So it came out as, "I was trying to talk to you calmly. I asked you nicely not to go through my lawn so you had no right to be a ****." she got in my face more screaming to get out of her yard.
Young Calorie Counters babysitting Jun 10 2012
04:36 (UTC)
Finished with the kids hours ago. And I'm on my iPod. I am portable!
Young Calorie Counters My intake has been really really low Jun 10 2012
04:02 (UTC)
Good idea. Mmm. Peanut butter.
The Lounge Growl. Jun 10 2012
03:22 (UTC)
I appreciate the advice though. I almost forgot to say that. :)
The Lounge Growl. Jun 10 2012
03:15 (UTC)
Ugh. I hate those phrases. I would NEVER use them. I mean, c'mon. I'm a teenager who uses the word "shall". I tell people, "you shall not BLANKETY BLANK BLANK BLANK."
The Lounge Growl. Jun 09 2012
21:14 (UTC)
Why would a real writer write dim witted instead of dim minded? Writers use whatever words work for them.
Young Calorie Counters why won't boys ever like me Jun 09 2012
21:12 (UTC)
Confidence is a must!
The Lounge An important song, representing my ED. Jun 09 2012
19:26 (UTC)
Another good song about the struggles of an eating disorder is Skin and Bones by Marianas Trench