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I am in my early 40's. My beginning weight 179.5.  When I started loosing weight, my mother came for a visit and said to me that I looked real nice. She asked how much more did I want to loose.  I told her that I really don't have a number that I am aiming for. I want to get healthy. With diabetes and heart disease along with high blood pressure running in our family, it is time I get down while I can.  She said well you will never be they way you were when you was young.  That kind of stuck to me. It didn't just bounce off it stuck.  I am a person that if I get told I can't do something then I make sure that I do it.  That is exactly how I ended up getting  my motorcycle license.  My exhusband told me that I would never ride a motorcycle. hmm  I showed him.  

My body fat percentage is still way too high. At almost 35% that still makes me at risk for heart disease and diabetes. So I will keep going. My body size is almost right. I still have plenty of curves and almost all of them are in the right places.  A few more pounds to go now, 15 more pounds.  Then I will start concentrating on adding in a fat burning activities.

I have allergies and food sensativities. Last year I lost down to 131 pounds. But I didn't keep practicing what I had learned.  I learned that I have a reaction to pork...all pork. And I have reactions to wheat.  But still with knowing that I ate it anyway. Also I did not eat my veggies.  I have to make it a point to eat veggies every single day so I don't gain weight. Also I have to be careful of the amount of fruit that I eat. 3 servings of fruit a day is too much for me and I end up with a weight gain.  But like I said I didn't practice what I had learned and gain back 13 pounds of what I had lost. Now that sucked.

This is a lifetime change for me. I can't just do this for a little while and loose the weight and go back to what I ate before. It won't work. I will just gain it back. I have to be strong and be careful not to have a memory loss.

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