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Maintaining Making the transition to intuitive eating... Nov 29 2009
21:27 (UTC)

I would suggest keeping a pocket sized note book in your purse, write down what you eat discreatly, and sit down at the end of the day and do your count. then you are still conscious without having to be run by your choices. I personally am not a very concious eater but I am getting there.

Motivation Olympic Losers week 4 (group closed) Nov 27 2009
21:57 (UTC)

Oh Starbucks, that evil fantastic burdin af love, the Skinny Latt'e is my new best friend with only 160 cals. I love it!

Weight Loss Anybody here done a zero-carb diet? Nov 27 2009
05:52 (UTC)

Ive done the low carb thing, starving your body is not the way to go, you will loose but as soon as you starteating normal even on a low cal diet you will gain it back and then some.

Weight Loss Anybody here binged on thanksgiving dinner today? Nov 27 2009
05:36 (UTC)

I think I did pretty well, but I did binge just a little, I managed to keep it under my daily goal of 1600 cals. though so I am happy. My binges were a diet root beer, Iusually drink only 1 sugar free latt'e a day and other than that I stick to water. And Last nite I baked a 3 berry cobbler (to avoid the high calorie pies) with an oatmeal crumble topping, I had two servings about 200 calories each, and a 1/2 c. light berry swirl ice cream 110 cal. The worst part is that it turns out the ice cream was a real trigger food for me, I ve felt like I was starving ever since I ate it. I have had a salad, cottage cheese, and potatos since.  Any how Ill add that to the list of foods I need to avoid. So I learned a new no no food, splurged a little but maintained my calorie intake level. I am proud of me!

Weight Loss What are you doing to find success? Nov 26 2009
06:07 (UTC)

hey thanks for the info this is a different food pyrimid from the one Ive seen. I like the unlimited fruits and veggies IdesMayo clinic), other than that its pretty close to what Im doing

Weight Loss Help I need Some womanly addvise Nov 26 2009
06:01 (UTC)

excellent sources of iron include, meats, beef pork or chicken liver and shellfish mucels clams and oysters are the best. Good sources include beef shrimp sardines and turkey. Other excellent Iron rich foods include Iron fortified cereals, cooked beans and lentils, pumpkin seeds, and black strap molasses (whatever that is) and good canned beans, skin on baked potatos, Iron fortified pasta, and canned asparagus. Also if you eat these along with absorbtion inhancers you get far better results; meat, fish poltry, Fruits; oranges, or orange juice, cantoloupe, strawberries, grapefruit etc. Veggies; broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomato and tomato juice, potato, green and red peppers, and white wine. And you should avoid these; Red wine, coffee, tea, spinach, chard, beet greens, rhubarb, sweet potato, whole grains bran, and soy products, because they inhibit iron absorption.

Also my doc recomeded taking a suplement every day with a glass of oj or an orange.

Weight Loss I'm Hungry! Real Hungry! Nov 26 2009
05:54 (UTC)

You are funny! I hope you have a great aniversary trip that being said, you need your 5 a day, at least 5 fruits or veggies in your diet, take it from a cerial dieter whos finally finding success, carb cutting is not the way to go you will loose but you will gain it back and then some. I think suplements, meal replacements, and what not are a bunch of hype! Real food will fill you up and give you the nutrition you need. OK so here is what it comes down to you should eat at least five fruits or veggies every day, 3-4 servings of veggies, 2-3 servings of fruit, 2-3 of meat or nuts, 2-3 servings of dairy, and 6-11 servings of grains including corn, (corn is not a veggie, I also include potatos in the grains I eat). I usually do limit my grains to 8 servings to keep my carb count a bit lower and I try to eat brown over white because brown (bread,  pasta, tortilla, rice) is higher in fiber and healthier but, down side, usually has a little more calories. Here's what I eat on a typical day, my calorie limit is 1835 and I usually eat about 1500 OR 1600 cals. I am loosing about 10 lbs. a week but that should drop off soon. broccoli 1c., carrots, 3 oz., mushroom 3 oz., spinach raw 1 c., manderin oranges 2/3 c., strawberries 1 c., 1 large banana, raspberries 1 c., milk skim 2 c., eggs 2, 3oz. boneless skinless chicken thigh, beef chuck roast 2oz., rasin bread 4 slices, 1 whole wheat tortilla, brown rice 1/2c. white rice 1/2c. this is about 1700 calories, and I should have cut out 1 serving of fruit 50-100 cals. Good luck and I hope all the advice helps and dosent overwhelm you! Best wishes!

Health & Support Having a really hard time... depression/anxiety/guilt (adult content) Nov 25 2009
04:01 (UTC)

I know how terible this is going to sound, but Im gonna say it anyway. Look into a group home every teenager thinks theirs is the worst life ever and somtimes they need a reality check, and yes counsiling might be helpful for you but it is necessary for him.  If you think you could get him to go to those apointments you might not need the group home, but it sounds like you, your son, step dad, and the siblings need a break from each other. Also if these issues have been affecting him from a young age, it may be he has an under lying mental disorder, if these are new behaviors maybe drugs? I would not worry about CPS much they will do an investigation but they have delt with dishonest children before, and they will talk to your other children, schools etc, but their ultimate goal is to keep family's together. Stay strong! Sarah

The Lounge Weird Cravings Nov 24 2009
23:51 (UTC)

Maybe you need Iron or some other nutrient you get from salad, the good thing is you can eat it with out remourse


Weight Loss Can't stop thinking about eating! Nov 24 2009
23:47 (UTC)

Its like an obsession for me, just now I am obsessing over the good stuff, writing it down makes all the differance for me becuse I have to think about all my choices and I tend to make better ones.

Weight Loss Help I need Some womanly addvise Nov 24 2009
23:23 (UTC)

I have two types of advice for you to stave off period cravings; 1) lots and lots of water because women tend to become dehydrated at that time of month, 2) Iron rich foods, most women have some degree of anemea that goes along with their period and thoes Iron cravings can easily leave you feeling starved!

Weight Loss Is eating six meals a day really the answer? Nov 24 2009
23:22 (UTC)

Everything I have read says that the six meals a day thing is the way to go  for athletic people because there bodys burn the calories so quickley, but  I find that (I am a stay at home mom) I eat little bits all day long so I rarley feel hungry. I have three meals and two or three snacks I stay under 1800cals. They always include at least 1 fruit or veggie and then I am getting my 5 a day without question, I typically eat a salad before lunch and before diner so I eat less of the other stuff, and I'll have another veggie because they help to fill me up, and give me lots of nutrients without alot of calories. I will drink a glass of water if I feel hungry because I tend to confuse thirst and hurger. Best Wishes, Sarah

Weight Loss Milestones in Your Weight Loss Nov 24 2009
22:56 (UTC)

Sarah, 5'6", 268 from 289. I just met my first mini goal, the 20lbs. lost mark, my next goal is 240 by valentines day, thats another 28lbs. After that I'm looking forward to seing 199 on the scale, I am hoping to reach 199 by June so I can take my kids to the water park and be able to go on all the rides. Next I want to get down to a size 18 so I dont have to shop in the plus size department anymore. The best thing about these mini goals are that they are a reward on there own. I also plan to reward my self by, valentines- trip to lovers packege with Hubby. 199 a new swimsuit-wrap-beach towel-shoes for the watter park. size 18 A few new cute outfits and new bras from a non plus size department. Verry exciting, now to stay strong and over come!

Weight Loss What are you doing to find success? Nov 24 2009
04:47 (UTC)

I also keep a food log, and a diet journal. I keep lots of measuring cups, spoons, a scale, and some other tools around, I am actually getting really good at eye balling portions. Thanks for the feed back

Weight Loss If I reached my ideal weight I would... Nov 24 2009
04:07 (UTC)

I had the same thing happen with my daughter last year, up side it was one of the straws that broke the camels back!

Weight Loss Would i gain any weight if i ate this?? Nov 23 2009
23:52 (UTC)

Where are the fruits and veggies? It dosent matter what you eat if you are not getting the nutrition you need especially at such a young age, your brain and body are developing. You should eat at least 3 servings each af a varity of fruits and veggies You can eat alot of Fruits and veggies and still keep your calorie intake low. Other than that sounds pretty good, pizza has a lot of saturated fet so if you eat it have 1 piece and eat a salad and an apple with it, somthing like that so that your diet is more ballanced. Visit "My" to learn more about what you should eat to maintain a healthy body and weight. Also at your age you should eat more and exersize more to burn calories, and build lean muscle. It sounds to me like your body is in ideal shape, but lacking th nutrition you need to keep it healthy now and long term, we only get 1 body, and you will burn off all thoes carbs at 14 but when you hit 20-25 if you have not improved your eating habits weight will become an issue. So eat fruits and veggies, and some more dairy, try and eat lean meat instead of steak, chicken boneless skinless fat trimmed, fish, pork fat trimmed bone less. I am not judging you and I disagree with some other members in that, I think that if you feel you need to take a little fat off you should. Do it right though, make better choices in what you eat,  make sure you get enough nutrients, and exersize to burn off the extra calories. P.S. if you dont want to look it up a person shoud eat 2-4 servings of fruits and veggies at least 5 servings a day, 2-3 servings of meat and dairy, and 6-11 servings of grains. Just a note potatos and corn count as carbs not veggies. Best wishes, and best of luck!

Games & Challenges 11 weeks til Valentine's....challenge!!!! Nov 23 2009
23:41 (UTC)

That sounds perfet, 15 lbs, by Vday, Im in! my goal is 28lbs. by v-day or down to 260, keep us posted, Ill do the same. Thanks for a new mini goal, Im putting it in my diet journal now!!! Sarah

01-16-2010 I beat my goal of 260 and am at 240 now so I'm gonna up it. There are still 5 Sunday weighins to v-day so I'll go with 1.5 a week 7.5 lbs down by v-day that will put me at a goal of 232.5 lbs. Let's do this! Sarah

Weight Loss I `ve lost faith....:( Nov 23 2009
23:08 (UTC)

Ive been there, I am telling you it can be tough, motivation is the most difficult thing to find, and it cant be forced, I can tell you that as a nearly 300lb. women I thought it was impossible for me to feel full, or at least not feel hungery. But since I have started this new plan I dont feel hungery, I am satisfied after I eat and loosing at a dramatic rate. I think the most important part is getting all the nutriants I need. Thats what seems to keep down my appetite, and avoiding my trigger foods. I have noticed that when I eat certain foods like muffins, chocolate, and peanut butter my apetite soars. I poasted today a whats working for you question with my plan hopfully others will do the same. Are you working out? Maybe you are building some muscle. Do you have trigger foods? Also watch the calories you drink, they can be huge! Here are a couple sites that led me in the right direction "The Loose Weight diet", "Food Guide Pyrimid .gov". Hope that helps, It will be tough but you dont gain weight overnight you cant expect to loose it overnight either. Best Wishes!Laughing