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Weight Loss 4 months.. not one pound not one inch! :(((( Apr 20 2008
11:00 (UTC)

thanks to everyone Smile you guys are really encouraging and very sweet. i know that my bmi is considered healthy now but when I was younger I was much thinner and pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I guess that's just part of getting older. so there are things about my body that i would like to change but i do need to work on appreciating what i have now. i still would love to build muscle and tone up. thank you again :)

Young Calorie Counters My moms anorexic. HELP! Apr 18 2008
06:23 (UTC)

ryann i'm so sorry you have to deal with this. i feel for you and your mother.

I know it's frustrating because you are mad at your mom for hiding food from you guys which is absolutely wrong. but it is one of the symptoms of her illness. control is a big issue with people with anorexia. they try to control others to make up for a lack of control that they FEEL they have. anorexia takes over your life 100%. you become a different person.

the idea of printing out a symptoms of anorexia sheet and going over it with your dad that someone suggested is a good idea. the problem is she is most likely not aware that she has anorexia. it's like substance abuse. the first step is admitting you have a problem. the sooner you can get your mother help, the sooner she can be on a road to recovery. you might just need to have your whole family (including your grandparents )sit down and intervene.

Weight Loss 4 months.. not one pound not one inch! :(((( Apr 18 2008
03:39 (UTC)

i would love to "tone up" i feel like i'm seeing no results :( thanks for the advice/support you guys. i would get a nutritionist but I simply cannot afford it. i've been trying to be my own and educate myself through places like this website.

Weight Loss 4 months.. not one pound not one inch! :(((( Apr 18 2008
03:37 (UTC)

yes I eat lots of fruit, I rarely eat white bread, and generally avoid high fat foods except for peanut butter and sometimes I allow myself to indulge in a bit of ice cream Laughing

Health & Support Bloating & constipated..too much fibre? Apr 10 2008
20:26 (UTC)

i've experienced the same thing before. i started eating less fiber and soon got back to normal. it's ok have some white bread, rice, or pasta every now and then. you have to have the combination of fiber and foods with a bit more substance.

Weight Loss another question about starvation :/ sorry! Apr 07 2008
18:42 (UTC)

thank you! i'm glad to know that it's not messed up forever. i'm going to try that and see what happens.