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Weight Loss Diet Soda Anyone? Oct 07 2008
18:30 (UTC)

I don't like the after taste and they are tooooo sweet.  I'd rather drink water.  When I get tired of water I put some lemon it.  When I get tired of that I tell myself too bad drink it anyway.Laughing

I am trying to cut out regular soda too though.  But artificial sweetners taste awful and I don't want to get used to them.      Did you like them the first time?

Health & Support PMS: tits hurting like crazzzzzie Feb 18 2008
03:03 (UTC)

Caffeine DOES make a difference.  During the totm when my (big) breasts are sore, I cut out the caffeine and it does help with pain.  Other wise I'll be laying in bed asleep and one of my cute little kitties steps on my boob and I scream and sit up like a flash, wanting to catapult the cat, it hurts so much.

Much better now that I learned about caffeine.  I don't think it affects everyone the same, but you might want to see what happens.



Recipes Share Your Healthy Crock Pot Recipes Feb 07 2008
18:44 (UTC)

I'm going to print the Carolina Barbecued Pork recipe. My mouth is watering.   I have some kind of pork in the freezer now and a crock pot in the cabinet.


Thanks for posting the question and the recipe.

Health & Support What to do when you've lost your period... and *don't* want it back? Jan 28 2008
18:03 (UTC)

I didn't think I wanted any children either,(some of the same reasons as you) but waited until I was almost 30 before I finally decided.  I told them then I wanted my tubes tied.  they did it.  For all those who wanted to have their tubes ties in their 20's and were told no, you were too young,  did you get them tied when you were older and smarter?  I hope so.    I agree with those that told you to go to a doctor about your bad periods.  That is NOT normal.  But don't starve yourselve.  Get healthy and on birthcontrol until you are old enough to make this decision.  Don't give up.  I really like children, but didn't want my own for very serious personal reasons. 



Weight Loss Am I the only person NOT agonising over what they ate/got/didn't eat for Christmas? Dec 26 2007
21:56 (UTC)

I know I ate too much, but I'm not stressing about it either, I thought about not eating later, but that is stupid.  It is a great point that you had, about it only being a fraction of your life.  By the way it was both my Birthday and Christmas for me. 

Homemade tamales!  I love them.  It's a good thing I can't cook very well.  My mouth is now watering. 

Have a great New Years too!

Weight Loss Who wants to lose 10 lbs by Christmas? Nov 09 2007
17:38 (UTC)
I started this at 155 I'm now at 152. Goal by Christmas is 145. 7 more to go. It's getting harder again..... Keep up the good work everyone.
Weight Loss Who wants to lose 10 lbs by Christmas? Oct 29 2007
13:13 (UTC)

Yea,  I'm down one pound from last week.

now  154lbs

goal by Christmas 145


5'3"          This has helped me alot.  Thanks for thinking of it.

Weight Loss What is a Binge! Oct 26 2007
22:14 (UTC)
This is the 2nd post I've read of men asking about binges lately, because they didn't know what they were.    I think women all must know what a binge is, probably because of our hormones.     It amazes me that someone has never had a binge. :)
Weight Loss Weightloss for Obese = Tax Deductions? Oct 26 2007
17:49 (UTC)
Just an FYI,   The IRS does not let you write 7% off your yearly income for this.  You have misquoted them,  it's so confusing it's no wonder.   Medical Expenses can be deducted IF and that is a big IF they are more than 7.5% of your Gross Anual Income.  From the article: "For example, a person with an adjusted gross income of $50,000 would only be able to deduct medical expenses exceeding $3,750."    That means you have to eat the first $3,750.00 and you can deduct what ever is over that.   And you are just deducting that from your income that you have to pay taxes on, so you only really get a savings of 25% or less of what your expenses are.    So only people who spent a lot of their own money for these procedures will get any tax benefits.    So don't feel bad.
New Members New to the site and looking to join a group Oct 23 2007
20:11 (UTC)
Welcome.  I just joined a forum post for people wanting to lose 10lbs by Christmas.  I'm not sure about groups.  Someone with more experience on the site will let you know for sure.  But in the mean time.   I'm glad you've found the website.  The support I've gotten is great.  And giving support is as much a motivator to me to lose weight as getting it.       Smile    
Weight Loss Who wants to lose 10 lbs by Christmas? Oct 23 2007
19:39 (UTC)

I'm in.  Great motivator.

48 years young


155lbs now

Wow 145lbs by Christmas sounds great.   (and my Birthday)

Recipes Salad Ideas for tomorrow? Oct 10 2007
17:57 (UTC)

Things that my family love in salad are a few raisins or dried cranberries.  and a I love a little chopped nut   We also like to add a little cut up apple.  These all go good with any kind of dressing.   Really livens up the flavor of the salad.  You might already have some of these on hand.

Foods What are some weird food combos that you love? Oct 02 2007
16:55 (UTC)

Bacon and peanut butter on white bread.  Yummm    Haven't had that in a looong time.

Dill pickle slices inside grilled cheese sandwiches

Mandarin Oranges mixed with cottage cheese.  Add the juice too.  After I eat the solids, I drink the rest out of the bowl, tastes a lot like the cream orange soda's but a lot better.

Health & Support dizzy spells and feeling weak Oct 02 2007
14:44 (UTC)
noemi21 - did your  blood tests show any reasons for the diziness?   I feel kind of light headed and dizzy since starting too.   I think I get enough fluids and I certainly didn't cut out too much sugar.  Just curious
Motivation October VEGGIE Challenge! Oct 02 2007
14:29 (UTC)
Mushrooms - I recently found that I love mushrooms, today I will have a couple cut up in my baby green salad and I've added a couple cut up in my soup.    Are mushrooms vegetables?   I think so.
The Lounge Tired of the atrocious grammar/spelling Oct 01 2007
18:51 (UTC)
They annoy me too.   I'm sure most everyone else will tell us we need to chill.    I swear sometimes, when I post something and reread it twice, when I press post reply, there is a glaring error.  Usually I've left out a word.
Weight Loss Girls size 4-6 - please help with jeans sizing!! Oct 01 2007
18:46 (UTC)
I'm surprised no said Ebay.   I find that most everyone who lists clothes on ebay will list the actual measurements, so you can find the exact ones that will fit you.  If they don't already list the measurements you can email them and ask.  You can get brand new clothes there too if pre-owned bother's you.  
Weight Loss Who are you loosing weight for? Not going home for Christmas Oct 01 2007
18:11 (UTC)
botser1, I don't know if this helps but I started on this new eating lifestyle around 5 weeks ago.   I am very surprised how the cravings are subsiding.  It seems to be getting easier and easier to eat what I should.  I'd rather have what I should than the old foods.   And it's easier and easier eating the correct portion size.    By Christmas it won't be as hard as you think to stay in your new lifestyle.  Or at least not to fall off too bad.  Don't make your decision until closer to Christmas.
Foods Is resisting food possible during PMS? Oct 01 2007
18:03 (UTC)

Until I was 30 something I thought PMS was pretty bogus.   Then I started getting symptoms.  I have a very good outlook on life and generally happy.   There was a noticeable difference in my moods those days,  I'd find I was so ready for a fight for no reason, and the food cravings were there.     It's true all it takes is will power but until you've been there you shouldn't judge too harshly.   I usually try very hard at that time to have things to do away from the kitchen and away from food.  Planning ahead helps when you know it affects you.

The Lounge Anyone else getting tired of the Healthier-Than-Thous? Oct 01 2007
17:54 (UTC)
I love your rant.   I'm eating sooo much healthier than I was but I'd be afraid to post what I am still eating.  I wonder if they ever ate like the majority of us.