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Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 16 2012
18:58 (UTC)

Akela: Thanks for asking hun, it's still painful and super swollen and it's been over a week now >.< I'm so frustrated with it.

Helped my dad with some plumbing yesterday and I think I over did it.


In good news, as soon as I pass a background check and a drug test tomorrow I'm officially hired on a new job after being unemployed a little over a year! I'm also moving in with my fiance :D I wish my parents were more happy for me about the whole thing but I guess you can't have everything.

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 15 2012
02:03 (UTC)

kathryn: Great job, losing 4in is fantastic!

I've been hobbling around like a 90 year old all weekend, still am. I have no idea what I did to my ankle/foot but it must've been bad. Starting tomorrow I'm going to try and do some arm exercises. Too much fat and lazy junk has been going on around here, I gotta nip that in the bud.

On the plus side, my family's garden is doing amazing and we have more tomatoes than we know what to do with! We've been making sauce and giving them away and still have plenty, it's insane!

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 12 2012
02:38 (UTC)
Eatclean- I really messed something in my foot/ ankle up and am trying to make a dr appt. so no running for me im so upset! It was just starting to get easier :(
Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 10 2012
00:32 (UTC)

Muppet: I feel you on that chocolate thing, except for me it was a coffee coolatta from Dunkin. I caved in and walked, hurting foot and all BUT at least I got it with skim milk which is half half the calories of the full fat cream version. 200 cals? I can live with that.

New Ladies: Welcome! Feel free to jump right in :D

Eatclean: I didn't know you did c25k too! I just started and already have had to take a day off from it because I hurt my foot (possibly 2 days if this isn't feeling any better by tomorrow) How far along are you?


Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 09 2012
16:35 (UTC)

Muppet: I got bullied for a whole magnitude of reasons in elementary/middle school though they mostly all boiled down to this: I was not cool

Elementary school I was still skinny so I got picked on for being tall, a bookworm, and an incessant know-it-all in class (think Hermione from Harry Potter) and being best friends with kid who everyone else called a loser, so I was by association a loser too. And since we were having a co-ed friendship there were the taunts about him being my "boyfriend". I never fit in with the "cool girls" but they just shunned me, it was the boys who would taunt me and make me cry.

Then I got asthma, really bad, and while I had never been super athletic then it became 100X worse. Having asthma attacks all the time made me take a lot of inhaled steroids and prednisone and I put on a lot of weight within the span of a few short years. While the same handful of boys would try to give me grief about it, that's when some of the meaner "cool girls" started getting really catty and awful to me.

The plus side is, by late middle school (7th-8th) I had made a group of girlfriends and we were too busy hanging out and having fun to give a crap about what anyone else said. I think that's what made them stop, when you don't get obviously upset about what they're saying and doing it takes all the fun out of it for them. They get bored and find an easier target, or start nit picking within their own group (typical of the meaner "cool girls")

High school was a breeze, I got a little taller and my asthma eased up some so I didn't get skinny but I slimmed down a touch, basically maintaining 215ish the whole time, had a bunch of friends and was at least on friendly acquaintance terms with almost everyone else. Life was alright.

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 07 2012
15:29 (UTC)

Dutchess: Congrats on the baby! (can't seem to remember if I did that already or not  >.<)

Thinking about doing sushi for lunch with my brother since it's my birthday and I've really been craving it!

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 07 2012
14:33 (UTC)

Arch & Molly: Welcome Ladies!

Tracie: Weddings are rough, any family event with lots of food for that matter. I had to go to 2 baptisms only a week apart a few months back and I was seriously hurting. Don't beat yourself up so much, will power takes time, I'm still working on it too. I think it really helps to take a small moment and congratulate yourself whenever you make a healthier decision. Also another thing that helps me out is thinking when I'm considering eating something high calorie: "Am I going to be proud of logging this later?" or "Is this few minutes of pleasure really worth (Insert high number here) calories?"


Last night was my 3rd night doing week 1 day 1 of C25K, and out of nowhere when I went to start I noticed that the heel of my left food is hurting me. No good! I pressed on through the session, not jogging through all my running sections because of this pain. I'm hoping it's just because my body is adjusting to running and not an injury.

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 03 2012
14:15 (UTC)


Tried to do day 1 of c25k again last night, I think I ran even less of it than I did the other night! But I didn't quit completely with 10 min left to go like last time either, I walked the rest out. My fiance came and ran with me! He joined cal count too! He's joined before but only used the site for like a week, maybe this time will stick better? I dunno, we'll see, I hope so, his prior weight loss methods are pretty unhealthy aka skipping meals. It is however, very nice to eat meals with someone who doesn't grumble moan and complain about any of my attempts at buying/eating more healthy food. So at least when we get to see each other on the weekends there's that.

Aside from c25k, proud point of yesterday: Stopping at Burger King and only buying bottles of water. Instead we went to Walmart to pick up some apples and cheddar cheese and a few other healthy snacks. I'm quite looking forward to nomming on the cherries I picked up :-)

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 01 2012
20:35 (UTC)

New month, new strategy, new goals:


1. Stick with C25K for the month and if I hate it after that I never have to do it again.

2. Buy a replacement seat for my bike and ride it at least once a week

3. Ease into weight training 2 days a week (move up to 3 if this is too easy)



1. Work on keeping a B+ or higher grade daily on Cal Count

2. 1 Maintenance day a week (only exception: the week of the 6th, the 7th is my birthday and I'll probably get to celebrate a bit on Tuesday and again on the weekend) 

3. Eat more balanced meals (aka stop saving all cal's for a huge dinner)



1. Read 3 books.

2. At least double stock in etsy shop:

3. Clean my room, purge excessive/unused/unnecessary stuff, organize, and simplify.

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 01 2012
19:30 (UTC)

Akasha: Feel better hun, I hate that feeling so much >.< lots of liquids and rest!

Jessica: Zumba sounds so fun, how do you like it?

Niecy: I posted that the second I got back home lol I'm such a wuss sometimes. The last few running cycles I didn't jog all the way through, and then I cut it short with 10 mins left to go because I just couldn't breathe, so I'll try again tomorrow, I think it's an every other day kinda thing. *goes and checks* But I'm glad to hear it does get better.

Kathryn: I would be totally down to try another Nerd Fitness Challenge with you, do you know if one's starting soon? They changed the forums a lot since I was last on there and I'm having a bit of trouble navigating it. I'm IceGenesis on there too if you want to friend request me.


So now that I'm done being such wuss about c25k I'm pretty proud of myself for giving it a shot. I'd also like to try to get in some other exercises, maybe strength training? There's this belly dancing workshop near me next Wednesday that I really want to go to but money is super tight, I dunno if I'll be able to make it *sadness*


Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Aug 01 2012
01:20 (UTC)

Tried C25K tonight, pretty sure I'm going to die.

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jul 31 2012
17:21 (UTC)

Sean: Congrats girl! Size 14 is a good place to be! I absolutely can't wait till I get to that point, I have so many clothes from before I gained that I'd love to slip back into. Seriously I have a winter clothes bag with like 6 pairs of jeans in it that I put in my closet because it made me too sad to keep rummaging past them in my dresser drawers. As far as cutting refined carbs: I'm super interested in trying that approach but it's really tough living in a house full of people that aren't concerned about what they eat and prefer white bread/full fat dairy/etc. right now I'm just focusing on eating more veggies then I used to and less of everything else.

Akela: You read Nerd Fitness?!? I love them, I've tried 2 monthly challenges without much success though, I think I just feel too intimidated by the more athletic types who are already way further along than I am. The articles on that site are my favorite though, chock full of good advice and very funny.

Muppet: So excited for you! That new schedule sounds awesome especially with time at school to fit in exercise. Though even without additional exercise, all that running around will be like exercise built right into your schedule.

Still having some trouble finding motivation to work out more, though maybe motivation isn't the right word... Actually I'm having a hard time finding exercises I like. I don't have a gym membership and can't afford one, I was trying to do some of the body weight train exercises (squats, pushups, planks, etc) I learned about on Nerd Fitness but always ended up quitting after 2 or 3 weeks because of joint pain and frustration mostly because I am weak as hell and couldn't do any of the workout plans "as is". The other issue I would have is that I'd only have room to do some of the exercises outside and worrying that the neighbors are staring at me gives me anxiety. What do you guys like to do?

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jul 27 2012
19:25 (UTC)

Aya: Welcome!

Muppet and Akasha: So jealous of your sushi lunches! I haven't had sushi in ages and ages and I've been craving it, but it's just not in the budget :( I really need to learn how to make it myself, maybe start with something easy like asparagus?


Tonight is going to be a bad night food wise: It's my mom's birthday dinner and she asked me to make penne alla vodka. I usually use Sunday as my maintenance day. Unfortunately Sunday is my fiance's sister's b-day. Blah! I'm hoping to try and fill up on salad/water so I don't go crazy with pasta and wine tonight. Not sure of a game plan for Sunday yet. I'm definitely open to suggestions! How do you guys manage at food filled family events?


Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jul 27 2012
03:05 (UTC)

Finally starting to get in some exercise, just walking for now, but it's a start, I walked around my town for almost an hour yesterday and about half an hour today. Unfortunately that nasty storm that hit the northeast got me and I couldn't go out tonight, now it's fine but it's too late.

Calorie Count The New Look of Calorie Count Jul 25 2012
15:02 (UTC)

I can't find the "My posts" link which is how I follow what's going on in the forums.

Motivation 200 + weight loss buddies Jul 25 2012
14:48 (UTC)

Clgrd: Welcome Emily! My starting point and goals are very similar to yours! It's good to hear you that you have an active job, I used to have the exact same problem, I'd get home from work late then be hungry and eat a huge dinner then go to bed about an hour later. It's really tough. I know for awhile I kept some trail mix or something in my work locker and if I got a drink of water and was feeling really hungry I'd have some. Though hindsight 20/20 I would've picked something a little more low calorie then the trail mix, snacking did seem to help me not go so crazy when I got home from work.

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jul 25 2012
00:57 (UTC)

Muppet: I agree with Kathryn, tetanus shots hurt like hell, I had to have one a few summers ago so I could work at a day camp.

New ladies: Welcome aboard!

So today I budgeted my calories around going for some Chinese food with my brother. I ended up ordering shrimp lo mein, not the best, not the worst either. My problem is: It wasn't that great :( and their "small" is much larger than what I'm used to from other places. I'm not really looking forward to eating it again for lunch tomorrow, but I don't have the heart to throw out a container of food over half full.

Do any of you guys ever have problems like this? I think part of this stems from growing up with parents pushing us to clean our plates because if we don't it's wasting food and money. I'll over-eat when I'm full and I don't have much left on my plate but I'll eat it because I tell myself "It's just a little bit". Or like my current scenario I'll eat leftovers even if I don't like them much. I've been trying to do better about this, but it's very very difficult.

Motivation 200 + weight loss buddies Jul 24 2012
22:18 (UTC)

Gracie: So good to see you back!

Lynn: Welcome!


Trying to get up the energy and motivation to exercise has been proving very difficult for me >.< So is not eating super lousy food, I did great yesterday and am floundering a bit today. Hopefully dinner will be better.

Motivation 200 + weight loss buddies Jul 23 2012
00:23 (UTC)

Congrats Katie that's amazing! I can't wait to get to onederland! You're currently at my goal weight and an inspiration!

Frances: Yeah this group was always so much fun, but seems everyone else has gone poof. Unfortunately It's been almost a year to the day that I lost my old job and I still haven't found a new one. It's so sad really, I've been doing my best to cut out a lot of the comfort eating I was doing and most days am doing much better than I was with portions and whatnot, now it's more a matter of A) trying to eat more veggies, and B) trying to move my butt and exercise.  I totally feel your pain about eating out, me and my fiance fell into that rut and are just now working on cooking at home more because our budget just can't handle it and we both need to lose weight!

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jul 23 2012
00:07 (UTC)

Hey ladies, thanks for all the welcomes :D

It's been a rough weekend, my fiance and I had chinese food and went to the movies on Friday and then he was on a frying kick. Seriously, his fried chicken makes me weak at the knees. It's not all bad news though because I only at 2 drumsticks and some mashed potatoes for dinner last night and one of his fried pork chops tonight, it honestly would normally have been way worse >.< Though I'll be the first to admit my cal count for Saturday was terrible, today I'm still good though I could definitely use some better foods in there.

Muppet: I saw the pic and agree with the others, I honestly don't think the top looks bad, but I understand that you're not comfortable in it yet, I hope you get to wear it soon! As for the tops you have, do you have a friend who can sew? Awhile back I put some waist ties on a dress and a few tops for a friend who had lost weight and didn't want to buy new clothes till she was closer to her goal and it really did make a difference in how they looked. Also some dry-cleaners have an in-house tailor who usually do things like simple alterations for really reasonable prices, it could be worth looking in to.

Kathryn: Ahh 10 year reunion! That's so scary! I wont lie, that's one reason for my weight-loss motivation, mine is only 2 years away and the last thing I want to do is go if I look awful lol.