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Vegetarian Vegan lower carb tips and recipes Mar 23 2012
14:32 (UTC)
the reason for me limiting carbs is because they set off cravings for me. A vegan diet might typically be high carb and low fat but for me that led to constant hunger and weight gain. I still eat a fair amount of carbs but try to make sure they come largely from green veggies, and some from other veggies, legumes, fruit and small amounts of whole grains. It's not so much about limiting the carbs, more about tweaking the proportions of calories to have more protein and greens in my diet. I try to always think about nutrition per calorie and often refined carbs are the emptiest calories of all.

Re edamame hummus recipe you can just use a regular hummus recipe and sub all the chickpeas for edamame- you may just have to add a bit more liquid.
Weight Loss Hungry girl - no wonder she's hungry!? Mar 23 2012
13:12 (UTC)
Original Post by biglumox:

I agree, whats worse is that the sugar you eat will metabolize quickly causing urges which could lead to binges. Mix that with a low calorie meal... makes me hungry thinking about it. I'd say thats an appropriate title. Fat can actually slow down the metabolism of high GI carbs and in the right proportions per meal serve as a weight loss tool.

Anyone attempting to tip the scale of a balanced meal for quick weight loss is a hoax, IMO.

Couldn't agree more. Fat is not the enemy, it's the super refined carbs!
Weight Loss Extreme fasting Mar 23 2012
12:47 (UTC)
I do calorie cycling 500/2000 alternate days and I love it. The 500 days are surprisingly easy and the 2000 days super fun :D
Weight Loss Hitting my nutrients... Feb 25 2012
18:28 (UTC)
Make saag aloo (Indian spinach and potatoes) with sweet potatoes, and you will get vit a from the sweet potato, calcium and iron from the spinach and fiber from both.
Weight Loss Challenge: 21 days with no snacks after dinner Feb 22 2012
18:42 (UTC)

Yeah i agree that its ok to snack at night, if you can control yourself and just have a small amount. The problem for me is that I know I don't need it at all and its just me being greedy! So thats why I'm trying to go cold turkey for a while and hopefully after that I will just be able to snack if I am genuinely hungry :)

I'm planning on allowing myself some sugar-free hot chocolate with light soy milk, and a glass of wine a few nights a week. I'm switching from white to red wine as I will sit and savour it more rather than just glugging it back!

Weight Loss choosing fruit and how much? Feb 22 2012
12:40 (UTC)
My favourite low cal fruits to eat are pomegranate, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I also eat papaya as its great for your skin, and pears and bananas but have half a fruit as a serving as they are higher in carbs. As you mention, melon is also low in cals because of the high water content. Grapes are higher in sugar, but I find them good to use just a few in smoothies as a sweetener. And they're certainly better than sweets!
Foods Late Night Snack Feb 16 2012
13:46 (UTC)
Joseph's low carb pita breads are only 60 cals each and theyre huge, I only ever have half so only 30 cals
Fitness Body pump Feb 12 2012
13:07 (UTC)
I've been to 2 classes now- I don't enjoy it as much as body attack, combat or balance but it is a real challenge which is good! I'm sure I will start to enjoy it more once I get a bit stronger. Out of the 2 classes I went to one was taught by a man and the other by a woman. I preferred the one taught by a woman because she was more sympathetic to how weak I was! The man was like 'any slacking and everyone gets press ups!' lol.

I really love all the les mills classes I've done.
Weight Loss How much a day are you eating (or trying to)? Feb 09 2012
16:01 (UTC)
I am 5'4, 119lbs and trying to lose the last 9lbs or so. I was eating about 1600 and working out about 2 hrs a day but weight loss stalled so I'm trying to shock my system by eating between 1000-1900 keeping the average over the week around 1400 per day.
Weight Loss How much a day are you eating (or trying to)? Feb 09 2012
16:01 (UTC)
I am 5'4, 119lbs and trying to lose the last 9lbs or so. I was eating about 1600 and working out about 2 hrs a day but weight loss stalled so I'm trying to shock my system by eating between 1000-1900 keeping the average over the week around 1400 per day.
Vegetarian Vegan lower carb tips and recipes Feb 03 2012
15:32 (UTC)
Got another couple from what I've been eating the last few days.

First one sounds a bit weird but really good- Tvp oatmeal. Buy dried unseasoned Tvp (soya mince) and use it in place of oats. This morning I just bunged some in the microwave with some frozen berries, chopped almonds, a bit of coconut oil and vanilla extract, it was sweet enough for me just with the berries but could add a sweetner. Try it, the texture and taste really is just like oatmeal and very filling.

Other one is my stand by lunch has become a huge stirfry made with whatever veggies I have around, tofu, and a satay sauce made from peanut butter, lime juice, soy sauce, spring onions, chili and coriander. I always put mung bean sprouts in my stirfry as they make you miss the noodles much less. Really filling and low carb if you use the right veggies.
Fitness Les Mills Feb 03 2012
05:14 (UTC)
I love the classes too. I do attack, balance, combat, and going to try pump tonight. All the les mills instructors are brilliant, much better than the other instructors at my gym!
Fitness losing weight with yoga. Jan 27 2012
14:25 (UTC)
Ive been doing a lot of yoga and I don't think it really makes you lose weight but it has made a big difference to how I feel, my core strength is much better and so is my posture- I am finally standing and sitting tall as opposed to slouching which does make you appear slimmer and taller.
Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Jan 27 2012
14:21 (UTC)
Joining the gym and actually going! Made a resolution to go 5 times a week and have actually bettered it- in fact since I joined on 5th jan I've only not been one day. Can't believe I'm finally enjoying exercise :)
Weight Loss Prescription appetite suppressant? Jan 27 2012
13:30 (UTC)
Try adding a splash of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink half an hour before each meal. It really works for me along with taking psyllium supplements which provide a lot of fibre but no calories. Also find it helpful to drink lots of appetite suppressing teas such as peppermint, fennel and liquorice. Probably not as powerful as prescription drugs but all risk free. Hope this helps
Recipes green monster smoothie! Jan 27 2012
12:40 (UTC)
Definitely with you on the green smoothies such an easy way to get your greens and it's true you can't taste the spinach! Freaks out my boyfriend when I make them though :p
Vegetarian Vegans/Vegetarians...what do you miss most? Jan 26 2012
14:26 (UTC)
Subway veggie patties when I gave up dairy! But honestly there is no non-vegan food that I really crave anymore. The thing is miss most is being able to go out to eat anywhere with no stress!
Vegetarian vegans: how do you get your iron and calcium? Jan 26 2012
14:23 (UTC)
Lots of soy, leafy greens and try some sea vegetables. I take a supplement as well just to be safe.
Vegetarian want to cut carbs and up my protein for weight loss! Jan 26 2012
14:20 (UTC)
Hi, like you I am a Dairy and egg free veggie trying to eat a higher protein, lower carb diet. My daily cals ar 1340 and I'm trying to eat 100g of protein and keep carbs under 150g. It's tough but I've managed it for today.

For breakfast I had a hemp protein shake made with unsweetened soy milk and yogurt and frozen berries. Lunch was tempeh and spinach in half a whole wheat pita.would have added hummus if I had it! Dinner is Vegemince (tvp) bolognese with zucchini strands replacing the spaghetti. Snacks are roasted soy beans, cashew butter on a rye cracker, roasted kale, pistachios and a couple of soy cappachinos with no sugar.

Eating this way is great for me because I rarely feel hungry. I didn't have any beans/lentils today but if I do I think of them as my carbs because even though they contain a reasonable amount of protein they are mostly carbs.
Foods FAVORITES--food survey time!!! Jan 26 2012
12:49 (UTC)


Fruit: papaya, avocado, or cherries

Veggie (cooked): sweet potato, brocolli, asparagus

Veggie (raw): spinach, lambs lettuce

Meat: i'm vegan so my favourite sub is tempeh and soy sausages

Cheese: favourite subs are red pepper hummus and fermented cashew 'cheese' 

Bread: rye bread or weightwatchers pitas

Dairy item: unsweetened soy yogurt

Milk: unsweetened soy yogurt

Candy (chocolate): dont eat candy but for a treat I like cacao nibs (smashed up beans) with gogi berries

Candy (non-chocolate): pecan nut inside a medjool date

Family meal often made: lentil tagine, or veggie cottage pie

Thanksgiving food: swede mash

Christmas cookie: dont eat them...

Packaged cookie: nairn chocolate chip oatcakes

Chinese food: used to love shredded chili tofu but gone cold turkey on fried foods so now go for stirfried aubergine.

Italian food: veggie minestrone with pot barley instead of pasta

Mexican food: veggie chili with a baked sweet potato

American food: i'm english so I'll choose my favourite english food - alternative full english breakfast - veggie sausage, beans in homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms and celeriac and parsnip hash browns.

Baked potato topping: veggie chili

Food at a BBQ: grilled peppers and salad

Sit-down restaurant: le manoir in oxfordshire - although I've only been once! Any British restaurant that will do vegan food I am happy with.

Fast-food restaurant: noodle nation! they swap the noodles for beansprouts for me :)

Drink (hot): pu'err tea, espresso coffee, and soy cappachinos (mocha for a treat!)

Drink (cold): water with a splash of pure fruit juice added

Ice cream flavor: chocolate but planning to make some matcha green tea ice cream

Cake: beetroot brownies!

Pie: not pie as such but good for a pie craving - microwaved apple and frozen berries topped with granola and a bit of soy yogurt


What do you eat when your sick? lentil soup

What UNHEALTHY food item isn't worth the splurge that others LOVE? any fast food from mcdonalds or burger king

What UNHEALTHY food item IS worth the splurge? wine!

What’s your favourite snack food? roasted soya beans, kale chips (baked), fresh berries, or choc pudding made of avocado & banana

How many meals do you eat a day? 3, or 4 small ones

How many snacks? if i am active all day none, but if i'm at home then probably 4!

Which meal is the biggest meal of the day? lunch (i work evenings)

How often do you eat food prepared by someone other than yourself? once or twice a week