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Fitness In the long run... Feb 10 2012
17:24 (UTC)
I don't think anyone is trying to tell you to stop whining: getting in shape is great! But, as someone heavier than you, none of my friends have EVER commented on the flab of my arms (or made fun of me in shorts). Either you are misinterpreting something, or you need new friends!

Weight loss and maintenance are about calories in vs. calories out, and as long as the former is less or equal to the latter you will lose or maintain. That being said: lots of studies have shown that people who work out regularly are much more likely to maintain weight loss (though exercise alone is rarely enough to LOSE weight without concurrent dietary changes).
Weight Loss "But I barely eat..." - Really? Feb 10 2012
17:13 (UTC)
Just want to say that my above posts are not in any way intended to point out overweight people as lazy or unmotivated. Firstly, all of the excuses are ones I have fallen back on (and, though I hope not, may well do again). Also, while I think metabolism may not be as genetically determined as some might say, I do think other genetic factors (satiety sensation, hunger level) as well as environmental factors play huge roles in weight loss, gain, and maintenance.

I would hate for anyOne to feel judged by me because they are over a certain weight, and certainly I don't think thinner people are more motivated by nature.
Weight Loss PLEASE help! Starting to Binge.... Feb 10 2012
11:00 (UTC)
My thought: it might be easier (for now) NOT to stop with your comfort foods, but to instead promise yourself you can have them every night, even if you've eaten over calories. Continue counting, continue monitoring, but also say, no matter what, I'm going to have 100 calories (or 150, whatever) of oatmeal or cereal or squash or cream of wheat for dessert ... Because at the end of the day, if you have 1700 calories, it's a lot better than 3000.

I know I never really had a binging problem, but this fall I gained a little weight, so I started watching what I ate. Then, my attitude became like yours -- I'd say I've eaten 1200 calories today, then a friend would invite me out, and I would say, shove it, I'll eat whatever I want, since who cares, I'll already be going over. I gained ever more weight!

Then, one month ago, I started coming here. Usually, I'm okay, and in my deficit range (I'm not maintaining -- still have about 15 lbs I want to lose) but on days when I'm about to go higher, I just shrug. I log all my calories, so I'm accountable, and I find that if I record the difference between eating 1900 one day (not really a big deal) and 2900 (kind of more of a problem... If it happens with regularity) I'm less inclined to eat the latter.

I need a dessert every night. I just do. It can be small -- a few M&ms, a bowl of sorbet -- but I need something. So regardless of what I've eaten, I take it. Because I'd rather let myself go 100 calories 'over' than deny myself and end up binging 1000 calories. Does this make sense?

When you're binging is more under control, and you're more used to allowing yourself small leniencies without going overboard -- that's when I would work on weaning yourself off of the need to have a safe/comfort food nightly. But, if it were me, I'd curb the binging first,
Weight Loss "But I barely eat..." - Really? Feb 09 2012
18:14 (UTC)
Original Post by libsterdc:

"I walk to the bus stop every day, so I exercise."

Yes! And then it felt OK to eat more. (This is actually why a lot of people don't lose weight when they add even real cardio into their routine. An hour on the elliptical = 1 muffin from Starbucks. If that. Unless you're calculating carefully, it is SO easy to eat back calories expended from working out.) I also hate the 'I'm just not able to squeeze >1000 calories in.' 200 calories is 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter! A hunk of cheese and 4 crackers. A mug of hot chocolate made with real cocoa. I understand people saying it can be psychologically hard to accept that eating as little as possible isn't the best way to lose. But the HOW DO I POSSIBLY SQUEEZE ANY MORE IN slaughters me.
Weight Loss "But I barely eat..." - Really? Feb 09 2012
17:46 (UTC)
I think people say it because they are embarrassed. We see weight gain as a failing, lack of control as a failing, and I think that people don't want to be judged negatively (for good reason).

I also think that people will go out to eat wi their friends, and will see a good (thin) friend eat a ton. Some of my thinnest friends will eat the most, and it is only the thinnest people I know who drink regular soda over diet! But, often these friends will eat a lot when they want to, and then will naturally modulate. A giant lunch, and then without thinking, a small dinner. I have an overweight friend who always talks about how much I eat and never gain (though, blah, I did start gaining, hence I'm here!) But, the thing is, I may have french fries whenever they're offered, but that may be all I want. She'll eat a giant salad with cheese and meat and dressing ... And while I'm not arguing that I'm making a healthy choice (something I'm terrible at!) it does end up with fewer calories.

Finally, I think a lot of people skip meals, overeat snacks/other meals, but still feel they've deprived and should have lost. Even I have noticed if I don't eat breakfast (this was pre-CC), I'd get a snack in mid-morning (often more caloric than my breakfast would have been!), would eat a giant lunch (hey, I didn't have breakfast!), and would overeat at dinner too. Hey, days when I was too busy to eat breakfast and lunch and gave myself a free pass at dinner, well, I almost certainly ate MUCH MORE those days than days when I ate three meals. Still, I think I convinced myself otherwise at the time.
Weight Loss when will is start to show ? Feb 09 2012
17:30 (UTC)
One of the things about weight loss is that percentages matter more than lbs. (This can be a good thing too -- it means a little gain is less noticeable as well). I gained about 12 lbs this fall, and have lost most (not quite all) of it in the past 1.5 months. My clothes fit totally differently! Jeans I could barely button at 144 are falling off at 135.

My best friend is on a similar weight loss quest, but has started at a higher weight (and a little earlier). She has lost way more weight! But it is about the same percentage, so slightly less noticeable.

Still, if you keep at it, everyone will notice! And I'm sure will be super impressed!
Weight Loss which way around? Feb 08 2012
15:23 (UTC)
I almost never eat a lot for breakfast. I like knowing I can snack a lot and have a nice dinner if I want to.

That being said, there isn't a right or wrong answer. Some people find if they eat a big breakfast, they won't get hungry during the day. It just depends on what works for you!
Weight Loss can't eat more than 1,000 cals/day!! Feb 08 2012
11:45 (UTC)
But it is generally acknowledged that Asians often fall at the very low end of our BMI scale. In some Asian populations the risk for cardiovascular disease and DM II begins at a lower BMI than 25, and some scales consider >23 overweight for an individual of Asian descent. I think if the OPs doctor has okayed the low end of BMI, it is probably OK.

That being said, Jae, it really is important to eat at least 1200 calories. Clearly, there are ways in can add calories to the above diet VERY simply, as people above mentioned. Change your egg whites to whole eggs. Put a tablespoon of melted butter on your popcorn. Put cheese on your veggie burger (and in your eggs). It looks from the above like you don't WANT to eat >1000 calories, not like you can't, and that is a problem. Disordered eating isn't healthy, even if your goal weight isn't too low.
Weight Loss Losing on "High Fat"... Feb 08 2012
11:34 (UTC)
I also think a lot of people who are watching what they eat cut back on fats because they're often very calorie dense. It isn't that you'll gain (or won't lose) if you et 200 calories of avocado as opposed to 200 calories of carrots and peppers -- but 200 calories of avocado is about 4 oz of food, while 200 calories of sweet peppers is about 1 lb, 11 oz. Or 1 lb, 4 oz of carrots. A high fat diet means many foods are quite calorie dense. The above is why a lot of dieters end up turning to salad, etc.

Still, if you're meeting your nutrition needs, and not going over your caloric ones, you'll lose weight. In terms of weight loss, an energy calorie is an energy calorie.
Weight Loss avocado, good or evil? Feb 08 2012
04:47 (UTC)
I've never seen guac with mayo!

Avocados, like most foods, are neither good nor evil. Delicious, lots of calories, some vitamins. Good and bad all wrapped up in a delicious lumpy green skin!
Weight Loss keeping track of my calories definitely makes a difference! Feb 07 2012
17:43 (UTC)
I gained 12 lbs over 4 months, so was in a not dissimilar position to you. Still, if you consider 5 lbs/month rapid gain, wouldn't 5/month be rapid loss?

Counting does work. In 1 month I've gone from 144-135. Perhaps too fast, even, though eating more than you by a bunch. I'm all set to reach my goal of 120 by June or July.

The thing is, if you are eating <1000 cals/day you aren't really using this app appropriately at all.
Weight Loss losing inches but very little weight Feb 07 2012
17:20 (UTC)
Also: if you haven't been watching your calories carefully, it can be hard to lose weight with exercise alone. It is GREAT for you, and will help you tone up, but in order to drop lbs most people have to combine cardio with careful food reduction. Is that something you've been trying, or a component you are just adding?
Weight Loss healthy snack options? Feb 07 2012
17:14 (UTC)
Babybel lights - small, but 50 cals, 6 g of protein, really portable! Trader Joel's individual portioned small bags of lite kettle corn (110 cals, 2 g of protein, 3 of fiber), grapefruits (and all skinned fruits, really - these are just my favorites, but ones I didn't begin carrying around until recently), mini sweet peppers (have you guys seen these? They are adorable and SO good!). Bah, I don't know - I'm not a big snacker, but these are all things I try and keep around!
Weight Loss Calories in eating badly VS eating well Feb 07 2012
15:56 (UTC)
Don't regularly undereat (especially in a house full of junk food). It really isn't heathy to eat too little with regularity, and you'll likely end up binging.

That being said, it is as easy to keep a house stocked with healthy food as junk. Can she keep frozen veggies, wheat bread, peanut butter, apples, sweet potatoes, etc. around? That way, it doesn't have to be one or the other.
Weight Loss Ahhhh so hungry after intensse cardio class!!! Feb 07 2012
15:16 (UTC)
Be careful! Studies have shown that working out can cause people to A) move less throughout the rest of their lives (subconsciously) B) eat more, because they are hungrier, and have worked out.

It sounds like you're conscious of this, but still, it is important to find a balance -- enough cardio for heart health and to up your burn a bit, but not too much so that you're super hungry (making it harder to moderate intake) and exhausted.
Weight Loss Sleep and weight loss Feb 07 2012
15:14 (UTC)
If you are up all night, are you taking in liquids? If so, you'll likely not show a day-to-day loss on the scale.

It is true, stress stimulates cortisol -- endogenous steroids, and the same kind of stuff that give people cushingoid weight gain when taken exogenously. High stress can slow one's metabolism some (or, at least it has been posited that it may do so). Still, any change would likely be negligible, and not noticeable day-to-day. My guess is, it is likely because when you are up all night, even if you don't snack, you likely take in coffee and (diet) soda and water, and when you weight yourself in the AM, you're weighing those fluids, too. Whereas when you sleep for 8 hours and then weight yourself, you are weighing on empty.
Weight Loss alcohol Feb 07 2012
15:09 (UTC)
I agree with the above -- it's hard to quit smoking while dieting. But it's even harder, I'd imagine to quit while maintaining. Cigarettes are an appetite suppressant, so in order to avoid weight gain when you quit, you have to really carefully watch what you eat. This is most doable if you're alread watching what you eat.

In terms of alcohol, studies have repeatedly shown that moderate drinking has no real health risks. Binge drinking (which 500 calories of alcohol IS, even if it doesn't seem that way) is unhealthy. I've found that when I eat carefully and exercise -- and weigh less -- it takes a lot less for me to feel a buzz. Try having one glass of wine (or two) instead of going all out. It really can work!
Weight Loss help! cant find my willpower Feb 07 2012
12:08 (UTC)
Emily: kudos to you for starting your kids off so well, and for letting them inspire you to make the change yourself! I'm really impressed.
Weight Loss I'm new and have a question Feb 06 2012
20:34 (UTC)
What's the rush?
Weight Loss Periods and weight gain... Feb 06 2012
18:05 (UTC)
Yes. On 1/31 I weighed 141 lbs, and had been around there for a few weeks. Today (2/6) I was 135. My period ended a week ago.

Just how it goes.