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The Lounge Small-breasted Women: Does it bother you? Feb 22 2012
22:58 (UTC)

Sometimes I wish I had smaller ones. My older sister and I are the same height/weight, but we have totally different body types-- she's a 32 barely A and I'm a 32D. The one time I let my mom in the dressing room with me, I was trying on shirts and she goes, "Wow, your sister is a lot smaller than you! She doesn't have to worry about her chest."  Thanks? I've learned to disregard what my mom says on a personal level, but I think my sister definitely does look slimmer than me, even though I have a smaller waist/hips/legs. I think the main problem is that I suck at being a girl, so maybe I wouldn't dislike the bewbs as much if I learned how to dress for my body type. Undecided

Fitness Love and dislike! Feb 22 2012
00:38 (UTC)

I love: my legs! They're strong and getting muscular. I probably take them for granted and worry too much about my thighs not being perfect. Sorry, legs! If I'm going to be vain, I also love my flat stomach, and my chestal region (for not abandoning me when I decided to join the gym). 

I dislike: the big booty/side chub. But I am working on it!

Also, I dislike when the inside of my elbows get sweaty when I run. Okay, so that's kinda gross, but it's true. 

Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Feb 17 2012
18:57 (UTC)

I ran for 65 minutes this morning! I paced myself, so it was a little over 6 miles. I can't remember ever running for more than 3 miles though, so this was a big milestone for me! And I could have kept going, but I was on a treadmill and it automatically moved into cool down mode after an hour. Also, and this is the most exciting for me, I enjoyed it! :)

Fitness Les Mills Feb 02 2012
23:22 (UTC)

I've tried Pump, Zumba, Combat, and Attack. Pump is great! That's the one I did the most consistently last semester when I had a better school schedule. Probably my favorite. But Attack was probably the best workout for me--I think I'm in pretty good shape, but it seriously kicked my butt. Combat was tough too, but definitely not as challenging as Attack.

The Lounge Valentine's Day Gifts...for men? Feb 02 2012
23:06 (UTC)

Maybe not since he's dieting, but I saw a beer bouquet on Pinterest that was really cute. Easy to make--pretty much just a basket/bucket with different types of beer in it. I wish I could find the link. They made it look way better presentation-wise than I would have been able to handle, but I'm not very crafty.