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Don't let the name confuse you.
I'm well aware that success is not the answer to hope, but rather a response to the effort I put in. So while I'm hoping4success, I am working my ass off (in two ways, haha).

I am a college Freshman and have been using Calorie Counter since November 2010. I started over with a new account, one that was a little more anonymous, as certain family members have also joined per my suggestions. I'm proud they're joining, but I like how personal the community is, and ironically it feels more personal because of its anonymity.

The first go around I lost almost 30 pounds. 20 of that was specifically with CC's help. The boards started getting me down, so I tried to give up calorie count all together (as I have also stopped counting since getting more comfortable with my fuel routine. I'd also find that having some extra calories at night was just an excuse to eat more). But now I'm approaching the boards differently. I find the fun ones, and if I'm in the mood I look at some of the other ones. Not going to lie, a lot of it is just more of the same. So many people want to eat as little as possible. That's not me. I LOVE food. I've learned to appreciate it a lot more. With a different perspective, a new identity, and a new attitude, I'm ready to continue succeeding. 

August 2010: 202 lbs
October 2010: 
195 lbs
December 2010:
 185 lbs
January 2011: 185 lbs
February 2011: 180 lbs
March 2011:
172 lbs
April 6 2011: 169.6 lbs
August 26 2012: 174.8 lbs

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