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Weight Loss Looking for small group of women, mid-20's , 5'5" and above, losing last 10 pounds! Aug 08 2010
17:10 (UTC)

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 24

Height: 5'5.5"

Frame: Medium

SW: 157

CW: 134

GW: 125


Hey guys, this group looks great, may I join?

I've lost 23 pounds with mostly calorie counting and light exercise (walking, yoga). However I've been going between 130-134 without being able to break that 130-lb barrier!

I joined a gym and I'm determined to lose at least 6 pounds by September 1st, and I'm even going to do personal training because I don't think I can do it on my own. I'm also trying to eat clean, I find that when I eat processed food it triggers binges.

Bringing out lean muscle definition is what I'd like to do, but losing the last ten pounds seems like it might take my chest with it!

Foods Help! How many calories in cooked PLUS pasta! Aug 27 2009
16:15 (UTC)

Thanks gi-jane, I've been meaning to order one!

I feel like there must be some way for me to roughly figure this out though . . .  I am REALLY bad at math Foot in mouth

Young Calorie Counters 5'5" girls... I need a buddy, I'm just starting out Aug 09 2009
17:19 (UTC)

Hi aimeesoroka!


I'm with you exactly: 5'5" and currently 150 pounds. I want to get down to 130 and saying "twenty pounds to lose" sounds wicked intimidating. I'm breaking it up into 5-pound goals for myself, saying "wow it will be so great to get to 145!" That's very doable and not so daunting.

Money troubles are beyond stressful. I find that when I'm stressed/not sleeping I cant lose weight even with CC and excercise. I try to do deep breathing and meditation one hour a day and that helps me lose weight more than excercise because it lowers my corisol levels! Excercise is great too, but if you're super stressed I've found it doesn't help as much as it "should." Corisol can make you hold onto fat like nothing else.

Keep us updated! We're rooting for you.