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Weight Loss Loving my flabs Jan 22 2007
23:59 (UTC)
Thanks for posting that... I'm 18 and 125 lbs, 5'7" and I've always had a similar perception of my stomach. Seeing other people just accept themselves - the good stuff and the "flaws" makes me and I bet lots of other people feel really good.

Thanks, you're inspirational!
Foods McDonalds Jan 22 2007
23:48 (UTC)
Aww don't tell me that about the ice cream... I really like the ice cream, it has so many memories attached... and a cone only has 150 calories i think.
Foods Whole Wheat not whole grain! Jan 22 2007
18:35 (UTC)
Well, now that we know, what can we do about it? anything? is there bread out there really made of whole grain? or should we ditch bread altogether?
Weight Loss Advice on fat free foods. Jan 22 2007
17:33 (UTC)
I agree with other people... unless you really like them, diet foods don't help anything. Its kind like if your are really craving a hamburger but deny yourself, you will jusr keep eating, but if you had just had the hambuger, you owuld have eaten taht and nothing else. Have some of what you crave, and if fat free doesn't quell the craving, have full fat, just watch the portion, as always.

good luck
Foods Can't get enough fiber!! Jan 22 2007
17:27 (UTC)
whole wheat spaghetti has tons of fiber. So do beans. add some oat or wheat bran to your cereal too... these can really help you meet your goal!
Fitness On days I workout, why do I feel sick??? Jan 21 2007
23:57 (UTC)
Have tons of experience with this.. intense exercise can make you nausious. What I do is try to eat something appealing, even if it is cake or hot chocolate. not sure how healthy this is, but when you need calories, a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game Jan 21 2007
23:54 (UTC)
*Poof* but then you would have gotten a job in that area and you would have become boring...

I wish that I had my friend's disordered lightningfast metabolism (lol I know I'm wishing for a disorder...)
Foods Food suggestion Jan 21 2007
23:50 (UTC)
Half a cup of oatmeal cooked in water with some peanut butter (a teaspoon). It's warm, filling and takes a long time to eat. Also, the mix of fat and carbs makes it satiating.
Foods List your favorite comfort & health foods! Jan 21 2007
23:43 (UTC)
I think I'm luckey, cause they are the same thing... oatmeal with soy nut butter and salt!
Foods Does anyone else experience Bottomless Hunger? Jan 21 2007
23:31 (UTC)
andreilla_vm: I'm not a huge fan of the healthy eating pyramid, but here is hor your day stacked up against it.

Grains: you had 9 servings, vs. 5 to11 recommended. depending what kind of toast you had, either 3 or none of your servings were whole.

Fruit/veggies: 3 servings vs. 5 to 10 recommended.

meat/alternative: 2 servings - well done! 2 to 3 are recommended.

dairy: 2 servings - 3 to 4 recommended.

You can see that your diet is really lacking in fresh produce. Also, five cookies in one day are probably too much, especially when they are replacing healthy foods. Try adding more fiber filled whole grains and veggies.

To help prevent binging at night, try eating more during the day, especially breakfast. Try something like oatmeal and fruit or whole grain rice and veggies, and some protein if you can stomach it in the morning (i personally cannot.)

anyway, sounds like you're plenty active, and you certainly aree not eating too much overall. . . just try spacing your food out more. best of luck!
Foods What are some weird food combos that you love? Jan 21 2007
05:18 (UTC)
ketchup with anything... and how bout this: weetabix spread with cream cheese and jam.
Foods Does anyone else experience Bottomless Hunger? Jan 21 2007
05:02 (UTC)
Deetta: have you tried a chicken leg? If you take off the skin, they aren't that unhealthy, but they are satisfying - it feels like you are having the whole of something, of that makes sense. Like, rather than a piece of breast meat, you get a whole leg. That helps me feel satisfied, for whatever reason... does it help you?
Motivation I ran a 1/2 mile! Jan 21 2007
04:54 (UTC)
Congrats!! Running is really high intensity, and half a mile IS a lot when you're not used to running. So three cheers and use your success to keep you motivated!
Weight Loss Any teens out there???!!! Jan 20 2007
19:42 (UTC)
Hey ladies. . . depending on what stage you guys are in your lives, you may or may not pay attention to this, but I figured I'd try anyway: A lot of you seem to be shooting for unhealthy weights. This can either be a sign or an eating disorder or it can help lead to one, and coming from someone who strugged with anorexia  for four years (from 12 to 16), I can tell you you don't want to go there. It ruins lives, and not just your own. Please, shoot to be healthy  - eat healthy food and excersize for the fun of exercising, and you will lose weight if you need to, and if you don't, you will gain muscle and look HOT! It is all about self esteem, and trust me, if you feel comfortable in your own skin and like yourself, people will gravitate towards you. and its hard to be confidant if you're sick and hungry, girls.

Best of Luck!
Foods Does anyone else experience Bottomless Hunger? Jan 20 2007
19:10 (UTC)
Shawarma is really a pita with meat (chicken or beef, I get chicken) that roasts on a stick... there are a few veggies in there too. I ask for only hot sauce, but the whole thing tastes to rich it has got to be bad for you!
Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Jan 20 2007
04:58 (UTC)
Games & Challenges Here's a fun quiz - What's Your American Accent? Jan 20 2007
04:42 (UTC)
well, i'm north central... and they were right, I do get mistaken for Canadian, mostly because I am lol. On a more partriotic note, I rate 100% canadian on this quiz!

Some people from other countires should take it, see how canuck you are. haha if people even actually say "Canuck"
Foods Egg whites...Are they bad? Jan 20 2007
04:11 (UTC)
I agree egg whites are healthy... but 6 or 7 egg whites per day? that seems to be going a bit overboard... like you said, everything in moderation... that doesn't seem all that moderate. just my opinion tho, so do what works!
Foods Going to NHL game..what can I eat there?? Jan 20 2007
04:06 (UTC)
Also, you could have a pretzel. I know, lots of simple carbs - but this is a special occasion, and they are not that calorically outlandish. and the portion size if big enough that you likely won't want more. Order it with a diet coke and you're good to go! 
Foods Does anyone else experience Bottomless Hunger? Jan 19 2007
23:03 (UTC)
Thanks all, it really is helpful. Don't worry, I drink water like a fish, I didn't mention it because I'm always drinking something - it never stops. I tried the higher protein thing, with an additional chicken breast in the afternoon, and I didn'y want a third lunch. Hooray! haha of course I fell off the bandwagon by eating Shawarma for lunch yesterday (very fatty and simple carbs, but so good), and guess what? It gave me food poisoning. (I bought it at a gas station) There must really be Karma. Now I can't eat anything at all. :( It's typical, tho, isn't it? we always get punished for our bad deeds, but usually not that directly!