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Calorie Count coffee and calories Nov 23 2010
10:48 (UTC)

Also, a cappuccino is mostly foam (so mostly air and therefore very little milk). Most places make you a latte when you order a cappuccino (at least in the US). A latte is mostly hot milk and a little foam, so it would have significantly more calories. Maybe you are thinking of a latte not a cappuccino....?

The Lounge Lazy Nurses Nov 22 2010
01:44 (UTC)

Don't even get me started..... Okay, here I go ;-)

I have dealt with low back pain on and off for 10 years.  I have also worked really physically taxing jobs, which of course doesn't help.  Last year my back was getting out of hand (taking 4 advil before a shift, 4 advil during a shift and 4 more to sleep.  Not good!!!) I started to have this new ache/tenderness in my mid back and a friend suggested it could be a kidney infection - perhaps due to all the ibuprofin???  Anyway, I panicked and went to a random doctor - hadn't been in years so didn't know where to go.

Anyhoo, I talked to him about the pain and the new mid-back tenderness and he ordered some blood work and a urinalysis. His last comment was something like "If you have any more problems in this area (gesturing to the mid back) you should go to to your gynecologist because it could be your ovaries." ovaries??? Do you even know where my ovaries are located???? Cuz last time I checked they were on the front side and down real low near my other lady parts!!!!

Anyway, I love that story even though it makes me incredibly angry ;-)

The Lounge Stress from work Nov 19 2010
00:03 (UTC)

I totally relate!

I agree that deep breathing (and/or meditation) can help, but of course that feels IMPOSSIBLE in the moment. Do you over-caffeinate? Too much caffeine will definitely exacerbate these issues. Are you sleeping at LEAST 6 or 7 hours a night? If not, or if that begins to change, go to your doctor for sure. Not sleeping on top of this can be a really slippery slope.

If you are sleeping okay, you might look into natural remedies like SAM-e, Valerian or St. Johns Wort.  Look into them online and see what sounds like a good fit, but warning: DON"T take them if you have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar, just FYI. Another good option is a relaxing tea (take a 5 minute break at work and have a cup of a calming formula tea). 

And I agree that it would be good to at least begin looking for other work options. I left a highly physically stressful job 5 years ago and it has really changed my life. Even the process or exploring other options might make you feel better.



Weight Loss calorie deficit but NOT losing weight. help! Nov 17 2010
18:44 (UTC)

Somone else said something the other day that really hit me (pgeorgian, perhaps?).

It was something like - If you are not losing weight, you DO NOT have a deficit. Plain and simple.  I know it sucks, but barring starvation mode, it really is sad but true.

It is possible that you are underestimating your calories.  It is also possible that you do not have your BMR correct (you can really only estimate it - CC is not infallible).  Lastly, you might be burning fewer calories at the gym than you think.  That about covers it I think.

Assuming you are eating enough for your age/size, you may just have to cut cals or up your exercise to create a larger deficit.  Try it 100 cals at a time and be patient!!! Better to slllooowwwlllyy lose than lose too quickly and gain it back!!!

Really good luck to you and be patient!!

Health & Support Is this normal? (regarding therapy) Nov 16 2010
15:14 (UTC)

I think so, too.  My therapist actually steered me away from talking about eating (gently).  Her belief (and that of many/most professionals) is that the ed behaviors are not about food at all, but rather about some other painful issue that is being buried or overlooked.

Awesome that you got her into therapy!! My mom was too scared and felt too ashamed and I didn't get therapy until I was 26.

Have faith!!

Health & Support Nausea, tingly hands, gagging, insomnia Nov 15 2010
14:47 (UTC)

THANKS everybody!

She is making an appt. today with her doc and the next step is a GI. I just want her to feel better - it is starting to give ME anxiety!

Health & Support Cant sleep even though Im tired Nov 14 2010
21:45 (UTC)

I have similar issues (I fall asleep but cannot stay asleep, usually waking up after 3 or 4 hours and then continuously throughout the night).

My doc suggested Benadryl (for allergies).  It is relatively harmless, but really makes you drowsy. Good for falling asleep but not as great for staying asleep. I have also used valerian root (naturopathic remedy) with some success, but eventually it all caught up with me and I had to see a doctor last week.

Now I take anxiety meds at night and I don't wake up at all! But this is just for a month or so until I can get back in a rhythm.

Don't go too long without talkng to your doctor. Things can really get crazy if you let anxiety get out of hand!!!

Health & Support Bing Eating Lately and Need Advice Nov 11 2010
03:00 (UTC)

^^ YESSS! Get back into therapy. These issues are not about food, but about controlling or stifling other feelings/issues.  Good luck to you!!!

Health & Support Ready to close this chapter of my life Nov 11 2010
02:52 (UTC)

I am very familiar with the difficulty of practicing what you preach!!! Stop me if this is too personal but have you seen a therapist re: trying to uncover your need to feel you have control? It does sound like you are doing well, but this is something that could really help you to turn a corner, especially if you are interested in psychology!! My year with a therapist was really eye opening for me!  I went in thinking "I have issues around food" and left with a completely different perspective on myself!

Weight Loss Dulcolax... Nov 11 2010
02:43 (UTC)

Yes, laxatives work. You didn't indicate in your post that you were constipated though - have you had a BM in the last 48 hours? Regardless, the pill can cause mild to moderate cramping and diarrhea, but the discomfort will wake you up if you need to go during the night.

Just be sure you are only taking this if you are constipated, not because you overate or "feel bloated". Your body will regulate itself. That's it's job!

Foods Quinoa???? Nov 11 2010
02:30 (UTC)

Well, you can use it like any other grain (think rice for simplicity) but it cooks in 5-10 minutes (at least "regular" quinoa does - there are a few other varieties.  A pilaf with onion, nuts and herbs is simple, but I love to make a quinoa salad.

Cook the quinoa in lightly salted water or broth (2 c. liquid to 1 c. quinoa).  Bring liquid to a boil, add quinoa, simmer over low heat, covered, for 5-10 minutes.  Quinoa is ready when it starts to look like it is "opening up" so to speak.

You can use the cooked quinoa as you would any grain in any salad.  I LOVE it with roasted red beets, orange segments, olive oil, parsley and almonds. I also love it with roasted broccoli, pesto, lemon, and feta.

Hope that helps!

Health & Support Ready to close this chapter of my life Nov 10 2010
20:54 (UTC)

Congrats to you! I also want to say I think it's nice that you give so much positive support to others on the site ;-)

Here's one idea: What if you tried practicing not counting but trying to reach 2000 just through estimation/intuition? To stay safe and in keeping with your goals, you could "double check" at the day's end just to be safe. Be sure you have things on hand that could help bump you up to 2000 if you didn't quite make it (yogurt, nuts, whatever you like..). What do you think? You could just try it once or twice a week and see how you do?  Maybe try it after a particularly good/strong day and then "rest" by going back to counting for a few days? You just might find that you really do know what 2000 is!

I'm sure there is some fear there of going over, but that is just the next challenge to take on! You are doing so well so far that I would bet soon we will be reading that you have met this challenge and have moved onto the next!!!

The Lounge Wedding reception ideas Nov 08 2010
20:19 (UTC)


Just wanted to add my two cents - I think you should definitely do assigned seating (or maybe just assigned tables) even though your wedding is small. It will also help you to be sure that your single guests are sitting with some fun people! I was at a wedding this summer and it was a real hassle figuring out seating on our own. My husband was the best man and all of the others I knew there were couples.  The tables were set up for 8 (4 couples) and I ended up having to sit at the furthest table from the wedding party without anyone I knew. Not the end of the world, but I didn't get to interact with my husband or make eye contact with him (for support!) while he made his speech. And keep in mind that the partners of the wedding party would like to be seated close to their sweethearts!!!

Fitness Young adults: Need help with a running playlist! Nov 06 2010
01:31 (UTC)

I run to lots of 'indie' music (and the like), although I like a mix of tempos because I don't mind (and actually kind of enjoy) slowing down/speeding up.

On my run today:

Feist "1234", Bonnie Prince Billy "Where is the puzzle", Built to Spill "Distopian Dream Girl", Neutral Milk Hotel "Ghost", QOTSA "Make it Wit Chu", Smog "Vessel in Vain", The Shaky Hands "Summer's Life", The Replacements "I Will Dare", Faces "Ooh La La".

That last song makes me think about the soundtracks for Wes Anderson's films.  I bet that would be a great place to find a lot of good running music.  Bowie, Faces, Paul Simon, Ramones, etc...  I know you were asking for more top 40 stuff, but I think these classics are a good bet, too!!!


Health & Support Q for ladies re: period Nov 05 2010
17:31 (UTC)

Thanks, gals!

Biero - I do not know if I am running a fever, but I know I get hot and sweaty and then cold and shivery. Yes, it ALWAYS happens (and only happens) on the first day of my period (within a few hours either way of my bleeding starting). It happened in May '09, Fall '09 (not sure which month) and in May, Sept, and Nov of this year. I cannot imagine there is a single food trigger, although I remember the first time it happened, I had consumed copious amounts of alcohol the night before. My suspicion is that it is alcohol/caffeine related, but I had 1 cup of coffee yesterday morning, no alcohol, and a few squares of chocolate after dinner.  But, I have been eating more sugar lately in the form of Halloween candy.  I have probably had 3 or 4 mini candy bars/day all week (but yesterday I only had 1 bag of mini M & Ms). Still, this extra sugar over the weekcould be the culprit.

Fenrik - Good to know I am not alone! Does this happen every month for you?  Have you noticed and 'trigger' foods/beverages? I, too an opposed to hormonal BC and am glad to hear that doctors do prescribe painkillers for this.

Holla - Yikers about your tumor! I'm sorry that happened to you.  Were your symptoms only occurring during menstruation? If so, double yikes! I am anxious to see my doctor!




Maintaining Methods of Maintaining other than counting cals Nov 04 2010
23:08 (UTC)

Lots of great ideas here!

I am a maintainer and I weigh once or twice a month. One thing I do is keep a range for my ideal weight (140-150), which takes a lot of pressure off. Now, I'm really tall, so someone smaller might prefer a slightly smaller range (say 6-8 lbs.), but just like anything, keep it reasonable! If your range is within 3 lbs, you're gonna be a disaster.

Like many others said, I can tell what's going on by the fit of my clothes (if I don't already expect trouble because I have been missing workouts or eating say, LOADS OF HALLOWEEN CANDY!!), but the weight range really helps with the 'everything in moderation' approach. Just like I don't freak out if I have a bad day, I also don't freak out if I have a bad two weeks! I know that once I get back into my routine, get in a few great workouts, and plan several healthy meals for the week, I will be feeling better within a day or two. And viola! I've stayed in my range.


Weight Loss Banish the Booze Part 2 Nov 04 2010
22:56 (UTC)

I'm late, but in! Tuesday night birthday party created a bit of a delay ;-)

Weighed 149 tonight (no scale at home so have to weigh at work at night). I'd prefer to be at 145 or a few under, so I will be thrilled if this can help me get there and (even better) STAY there through the holidays!

Good luck to everyone!!!!!

Vegetarian Does everyone have to justify themselves or is it just me??? Nov 03 2010
15:53 (UTC)

I am not a veg or a vegan, but I regularly refuse food (especially from my mother in law ;-)  She loves candy, cakes, big store brands like Kraft & Nabisco, she prefers processed cheese - you get the idea. These are just things that I would not eat unless I was starving to death.

I think one way to go about dealing with this is to say "No thank you" or "I'm not hungry" rather than "I can't eat that".  I think the latter is a little bit self-righteous, and if I'm not mistaken, self-righteousness is a common accusation by non-veggies on veggies!

If you're visiting for a longer period of time (where food might be served) just bring your own.  Or better yet, offer to cook a side dish (that you can use as your main dish) yourself!!!

It's easy to get annoyed when people just keep offering and offering and offering, but they're really not going to stop unless you absolutely flip out, which is not going to help anything.

The Lounge US Bankruptcy Laws Nov 03 2010
14:03 (UTC)
Original Post by lbh:

Maybe I'm cold-hearted, but I think our bankruptcy system in the US is for the birds. Quite frankly, if you live beyond your means, you should have to pay for that, even if it takes 20 years. I think it should be highly specific cases that are allowed bankruptcy (medical this case, bankruptcy's a social band-aid for a lack of healthcare, death of a spouse, etc). Or maybe you can pay your restitution through jail time, your choice.

Do you guys think that literally almost any and every debtor in the US should be able to wipe the slate clean? Do you think we should adopt a different practice/system if you don't agree with bankruptcy? For those of you outside the States, what's your country's approach to insolvent debtors?

I agree that in many cases, bankruptcy is ridiculous. I also agree that in situation BEYOND someone's control (medical bills are all I can think of), it could be a last resort. Things like credit card bills, utilities, and back taxes seem an unreasonable thing for our government to be shouldering for irresponsible people.  Mentally ill or sick is another story.

The two people I personally know who have chosen bankruptcy are definitely NOT rehabilitated, contributing members of society. One lives off of her aging parents at 39 years old (unemployed, unwilling to take a minimum wage job) and the other is barely making ends meet because she returned to her shopping ways and now has am apartment full of kitschy taxidermy. She is uninsured and all it would take is one accident and she would be destitute.

Weight Loss Slow weight loss doesn't work Nov 02 2010
18:48 (UTC)

I took a look at your profile and see that you are way into running and getting lots of exercise! Have you been this active for a long time and have just decided to try and get to a lighter weight?  If so, I wonder if you just need to totally mix up your routine? I remember how easy running became after a year or so of my body adapting. I always wondered if my cals burned/mile dropped dramatically after I was in good running shape. I also remember I didn't seem to get any "more fit" after that. Maybe if you switched to a weight training focus and took up something totally different as your main form of cardio? Something that is really challenging!

Good luck!