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Foods Survey- New! :) Jun 24 2011
19:16 (UTC)

favorite way to eat eggs-hard boiled but still dippy

best thing to put on toast- cheese

best comfort food-  cheese

spicy or mild? spicy

salsa or cheese dip? cheese

best things to pack into a burrito- garlic mayo and cheese and spicy chicken

what is your favorite quick lunch? toast and cheese

do you ever eat ready-made meals? if so, what kind? nah i dont.. but wen i do its uaually quorn

best bed time snack- toast

tastiest dessert when it's hot outside-  ice pops

tastiest dessert when it's cold outside- hot choc.. warm choc muffin and ice cream :P

favorite thing to put peanut butter on- toast

best fruit pie- umm..rhubarb

 best non-fruit pie- cream

what is your healthiest post-workout snack or meal? banana

describe your perfect healthy-eating menu: 

breakfast- oatmeal and soy milk, green tea

lunch- ww bread and salad with egg

dinner- stirfry

snacks- rice cakes and banana

most imaginative dish you've had or made- im not really creative :/... i like weird things like toast with cheese and red sauce :).. mmmh

Motivation life after anorexia?? Jun 22 2011
21:28 (UTC)


Foods Meal Survey :) Jun 22 2011
21:17 (UTC)


Favorite hot cereal? oatmeal topped with goats milk yogurt

Favorite cold cereal? weetabix or shreddies

Maple or fruit syrup? Maple.

Pancakes or French toast? french toast

How do you like your eggs? boiled and dippy

Indulge - dream breakfast? eggs and sausage in a roll with red sauce and cheese :P

Drink of choice? tea

Grossest breakfast item? loads of grease :/

Best packaged breakfast food? oatmeal


Favorite bread? Wheat or seeded

Grilled cheese or PBJ? Grilled cheese

Favorite sandwhich? cheese and eggs

Best thing to put with peanut butter? jam

Favorite chips? cheese and onion walkers

Favorite childhood lunch? dippy eggs and bread

Drink of choice? tea or coffee

Indulge - dream lunch? A grilled cheese with boiled dippy eggs on thick seeded bread


Favorite meat (or replacement if vegetarian)? Chicken or fish.

Best way to prepare meat (i.e. grilled, fried)? Grilled.

What do you put on salad? the works

Favorite soup? carrot and coriander

Veggies or starch? veg

Favorite childhood side dish? stew

Indulge - dream dinner? donar kebeb and chips with all sauces

Drink of choice? water


Cake or pie, and what kind? Chocolate cake

Fudge or brownie? brownie

Ice cream or gelato/sorbet? What kind? Vanilla ice cream.

Favorite topping? caramel.. toffee

Favorite healthy dessert? Fresh fruit

Favorite indulging dessert? something chocolaty and caramel

Icing: yay or nay? nay

Favorite childhood dessert? hot choco muffin and ice cream

Favorite cookie? peanut chocolate toffee and caramel.. melted

Foods Food Survey Jun 22 2011
21:00 (UTC)

Wheat or white Bread: wheat

Pinto or Lentil beans: lentil

Whole milk,2%,1%, Skim milk: soy

Spaghetti or Raviolie: spagetti

Boca Burger or Morning Star: burger

Carrots or Cherries: carrot

Bananas or Strawberries: banana

Tuna or Salmon: salmon

Turkey or Chicken: chicken

Vanilla or Chocolate: chocolate

Grapes or Cherries: grapes

Waffles or Pancakes: waffles

Cake or Muffin: muffin

Fruit or Candy: fruit

Banana Milk shake or Strawberry Milk shake: banana

Egg white or Whole eggs: whole

Water or Orange Juice: water

Foods this or that? Jun 22 2011
20:44 (UTC)

white rice or brown rice? brown

chocolate chip cookie or peanut butter cookie? peanut

white cake or chocolate cake? choc

creamy or chunky peanut butter? chunky

red apples or green apples? green

green beans or asparagus? asparagus

ice cream in a cone or ice cream in a cup? cone

regular coke or diet coke? diet

juice or soda? soda

butter or margarine? butter

chips and salsa or crackers with hummus? chios

milk or dark chocolate? dark

regular m&ms or peanut m&ms? peanut

chicken or pork? chicken

quesadilla or grilled cheese? grilled

beer or hard liquor? beeer

cherries or strawberries? strawberries

blueberry muffin or a chocolate muffin? choc :)

tea or coffee? it depends.. ryt now, coffee

mdonalds or burger king? mcds

fries or sweet potato fries? fries

ketchup or mustard? ketchup

a hard/soft roll or whole wheat bread for your sandwich? ww bread.. i love seedy bread :)

turkey or ham? ham

carbs or protein? carbs

mashed potatoes or baked potato? mashed :)

caramel syrup or chocolates syrup? caramel

oatmeal or cereal for breakfast? oatmeal

eating during the day or eating at night? night

chocolate cake or brownie? brownie

chicken noodle soup or tomato soup? tomato.. spicy

donut or a scone? donut.. with jam :P

eating the most delicious cheesecake you have ever tried in your life but gaining 2 pounds or not eating the cheesecake (while everyone around you was) and losing 2 pounds? not eat

carrots with hummus or carrots with ranch dressing? hummus.. never tasted ranch :/

cutting or twirling your spaghetti? twirling

alfredo or marinara sauce? never tasted either :/

regular bread roll or garlic bread? garlic

lays or doritos? doritos

never being allowed to eat chocolate again or never being allowed to eat any kind of bread again? chocolate

water or flavored water? water

salmon or tuna? salmon

gummy bears or gummy worms? worms

ice cream or frozen yogurt? ice cream

eating more for dinner or smaller dinner+dessert? dinner n dessert

pizza or pasta? pizzzza :)

pb&j or pb&honey? pb&j

fries with gravy or fries with ketchup? mmmhh.. gravy

3 large meals or 6 small meals? 6small

raspberries or blackberries? blackberries

breakfast or dinner? dinner

pancakes or waffles? waffles

eating at the dinner table or in front of the TV?in front of tv

eating alone or with others? alone

Foods Would you rather... Jun 22 2011
19:46 (UTC)


chocolate or crisps

Foods How Many Calories would you Estimate? Jun 22 2011
19:45 (UTC)

id estimate it between 500 - 600.. so 550 :)

Foods Would you rather... Jun 20 2011
21:04 (UTC)


toast or cereall

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jun 20 2011
20:03 (UTC)


garlic dip??

Foods Kid in a Candy Store Survey! :-) Jun 20 2011
13:32 (UTC)

Basics + Favorites

1. Age? 19

2. All-time favorite candy? chocolate

3. Favorite candy bar? cadburys chocolate :)

4. Favorite M&M flavor? peanut

5. Favorite gummy candy? fizzy haribo

6. Favorite hard candy? frosties

7. Favorite chocolate combo (chocolate PB, chocolate mint, chocolate caramel, chocolate raspberry, chocolate strawberry, chocolate marshmallow, etc)? chocolate abd toffee

8. Favorite Jelly bean flavor? lime

9. Favorite fruit flavor for candy? lime or strawberry or raspberry

10. Favorite olde timey candy (bit-o-honey, chick-o-sticks, mary janes, etc)? ummm

Pick one!

11. Fruity candy or Chocolate candy? chocolate

12. White, milk, or dark chocolate? milk.. i like dark too tho

13. Starburst or Skittles? skittles

14. Gummi bears or sour gummi worms? sour

15. Original caramels or caramel creams? original

Holiday Time!

16. Holiday with the best candy? easter

17. Favorite Halloween candy? chocolate

18. Favorite Easter candy? eggs

19. Favorite Christmas candy? celebrations

20. Favorite Valentines Candy? chocolate


21. Weirdest candy you've ever tried? not sure

22. Most disgusting candy? liquirish

23. Favorite homemade candy (fudge, turtles, brittle, pb balls, etc)? buiscuit cake

24. Ever tried candy from a foreign country? What was it? Did you like it? i cant remember

25. If you could only have one kind of candy for the rest of your life what would it be? chocolate

Foods Food Colour Survey Jun 19 2011
20:00 (UTC)

Red - tomatoe sauce

Orange - cheese

Yellow - sweetcorn

Cream/ white - cottage cheese

Blue - blueberries

Purple - red onion.. der purple :/

Green - brocolli

Brown - chocolate and bread :)

Pink - salmon

Black - coffee

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Jun 18 2011
22:54 (UTC)

its a cadbury bar! delice :)

Health & Support HELP !!!! im trying to recover and cant stick to meal plan and binge !!! Jun 18 2011
21:17 (UTC)

how many calories are you eating a day??

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Jun 18 2011
20:58 (UTC)


ww bread and cheese. black coffee. 280 calories


ww bread, coleslaw and 2 eggs. black coffee. 410


purple snack. 115


spagetti bolg and veg. 590


4 dark choc rice cakes a caramel yogurt banana and hot choc. 460


in honesty is that a very bad menu? lik does it look lik a binge??


Foods Survey of Munchies Jun 18 2011
20:17 (UTC)

Let's start off simple

Absolute favorite food: cheese

Favorite kind of pie: not a big fan

Favorite kind of cake: biscuit :)

Cake or pie: cake

Worst flavor of anything:  prune :/..

Best flavor of anything:  toffee caramel chocolate

Favorite fast food item: kebeb :)

Absolute must-have food: cheese

Food you could eat everyday and not get bored: cheese


In your opinion, which holiday has the best food/meal? xmas

Favorite holiday candy: chocolate

Favorite holiday baked good: umm.. donuts

Worst holiday dish: mince pies :/

Favorite holiday food to make: desert :P

Let's Order! (What would you order at...)

A Coffee shop: large coffee

A french bakery/ cake shop: donut/muffin.. or a scone and a coffee

A fancy restaurant: fish

A Sandwich Shop: toastie

A Bagel Store: mmh.. seeded bagel

Let's Mix it up!

Favorite combination of food: cheese and eggs and grainy bread

Worst food combination: em.. dried fruits?

Most creative food combination that tastes delish: toast, red sauce, taytos and cheese

Food combination you have yet to try:  loads

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jun 18 2011
17:06 (UTC)

yum apart from the wine

sliced banana , dark chocolate spread on rice cakes

Foods Favorite Food Survey to cure your boredum/curiosity; be Specific please! Jun 18 2011
16:59 (UTC)

Name/Nickname: headz

Age: 19

Calorie Goal:  2500 :/.. not there at all tho
Favorite Fruit: banana 

Favorite Vegetable: brocolli 

Favorite Meat: chicken

Favorite Dairy: cheese 

Favorite Carb: bread 

Favorite Baked Good: donuts

Favorite Nut: cashew..almonds 

Favorite Frozen Treat: ice cream 

Favorite Dinner: garlic chicken.. potatoes and veg

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: cheese or chocolate 

Old [Pre-Diet] Favorite Food: chocolate 

Current Favorite Snack:  same

Favorite Comfort Food: right now its home made soup and big chunky bread :)

Favorite Herb/Spice: garlic 

Favorite Salty Food:  popcorn :)

Favorite Sweet Food: chocolate

Favorite Spicy Food: chicken  

Favorite Warm/Hot Food: toast 

Favorite Soup: carrot and corriander.. or leek and potatoe 

Favorite Sandwich filling: cheese :) and egg

Favorite Restaurant: i dot have one

Favorite Dish at said restaurant: again.. i dont have one 

Favorite Beverage excluding water: coffee

Favorite processed food:  hmmm.. not sure

Favorite processed food brand: dunno 

All time favorite food: cheese

Foods Summer Survey Jun 16 2011
21:44 (UTC)

Favorite cold drink besides water: cider :)

Best summer dessert: fruit salad..

Favorite summer meal: salads.. bbqs.. wraps..

Most enjoyable outdoor activity: walks

You are at the beach, scorched, what drink would you like calories aside: cold cider

Favorite summer fruit: water melons

Beach or pool: pool

Favorite salad dressing: chilli or garlic

Seedless or seeded watermelon: seeded?

What SPF (sunscreen) do you start off with at the beginning of summer: 30?

Favorite road trip snack: twister ice pop

You get stung by a jellyfish…what do you do!!!?: pee :/

Any certain brand of bottled water you buy: naah..cold.. :P

Best BBQ food item: burgers :)

While out in the sun do you burn easily, tan, or acquire more freckles, or what: freckle den tan

Is it called coke, pop, soda or soft drink: coke

Favorite smoothie flavor: banana

Salsa, queso, or pica de gillo:  salsa

Favorite vegetable to eat raw, peppers..cucumber

Weight Gain Weight Gainers! What Did You Eat Today? May 25-June 18th Jun 15 2011
20:38 (UTC)

just curious.. but what times do you guys eat??

preferably people who work not still attend school..

Health & Support HELP !!!! im trying to recover and cant stick to meal plan and binge !!! Jun 15 2011
20:35 (UTC)

a calorie is a calorie! no matter what you eat! and you NEED all the calories u can get! dont worry.. binging is very very common in recovery! you done thousands of calories worth of damage so you need as many as you can now! and dont panic if your weight goes up overnight.. its only water weight and will go down when your eating consistant!