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Health & Support Whats your HR & BP Apr 23 2010
02:38 (UTC)
Health & Support How long does it take metabolism to repair after ed? Apr 23 2010
01:23 (UTC)

look if you want to get well make a flipping effort. if you dont - then shut up moaning.

Health & Support I know what is coming... Feb 21 2010
18:52 (UTC)

oh would you for pete's sake go AWAY. this is about the 5th one of these type posts i have seen from you... please. get some real help and stop moaning about such silliness on here!

Health & Support Weight Restored Girls - Mood Swings? Feb 12 2010
02:54 (UTC)

oh dear God noooooo... more 'am i getting my period questions...'

we dont know. go to a doctor.

Health & Support change needed! Feb 07 2010
23:23 (UTC)

whats even funnier is to see the relentless extremes you go to, to stay hiding in your disorder. everbody knows that the othorexia post was referring to you. you know it. i know it. and perhaps the sooner you wake up to it...the easier life will be for you...

Fitness running question!!! Feb 07 2010
22:03 (UTC)

ha ha.. yeah i was thinking the same. 4-4.5mph is not advanced running. im running about 8mph.... and im in the beginner group!!! 

Health & Support dependent from parents Feb 06 2010
21:46 (UTC)

grrrr hate these posts......

Health & Support Do I HAVE to eat 1800 calories? Feb 06 2010
21:45 (UTC)

this is stupid. its clear that you have no physical issue eating more, you are just choosing not to. you are ruffling many peoples feathers here so maybe log on to an eating disorders website rather than carrying on with this silliness

Health & Support change needed! Jan 26 2010
22:16 (UTC)

yes i am a little blunt. so what. someone needs to be. yes i'll try harder to be diplomatic. but i am not going to hold back on what some people need which is a good dose of reality. and personaltrainer - you need a good dose of reality.

Health & Support Advice? Cant stop thinking about food Jan 26 2010
18:22 (UTC)

i'm trying to be nicer... so i'll try. i think its because you're underweight. my sister had anorexia and she used to tell me that she always thought about food. she said it was like intrusive thoughts, that no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt stop thinking about it.

i think it has to do with weight. her recovery team explained that to us. that its a physiological feature when the body drops below a certain calorie/fat/weight, that it will do anything it can to try and get food into you. please do try to put on some weight.

Health & Support Co-Venlafaxine Jan 26 2010
18:19 (UTC)

i took venlafaxine (effexor) after my sister died. i dont find it a good drug. i would suggest before too many more days pass that you read on the internet about how difficult it is to get off it. it's like seriously difficult. 

i was studying when i started taking it and felt the symptoms you describe. they do subside, they are a common side effect of all s.s.r.i's  (the medication group you are on). but yeah effexor is noted for being incredibly difficult. i'm on prozac now. just 20mg. still waiting for it to kick in......!

Health & Support change needed! Jan 26 2010
04:52 (UTC)

to all you who bash me... i just say it like it see it..and i dont try to tread carefully around the point. perhaps it will do those suffering  some good to have a dose of reality! GREAT JOB TO ALL THOSE ACKNOWLEDGING THE TRUTH AND THEIR MASSIVE AMBMITION TO CHANGE.... SHAME ON THOSE WHO DONT AND CONTINUE TO KEEP THEIR FEET WELTED TO THE GROUND (trying to drag others down with them Yell)

Weight Gain How many Calories do I need to gain weight? Jan 25 2010
08:48 (UTC)

yeah keep bumping it and when you're done why dont you read this forum guidelines about how many cals to gain and all the millions of recipes in the forum to gain.

ppl get fed up of repeat questions

Health & Support change needed! Jan 25 2010
08:40 (UTC)


zebulancherry: you still use egg whites for your scrambled eggs. and stuff like buckwheat flower in ur pancakes.

i dare you to just eat some waffles you buy in a pack, slick a square of butter on top and drizzle with conventional sugar filled maple syrup. 

or eat a bowl of cornflakes or rice krispies...everyone is directing the orthorexic comment at you

Health & Support When does the go between end?!! Jan 24 2010
00:12 (UTC)

though it sounds very fancy hedgren - i'm doing my PhD in clinical and cognitive neuroscience and did my undergrad in neuro and anatomy - and have spent a lot of time with brains in general. and what you just said there only half makes sense.

the amygdala doesnt 'hijack' the pre-frontal cortex. if that was the case - then an eating disorder would be an illness of the autonomic nervous system, in effect. because you are suggesting that the emotional amygdala takes automatic control over the pfc, and much of the responses peripherally from the amygdala are autonomic.

also - there is some suggestion about leptin and eating disorders. but your theory of increasing leptin for a recovering anorectic is wrong. leptin was hailed as the new weight loss answer. researchers tried to administer leptin peripherally because high circulating levels of leptin inactivate the 'appetite inducing centres' in the arcuate nucleus. this failed because in order for leptin to be effective-it had to be administered intracranially... so high leptin = weight loss. which is the last thing you want for an anorectic.

some anorectics have been found to have low leptin - but there is very little evidence for any dramatic rise in leptin following re-feeding.

to the op. there is an old saying. 'the only way out is through'. you cannot see it right now - but you are coming through. ed's being perfectionistic in nature, reflect your perfectionistic nature, and you seem to be striving for the 'perfect' recovery. go back to just taking each day at a time. reminding yourself how far you have come since at your worst

Health & Support Parents not so cooperative Jan 23 2010
22:17 (UTC)

kayanne. where was my post remotely abusive toward ed sufferers? can u nit pick and read my post properly and you'll see i wanted evidence of ed and genetics. i had a twin sister who had anorexia. she's dead now - if there is evidence of a genetic link then clearly, i would want to know about it. so why dont you back off *******

Fitness ki-fit accuracy Jan 23 2010
22:13 (UTC)

its not a heart rate monitor at all. the technology is like heat flux, skin stuff. i dunno - when compared with actual metabolic tests they were comparable within 9%

Fitness What speed (roughly) do people jog/run at? Jan 23 2010
20:30 (UTC)

azdak! you are really knowledgeable about this stuff. so i've a question. i am currently 8-8.20 min miling. i am only back training since august. i used to be lighter and on a mile trial with the college club i ran 6.30

you say that running speed is all about fitness. it just a case of pushing really hard to get my miles down to 7 min miles. lots of tempo runs and interval training?

Health & Support Parents not so cooperative Jan 23 2010
19:58 (UTC)

i disagree with the statement that eating disorders are genetically inherited - do you have a journal article to reference (not being a smart arse - just curious if there is a firm paper stating the are genetic)

the do run in families though. but this is often as a result of a child being witness to the behaviour and attaching some non verbal importance/significance to disordered is well seen with children it is a case of do as i do, not as i say