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Weight Loss Water vs. Iced Tea Jun 17 2006
08:43 (UTC)
Sterotyping me are ya? ah ah??? haha yeh, im from the good old lands of the U.K

a spot of tiffin never hurt anyone XD
Weight Loss *giggles* Jun 16 2006
23:23 (UTC)
Weight Loss Just scared myself! Jun 16 2006
23:07 (UTC)
UK 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 USA 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

at the moment im a uk 10, and a USA 8. I want to be a 6 (usa) And anyway dont look liek you need to lose any! if your worried i think all you need to do is tone. you look fantastic!!! oh, and sometimes the body stablizes at a weight its happy at and wont move. Maybe your right, and you just need to tone your muscles instead of lose weight?...

The Lounge What do you collect? Jun 16 2006
22:54 (UTC)
gems and land of dragons! i have over 1,000 pounds worth of gems and 400 ponds worth of dragons!
Weight Loss Just scared myself! Jun 16 2006
21:45 (UTC)
thanks DCgril! hay so do you by the looks of that, and hayy we are the same height too!! Wo!!
Weight Loss Water vs. Iced Tea Jun 16 2006
21:34 (UTC)
tea (normal with milk) counts as fliud, coffee does not
Weight Loss Just scared myself! Jun 16 2006
21:28 (UTC)
DCgirl, i used to eat biscuits and such even though i knew they were bad for me, becuase i was already 'fat' and it didn't matter, or to be honest i didin't think i was fat and it didn't seem to make a differnce to my body shape as i never weighed myself. But i was getting fatter. I got to 11 stone (14 pounds in one stone) and then reasled IT WAS making me fat if i ate 'one last chocolate'

I dont eat it now, becuase of hydronised fats and saturated fats. Since i started losing weight (two years ago) i read up EVERYTHING on food. So much so, i have been told i should be a personal trainer and a nutrationlist... by professnols in those areas!!
Weight Loss Herbel teas, everyones favourites? Jun 15 2006
23:35 (UTC)
NEVER heard of those two but they sound great! has eaither of you hada cinammon tea that erm, accully tastes of it rather than just smells of the stuff? haha and not just cinammon! any flavour
Weight Loss Coffee - bad for weight loss? Jun 13 2006
21:46 (UTC)
is coffee 60 cals, instant coffee? with semi skimmed milk.. i thought it was 25ish. AND TEA! thats about 15 cals (same milk)

I love tea, but i am heavly into herbel teas too!! i LOVE 'affection' its camomile and rose. My second best is Lemongrass and fennel, gooorgeeeoouss!!
Weight Loss Coffee - bad for weight loss? Jun 13 2006
21:45 (UTC)
Weight Loss another newbie, and a big 'un from Uk!!! Jun 13 2006
19:30 (UTC)
HELLO FELLOW UKer! hahah Glad to see you on here, hope to see 'less' of you as the time goes on! ^.^ *waves and passes presents* I know you can do it! if you ever need a helping word or a talk IM HERE!!

Motivation to wear or not to wear PLEASE REPLY Jun 13 2006
07:43 (UTC)
Aw thank you all again!! god this place is full of nice people, where are you in Real life guys?!!

and Finewine, you know how to make a girl smile!! :D

tat2ed4ever..your right and i dont plan to have kids! haha (too young!)

And i agree with Lanicita!! EVERYONE should haver confidence!! curves are better than stright lines anyhow!!

AND to are all so nice i wish i could prasie you up more! *does ganster accent whist grinning* BIG IT UP FOR DA CALORIE COUNT CREW INNIT!
Motivation to wear or not to wear PLEASE REPLY Jun 10 2006
19:24 (UTC)
aww thank you ALL for your kind words, im realy blushing now ^.^ *hands each one presents* hehe, i wish i could in Real Life! you all keep up your hard work and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SURPORT!

Foods Alcohol - least calorie dense? Jun 10 2006
16:28 (UTC)
*GETS list out*

  • Malibu per 25 ml is 48 cals
  • per 100ml of bailys: 350 cals and 15.7g fat
  • per pint of beer: 182 calories
  • per pint of guinness: 170
  • glass of champange: 89 calories
  • 25ml of gin: 56 calories
  • pint of lager: 221 calories
  • 25ml sherry: 68 calories
  • 100ml of wine: 89 caloreis
  • 25ml of vodka: 55 calories
Just remember, that digestion of food takes a backseat when your drinking alcohol. So what you eat wont be digested as well as normal..
Weight Loss Coffee - bad for weight loss? Jun 10 2006
16:24 (UTC)
even if it did have bad effects worse than the fact its a durretic and keeps you stiumlated for up to 20 hours...

I DONT CARE! coffee and Tea forever!!
Weight Loss UnderActive Thyriods! Jun 10 2006
16:16 (UTC)
Obsidyan ahh thank you Obsidyan! very usefull infomation! yeh, i thought it was ok but i realy like knowing and hearing it from someone else. :D haha well you keep going with your weight loss then you!! im glad your doing well, dont stop or i may have to come over and sort you out haha! im only joking - but truwly well done on the weight loss! ^.^

Brendasbiz exercise in the morning? thats a good idea.. haha i only done it a few times in the morning but then i kinda get a bit carried away and slob in the evenning because 'hay, i done it in the morning!' you must be very disaplined Brendasbiz!! and thanks for the link! and to you too - keeping going with the weight loss and you will soon get your target weight!!

The Lounge England - Paraguay Jun 10 2006
15:45 (UTC)
Motivation Before & after - painful, but necessary Jun 10 2006
14:41 (UTC)
I agree with everyone else!!

Motivation to wear or not to wear PLEASE REPLY Jun 10 2006
12:27 (UTC)
thank you Hkellick, its just im going out (FOR the first time) in something that shows off my stomach and im so nervous. I know im not toned or anything i just wanted to make sure im not.. too bad in it haha!! thanks again ^.^ i feel realy whats the word.. er posey? but its  A needed confidence booster!
The Lounge Cars! Jun 10 2006
01:21 (UTC)
haha my bro loves his cars, and has a 270 +  BHP mr2 rev 3 turbo GT-S. lovely machine, its 0-60 has been modied and is now 4 secs flat, and we still havn't the guts to test its new top speed. Estimated about 160..

its in champaine silver and its realy something to see! i think i have a pic of it somewhere, i will get it posed up!

wow, people have some radical tastes! pretty cool though to see all the types of cars peeps like here!!