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Weight Loss shrinking boob syndrom. cure? Oct 27 2007
18:20 (UTC)

haha shrinking boobsyndrome...unfortunately it's part of the package! this year my 36c's have gone all the way up to DD's and now back to D's.

and i saw that commercial too, it wasn't saying you could spot reduce, it was just an ordinary (innefective) diet pill. funny though!

Foods Popcorn Oct 26 2007
23:30 (UTC)
lower than that! 1 cup of dry popcorn only has about 30 calories, and I doubt a baghas *does math* 30 cups! maybe 300-400  
Foods Breakfast foods Oct 26 2007
23:27 (UTC)
sometimes I'll have something totally random for breaksat, like leftover rice and beans, and I'm fuller and it keeps things interesting. if you can stomach it, try it!
Recipes any good pumpkin recipes Oct 26 2007
23:22 (UTC)

ugh, I LOVE pumpkin but am allergic to squash :-( lol weird i know

these all sound DELSIH

Motivation Greatest Compliment You Ever Got! Oct 26 2007
22:59 (UTC)
weight loss wise, it would definitely be my grandmother, who is almost 80 and has lung cancer no less. we were at a family part for Rosh Hashanah and the first thing she said to me when I walked in was "you've lost weight!" she was the first to really notice and it felt incredible, especially considering she has every right to be self absorbed at the moment.  isn't it nice when people notice? :-)
Foods I have a serious chocolate addiction, how to curb it? Oct 24 2007
00:19 (UTC)
chocolate calcium chews. obviously don't eat these as a snack, but 1-2 a day can help you get the calcium you need plus ward off pesky cravings. I love the viactiv fudge brownie ones. they're delicious (but are a SUPPLEMENT, NOT a snack, just remember that) and 20 calories
Vegetarian Sources of iron in the diet Oct 23 2007
23:24 (UTC)
beans are great. also taking a multivitamin is a great solution- it has all your iron (which is acutally a really miniscule amount, it can just be tough to get from food sources) I also used to eat total for breakfast, which has 100%RDV
Health & Support Yaz Birth control Oct 23 2007
00:01 (UTC)

when I first went on it, I did gain weight. that said, I was also overeating a whole lot. I would say that if you're watching what you eat and excercising, you should be fine, because once I got serious, i had little trouble losing weight while taking it. drinking water will also help with bloating.

I took it for endometriosis, but it stopped working and now I'm on Loestrin24Fe.

Foods Sugars in 'healthy' cereals. Oct 22 2007
22:30 (UTC)
First of all, I would be very hesitant to put special K on that list of healthy cereals- it has next to no nutrients or fiber. Second of all, sugar is in everything- fruit, vegetables, milk, everything. Most healthy cereals, like Kashi, use plain old sucrose, or table sugar, or even honey or raw sugar, for just a bit of sweetness. 5-10g (if it's even that much) is nothing compared to the 60+ grams of high fructose corn syrup in some sodas. As for the oatmeal, I get regular oats and add my own honey or brown sugar so I can sweeten it to my own taste and control the calories. I also do this with yogurt. Hope I helped!  
Weight Loss "Healthy Eating Tips" (Guranteed to Make You Smile!) Oct 19 2007
21:03 (UTC)
as are baked goods- i mean they have eggs for protein and butter for calcium, come on!!! hehe i love stuff like this. oh and don't forget pizza- nearly every food group!
Weight Loss people who eat too much fiber, please give me your advice Oct 19 2007
01:49 (UTC)
been there, done that- in dance class no lessEmbarassed but my body seems to have adjusted now
Weight Loss One kg a week? Oct 19 2007
01:45 (UTC)

first of all, I'm glad to see that you're no longer starving yourself, and I really hope you stick to that for your own health and safety- anorexia is a horrible disease and it will kill you if it goes on long enough.

second of all, it is possible, but usually only if you're significantly overweight. for example, I'm 5'9" and 139.5lbs, and because I'm within a healthy range for my body, I'm losing really slowly- about .5lbs per week. If I were 50lbs heavier, my body might be more willing to get rid of the excess and I'd lsoe faster, but your body doesn't like to get rid of fat- it's a survival mechanism in case a famine is coming, and plus it definitely needs some fat to function right. 

It's frustrating because I'm so close to my goal weight, but I listen to my body and don't do anything rash or get frustrated, which is key. I would expect the same from you, although I don't necessarily support your decision to lose weight, but If you want to, this would be the healthiest way. 1400 calories sounds about right, maybe a little low. I'm 15, 16 on haloween, and that's a lower-end day for me.

Weight Loss Separate BMI charts for men vs. women Oct 19 2007
01:38 (UTC)

this does seem odd. I remember health class sophomore year of high school we calculated our BMI, and the teacher who was a guy and maybe 5'7" and 203lbs, had 30- obese. Yet he was far from obese- he was just really muscular. take everything with a grain of salt! (is that the expression? it sounds weird :-)

ps- traceyaudette I love your name!! it's really old-hollywood romance pretty

Weight Loss evening cravings are killing my diet plan Oct 19 2007
01:35 (UTC)
yes!!! especially after dinner when I'm packing my lunch for the next day. what I do is brush my teeth- when you have a clean minty flavor in your mouth, food doesn't seem as appealing, plus you don't want to have to brush them again before bed. Also, before I eat something that isn't included in my calories, I ask myself- does my body need this? does it have any nutirents in it? how will I feel after I eat it? sick, jittery from sugar, or just plain guilty? I can convince myself that it's really not worth it. I also love herbal tea because you get great flavor for no calories, and drinking a steaming hot mug s l o w l y helps beat cravings.
Weight Loss Have you overcome any bad childhood eating habits? Oct 19 2007
01:31 (UTC)
I totally have. that said, I'm a teenager, so I guess the habits aren't all that old but still... I no longer have seconds just to finish something, I only eat more if I'm really hungry. I also don't really drink juice anymore- I grew up drinking juice (100%, but still loaded with sugar and empty calories) and now I only have it as a treat, such as apple cider :-) mmmm so yummy. my mom also buys whole milk (why?? I have no idea) so I switched to light soymilk, pleading my (slight) lactose intolerance. I also don't eat snacks out of the bag/box anymore. I take one serving and put it on a plate and put the rest away. Before I would go through a box of crackers in like 3 or 4 days because I just wouldn't stop.
Weight Loss How many grams is one pound? Oct 15 2007
02:02 (UTC)

well a gram of fat contains 9 calories- so 3500/9=  389 grams

Weight Loss How many grams is one pound? Oct 15 2007
01:48 (UTC)

right. if you haven't gone over on your calories, your body metabolizes what you ate like normal and your weight will remain the same. If you ate less than your body metabolized, then it probably burned some stored fat. If you ate more than what your body burns in a day, including excercise and normal metabolic function (even if you are completely sedentary your body still burns calories- this is called your BMR. for most people it's in the 1200-2000 calorie range, depending on your height, weight, etc. CC has great tools to help you figure this out), then it will probably store some fat. but you would have to go over by 3500 calories to store a pound of fat, so you probably wouldn't really notice a gain, except maybe water weight if you ate a lot of junk.

Health & Support endometriosis Oct 15 2007
01:44 (UTC)
thanks everyone...gonna call the doctor on monday and see what she has to say, this is a pain in the butt, er, stomach. the good news is i was able to go on the hike today, and as long as I kept moving, I felt ok. the bus rides to/from the mountain weren't so much fun though... but what can you do.