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Weight Loss south beach diet Feb 23 2012
23:07 (UTC)

Hi there, I've just started south beach phase 1 on feb. 19th, I'm trying to lose 60lb  and was looking for a buddy anyone interested?

Weight Loss Looking for a twin - motivation buddy Feb 23 2012
22:16 (UTC)

I need a buddy too, I'm from Egypt currently in Houston, Tx and my states:

currently i'm at my heaviest I've started dieting since feb. 19th hopefully I'll reach my GW of 170lb by Feb. 2013 .


30 years old

CW: 236.5lb

GW1: 210lb by May

Gw2: 195 by August

GW3: 170 by feb 2013

Weight Loss Looking for fellow "apple shaped" gals to lose 20-30 pounds with. Jan 04 2012
16:36 (UTC)
Hi there, I'd like to join too, im an apple shaped gal, im 30, 5'7 and I weigh 239 lb, I want to lose more weight than most of you I want to 170lb, I'm starting with mini goal of losing 10lb by March
Weight Loss need to lose 40lbs looking for support Jan 03 2012
16:21 (UTC)
I have 25 kg to lose by June and 10 kg more by October