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Foods Free Kashi Cereal (Canadians only) Jan 15 2010
23:08 (UTC)

Thanks! I ordered the honey-flax one. Yum!

Foods Enriched white bread... thoughts? Jan 15 2010
22:47 (UTC)

This homemade bread is a no-brainer and truly delicious....I have not yet tried using ALL whole wheat, but it's next on my bread-making agenda.


Foods Healthy oil for deep frying??? Jan 15 2010
22:43 (UTC)

Heyyy who's been feeding the trolls lol....hopefully not with soy fat ;).

The poor guy just anted to know about cooking up some tortilla chips. barton12, if you are still around, did you try the baking experiement yet?

Recipes mmm mmm Sandwiches Jan 14 2010
22:26 (UTC)

My lunch sandwich today was DELISH: multigrain seedy baguette, sliced pork sirloin chop that was crusted with dijon mustard and black pepper (leftovers from last night's dinner), low-fat cheddar, romaine lettuce, herbed dijon mustard and a touch of low-fat mayo. I've also made this with leftover roasted chicken breast and it was equally yummy. Mmm sandwiches.

Favorite hot sandwich: Open-faced reuben made with toasted rye bread, lean corned beef, hot mustard, low fat mayo, wine sauercraut and low-fat swiss melted on top, the sauercraut should be mixed with the shredded cheese a bit before melting, drool.

Favourite cold sandwich: tuna salad made with part yogurt/ part low-fat mayo, capers, chopped dill pickle, and chopped black olives then stuffed into a whole-wheat pita pocket with sliced carrots and mixed sprouts. The. Best.

Recipes Taco night with a twist... Jan 14 2010
22:12 (UTC)

Taco seasoning packets are filled with chemicals and yuckiness. For all my south-of-the-border cooking needs, I use instead a combo of chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and sea salt. It's a lot tastier, really! I also throw in some hot sauce, I usually have 5 or 6 different kinds around and make up a little hot-sauce cocktail to put in the dish.

And may I suggest using whole beans, my fave is the mixed varieties, and mashing them yourself with a little sauteed garlic and jalepeno? It makes the most delicious "refried" beans, and I really like the bit of texture by not mashing too much.

I love a big taco salad, but never thought of using the lettuce to make a wrap instead. Great idea!

Foods Food advice... Jan 14 2010
21:57 (UTC)

Yes, you are correct - your body needs the energy! It's really amazing how many times I hear of people eating too little to sustain the amount of exercise they take on, and stop losing weight. You sound like you are right on track though.


Foods Healthy Burgar and Fries Jan 14 2010
21:50 (UTC)

I also would do a healthy version of the original...ground bison if in a beefy mood, otherwise ground turkey, yum! And oven fries rock.

There a several companies that make 100-calorie buns, or close to it, it's really about the size of the bun more than anything else.

Does fat-free mayo really have 15 cals per tsp? I find it really yucky, but don't mind the half-fat olive oil mayo at all. And it's 17 cals per tsp, so pretty much the same.

Foods Enriched white bread... thoughts? Jan 14 2010
21:41 (UTC)

"Enriched" means they sucked all the nutrients and vitamins out of the grain and then artificially put some back in.

Whole grains are more natural, unprocessed, and tasty IMO. THey also have more fibre so are more sustaining and take longer and more work for your body to digest. All good!! Though I confess, every once in a while  I have a craving for cheez whiz on white butter buns. It's a nostalgia thing lol.

Foods Food advice... Jan 14 2010
21:29 (UTC)

lol...well they just build the teasing right into the name, don't they? Heh. Ask her to hide them.

I mainly cook for myself as well...what I do when I make multiple portions-worth of something (which is often, you are right it's hard to cook for one serving), I portion it out before eating and put the rest in tupperware containers for lunches or other dinners. I am not super-keen on eating the same thing two days in a row, so often I label the containers and freeze them. That way, you have built-in portion control, AND you have handy meals for days you get home too late to feel like cooking.

Foods Healthy oil for deep frying??? Jan 14 2010
21:20 (UTC)

I find deep-frying messy and a waste of calories, personally, but if you are keen on doing it, no a little won't hurt. You can totally bake tortilla chips. Are you using pre-made tortillas, or mixing up the dough from scratch?

Foods Any advice please- I don't like fruit? Jan 14 2010
21:14 (UTC)

Geez I wish i were a little more like you - I LOVE fruit and have to be careful with portions! I could eat half my daily calories in fruit alone.

I'd imagine that you can get most nutrients you need from veggies, as long as they are lots of different colours (from what I understand, different colours of fruit/veggies have differnet vitamins and nutrients). Take a vitamin C supplement, and you are good to go, and don't have to worry about fruit sugar calories!

Or, have you considered juicing? Personally I would hate to drink all the calories, but it would be a great way to get the'd just have to get the fibre elsewhere.

Foods Food advice... Jan 14 2010
21:06 (UTC)

I'm afraid there's not much you can do, volume is volume when it comes to pasta and bread. I too used to consume way too much as a "serviing", and still struggle with bread which I love. I tend to have to cut back on buying it and making it to have any hope of not eating too much.

Like others have mentioned, choosing whole-wheat versions of everything make them healthier and also more filling due to fibre content, and the taste is actually much more complex and satisfying. My usual portion-control method is to use a food scale to weigh out the proper portion-size, and accompany it with loads of healthy sauce (for pasta) and veggies and a large protein serving. That satisfies appetite while still getting a decent serving of carbs.

PS Diet soup? Ew. With so many delicious nutritious soups out there, it seems a shame to "choke down" anything!

Foods Healthy oil for deep frying??? Jan 14 2010
20:54 (UTC)

Have you considered baking them instead? Just spray with some cooking spray (I like olive oil) and bake at 375 until crisp.

Foods Ground turkey vs Ground beef? Jan 12 2010
01:51 (UTC)

I don't know where the idea that dark turkey is high in fat comes from. The ground turkey I buy is quite lean, 125 cals / 4.5g fat  per 100g, which is only 3.5g more than chicken breast and still 6.5g LESS than extra-lean ground beef (well that's what they call the 10% stuff here, "extra-lean" is a questionable term for it). But, the stuff I buy comes with a lable on it, so I know they are not throwing in fatty skin or something. Eve nso, the leanest beef i have heard of is 4% fat, so still the same as dark turkey.

If you like the taste of beef but want to avoid the extra fat, try ground bison, it's excellent tasting, low in fat (the kind I get is 4g fat per 100g meat, so much the same as dark turkey) and you get the added benefit of it being more naturally raised and all that.

Mostly I just prefer the taste of turkey meat.

Foods Who here DOESN'T like oatmeal? Dec 24 2009
19:43 (UTC)

Haha I was going to write this very post.

I don't HATE it, I just don't love it , and I think i am the only person who does not find it a filling and sustaining breakfast. I am always hungry within 2 hours of eating just oatmeal. I need some protein!

I've had a lot of oatmeal in my life. A LOT. My mom used to make it for us for breakfast every day; either oatmeal, cream of wheat, or cormeal. When those little instant packs came out, I used to eat them for a quick breakfast, or something I could take with me and mix up in a cup at school or work. There were always packets around. In fact I have some in my desk as we speak....I really want to like it, but I don't, and would rather take my oatmeal in cookie form. Now I only eat it if I am absolutely desperate, and get mad at it every time.

The Lounge I shouldn't live alone... I'm a hazard, especially to myself Dec 23 2009
23:32 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I frequently choke on my own spit.  It's a special talent I have.

 Me too!!

This thread makes me want some gouda.

Foods fried chicken? Dec 23 2009
20:16 (UTC)

I adore fried chicken, but have come up with the perfect combination of ingredients and technique that produces the most wonderful crispy-coated chicken EVER. I no longer crave fried at all.

Here'e the link to the entry in my food blog about it: 1/crispy-coated-chicken.html

This thread reminded me to post the recipe, it was sitting in my thanks!

Recipes Soup challenge Dec 21 2009
19:43 (UTC)

Defiantely soup weather!! Today for lunch I am having some Moroccan's full of lentils and chickpeas and veggies, and is sooo fragrant and delicious! 2/moroccan-soup.html


Foods What will YOU eat on Christmas? Dec 19 2009
01:06 (UTC)

To the OP: you and ms. elk rack have inspired my xmas meal plan! I did look up the specialty meat place, they make this dry-aged meat that is supposed to be amazing; all organic or game meats, as well they make sausages and cured meats and have cheeses from specialty cheesemakers here in BC (oh yes it's the Canadian Victoria, not the Australian one). So I am bucking tradition, since there will be no bog family event this year just me and my boyfriend....and barbequing steaks for xmas dinner. It's wacky!! I will also choose some lovely cheese and maybe some game sausage for another meal. I am so excited!

Foods Is "reduced fat" worth it? Dec 18 2009
21:38 (UTC)

For me, reduced fat often makes sense if it reduces the overall calories and does not sacrifice too much on taste. I can't tell any difference between reduced-fat pb (80 cals per Tbsp) and the full-fat version (100 cals per Tbsp).

With most dairy products, I prefer the low-fat versions (mostly the 1%  m.f.) for taste, texture, and it's just good fortune they are also low-fat...with the exception of cheese. I use the low-fat cheeses for cooking when other flavours are more dominant (like low-fat cottage cheese and mozza in lasagne) but also have some stronger full-fat cheeses to add a hit of flavour, like a Tbsp of good parmesan on some sauteed spinach, yum.

I love low-fat cream cheese, but cannot STAND the fat-free, yuck. Tastes like plastic. I highly prefer lean cuts of meat to fattier ones, if that counts as low-fat product. I guess for me it is more about taste, and balancing that with calories. I love full-fat mayo, but the half-fat stuff is almost just as good and only half the calories, so I'll take it. But there's no way I am giving up having a delicious slice of aged applewood-smoked cheddar in favour of low-fat plain cheddar...not worth it.