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Weight Loss Sugar Strike Sep 29 2012
12:39 (UTC)
Original Post by bealit:

I'm with you ! I've managed to lose 3 stones by not eating sweet stuff . At work I just tell people sugar gives me migraine so they' ve stop offering cake and chocolate . Now if I want a treat I've ombar chocolate which is low gi and don't give you craving . I also like putting 100% cocoa in yoghurt with a bit of agave syrup . Good luck !

Congrats on the loss

Weight Loss Sugar Strike Sep 29 2012
12:34 (UTC)

If you are doing a balanced diet and counting calories some "empty" calories every now and then probably won't hurt if they don't upset your total calorie intake too much.  The problem many of us face is the "that didn't hurt, a few more won't hurt" syndrome.  The best self-control practice may be abstention until you lose the weight and then try to control amounts.

Weight Loss Self-sabotage Apr 06 2012
11:10 (UTC)

I haven't lost the urge for high sugar, gooey, fatty treats in 15 months of low-carb dieting.  I've fallen off the wagon twice:  a small piece of cake at Christmas and two potato chips my 1-year old granddaughter just knew I needed.  When I feel the urge to splurge, I buy them for someone else.  My wife gets the high sugar confections from Sam's Club (she is not on my diet but has lost 40 pounds since I've been on it).  My real splurge sin is going into the best doughnut shop in the known universe, Sweetwaters in Kalamazoo) and buy a dozen  assorted for the grandkids.  Smile

Now that you've mentioned pears (too many carbs), I guess I'll splurge with a high sugar cake and a couple of pears.  Hope my bride holds up under the stress.

Sublimating the splurge, planning for it or somehow deciding to minimize the effects are probably the best ways. 

Foods Cutting refined sugar from you diet Apr 03 2012
04:41 (UTC)

"Just understand I don't want others to be convinced that 20g of daily carbs is the secret to easy weight loss."

Actually, it is a way to easy weight loss for a lot of folks. It is not all that forgiving on cheating like calorie counting diets. 

" There are more horrifying tales of this method taking the lives of family members because they don't understand the whole process or when the person is not fit enough to execute the plan.  People hear what they want to without doing the proper research."

Are you saying that the Atkins diet kills or that some at-risk folks have died while on the diet?  Do you have any links/stats for this or is it anecdotal? 

"In retrospect, how much of your weight loss do you believe is diet and how much do you think is exercise?  I am always an advocate of the inner athlete in all of us.  Would increasing carbs increase athletic ability (intensity/ stamina)?"

I'd guess 25%-33% of the weight loss is due to exercise.  Exercise is always good, but I'm well past the athlete bit.    My interest in the inner athlete ended quite a while ago when I stopped having to be the 50 year old Colonel staying ahead of the 20-year-old soldiers.  Carbs, I believe, are more of an "instant energy".  Not much long term benefit but I'll leave that to the experts.


Foods Cutting refined sugar from you diet Apr 02 2012
16:01 (UTC)

Thanks for the comments on low carb diets.  If you think I'm not doing the diet correctly, let me know how you would change it.

I made some comments on the angst I see over certain foods and additives.  Refined sugar, refined wheat, polished rice are no better or worse than the non-refined.  You just have to track them and know what they contain and what they are missing.

I mentioned the Atkins diet for truly low-carb and removing those.  I made a JOKE about carb shock.  Some folks really need to lighten up.  If you haven't had good downeast (eastern North Carolina) sweet tea, then you have missed an instant sugar high by the sip.  I don't like super sweet drinks of any kind and in 65 years never had much of any.  Still, my comments were a joke about coming off a carb controlled diet and going back into the world of foods I like and plan to eat.

I believe I'm doing the Atkins diet properly.  I started the diet after discussing it with my MD.  We have tracked the blood work during the diet.  I have found that I cannot go much above induction level carbs, so that limits the foods I can eat while on the diet. I believe it you check the Atkins book, for carb level in OWL, they suggest increasing until you stop losing weight, then decrease slightly.  As for exercise, I do a weekly average of 4 1-hour sessions on a treadmill at 7-8% slope and 3 mph, minimum.  Blood work and physicals have been fine. Blood pressure has dropped and I'm off the (not needed IMO) blood pressure meds.  I've been on statins forever.  I couldn't drop cholesterol on as close to 0 fats and oils as I could get.  I've had an uptick in cholesterol, so I'm adjusting my diet accordingly.

If I've learned anything in my 65 years is that life is much better if you lighten up and laugh.  So, biglumox, I beg your pardon for making a joke.



Foods Cutting refined sugar from you diet Apr 02 2012
03:28 (UTC)

Controlling the calories from sugar in your diet is a good thing for controlling your weight or losing weight.  However, the "good food" and "evil food" ideas must be being pushed for some reason other than health.

All carbohydrates from simple sugars (glucose, fructose, etc) are "energy foods".  All digest pretty rapidly to the simple sugar, usually glucose.  Refined flour in bread goes mostly to glucose when you eat it.  Refined and unrefined sugar (sucrose) is half glucose and half fructose and rapidly breaks down to these. Glucose, fructose, maltose, etc, are energy and we evolved digesting these for energy. 

For successful dieting you need to control total energy from carbohydrates.  You could probably eat your total in refined sugar and supplement with non-digestible (fiber) and vitamins.  I don't think it would be much fun.

It is very easy to eliminate all sugar, and almost all carbohydrates from your diet.  I did it overnight in January 2011.  I started the Atkins diet and have remained near induction since.  it is simple.  Doesn't take great strain or stress.  You don't have to work to get all the refined sugar out of your diet.  Atkins will do it for you.  The upside for me is the proteins curb my appetite and I can lose weight (slightly over 100 lbs).  The down side is I like fresh corn, beans, peas, rice, pasta ice cream and even the rare gooy full of sugar doughnut.  It's going to be tough coming up with a diet that includes all these and not gaining too much weight back.  If I don't have a big glass of Southern sweet tea (about a pound of sugar per gallon) and go into carb shock and need an ER trip, I'll do fine.

Portion control, calorie counting diets are hard because you have to watch your intake.  There are no "evil" foods.  Just some you can't eat or eat in abundance. 

Weight Loss Self-sabotage Mar 31 2012
13:14 (UTC)

Try to control the splurge.  Don't feel guilty about it.  Limit the splurge.  I think a number of folks go at the diet with all the fanaticism and dedication it requires and when they fall off the wagon, they feel really guilty and continue the splurge a bit too long.  Make the splurge part of the diet.

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds in 90 days, does it really matter if you lose 20 in 95 days?  Not really, except we tend to obsess about "sinning."  Heck, if you lose the 20 in 6 months it means your diet and exercise plan was probably in the right direction.

On some diets the splurge takes a little longer to overcome.  I'm on Atkins and a carb splurge can be felt for a week. You just have to know your limits and understand the diet.  Just never, never, never feel guilty and bad about yourself for the splurge.

Recipes Sweet Potatoes!!! Mar 30 2012
21:54 (UTC)

I grew up in the sweet potato capital of the universe.  I picked sweet pots, planted them, did all that stuff.  I hate sweet potatoes.  However, for them that likes them, I suppose they are wonderful.  My mother, wife, sister and daughter made absolutely great dishes, they tell me how wonderful they are.

Recipes Camp Fire recipes Mar 30 2012
21:45 (UTC)

Campfire cooking depends on how much fun you want to have.  Bacon and eggs cooked on a paper plate:  coals and an unwaxed plate.  Don't drip the grease on the fire!  Bacon and eggs in a paper bag. Hamburgers on a cabbage leaf.  If you have a dutch oven, do a cobler with pie filling (I like cherry) and bisquick.  My all-time favorite is building a teepee, covering it with pine boughs, suspend a turkey and spend a long while smoking the turkey.


High cal, but migosh, calories when camping don't count.

Weight Loss yay 50 pounds down Mar 20 2012
02:49 (UTC)

Terrific!  Nothing like success

Weight Loss What do you guys say when... Mar 10 2012
15:03 (UTC)

The more I think about it, I might make up some dread, probably contagious, tropical disease I got exploring the headwaters of the Amazon in a dugout.Smile

Foods Cutting refined sugar from you diet Mar 01 2012
12:04 (UTC)

Being a bit fanatical about foods comes, I suppose, with successful dieting an changes of life style to keep the weight off.  With this comes the idea of evil foods like white bread, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  These and even whole wheat, multigrain, breads and pasta's digest primarily to glucose and fructose (in the case of the sugars).  So, I'm not sure that one is more evil than the other.  Successful dieting is a matter of net caloric intake.  Sugars do make controlling calories harder, but not that much harder.  I usually wouldn't pass up some food I like simply because it has refined sugar (50:50 glucose:fructose) or HFCS (~50:50 glucose:fructose) in it. Heck, I could probably include one of Sweatwater Doughnut Mill's chocolate-covered, creme filled delights in a diet, but I'd probably want to push the car the 10 miles home at 5 miles per hour, rather than drive after getting one. Laughing

If you want to go sugar free, try the Atkins diet.  Except for a small piece of cake my two-year-old granddaughter thought I should eat over Christmas, I've been bread (any type) and sugar (any type) free for 13 months.  No problem.



Foods Soft Drink Alternatives? Feb 29 2012
11:34 (UTC)

No real problems with diet Coke (or Pepsi, or...), but 100-200 oz/day is a bit much.  Cut down on the DC and get your caffeine fix from coffee or tea.  Supposedly, 4 cups of coffee/day spread out over 12 hours has great health benefits. 

Weight Loss Big weight loss goals Feb 20 2012
15:22 (UTC)

Congratulations on the decision and positive results.  I think big goals are great, but I also need some short-term goals.  After I started, and got some short-term success, my goals got more ambitious.  I lost 25 and decided 50 lbs were achievable.  When I lost 50, I decided a total of 150lbs were doable.  I've lost just over 100 in the past year, mostly by chopping the goal into shorter term chunks.  Makes the plateaus manageable. 

Good luck with setting goals and getting there.  A combination of diet and exercise and you will feel lots better!


Fitness Gym Courage: upper body/ core workout? Feb 19 2012
14:53 (UTC)

Most folks who are enthusiastic about an activity are more than willing to spend time with a newbie, offer advice and help.  The problem, which you've seen a little bit of here, is sorting out the good advice that fits your needs and wants.  It's human nature to boost your ego by showing someone else. 


Motivation How to stay on track? Jan 19 2012
12:39 (UTC)

I think several of the other commenters said that you need to stay motivated, work with groups that help you stay motivated and things like that.  Motivation and staying motivated are certainly drivers.  My suggestions:

1.  Decide that you really want to lose weight.  That's different from "I oughta lose a few pounds" that we do every now and then.

2.  Pick a goal you can make.  Say 10-20 lbs.  Don't pick one that you guarantee failure: 20 lbs in two weeks; 150 llbs, etc. 

3.  Find a diet that suits you.  Some folks can do portion control, some can't.  Years ago I needed to lose 25 lbs and also wanted to control high cholesterol by diet.  I went on an ultra low fat diet and was so miserable my wife started threatening me. Some folks do well with Weight Watchers and some with the "buy my food" diets.  Atkins works for me, but after a while it gets a tad dull.

4.  Try not to cheat, but the world doesn't end if you cheat once and a while.

5.  Find something that motivates you. 

6.  Don't beat yourself up.

7.  Add an exercise regime.

I stopped regular strenuous exercise and really watching my weight with I retired from the Reserves in 1997.  I gained weight, lost a little on diets and gained it back.  A couple years ago I stopped smoking and used food for the cigaret craving.  A year ago I weighed 350, needed suspenders to keep my pants up, had to propel myself out of chairs and found it tough to get off the floor.  About a year ago, after coming home from sam's with chips, cheese nips and cereal I decided to go on the Atkins diet, which works for me because the protein and fat keep my appetite down.  My wife decided I needed a treadmill for my birthday.  The diet and exercise worked well enough I went from "lose 30-40 lbs" to lose 150 llbs.  I'm 2/3 the way there.  I've cheated (fresh sweet corn) a little and haven't obsessed over not keeping a regular loss rate. 

Start small, set goals, find a support group and give it your best shot. 



Fitness Smoking and the gym Jan 15 2012
12:50 (UTC)

Congratulations to those who quit.  it is a tough habit to break.  The key to stopping seems to be finding a compelling reason to stop, not just wanting to stop.  At 19 it should be easier for you than us codgers.  I smoked for a little over 40 years and am an expert on quitting.  I quit a number of times.  The decision to stop came a couple of years ago at 2-3 packs/day.  I used Chantix and it worked.  My wife didn't react well to the drug.  The habit remnants that Chantix didn't suppress, I suppressed with by eating, about 30-40 pounds, I guess, of suppression.  I was more than willing to trade the weight gain for the butts.

I know folks who have stopped using either the patches or the gum as aids.  I know one person who stopped smoking 9 years ago and gets her nicotine fix with the gum.  As her doc says, better than smoking.

For you folks who haven't succeeded on quitting, don't quit on quitting.  One of these days the quit will take. 



Weight Loss Sugar limits impossible? Jan 14 2012
13:57 (UTC)

Low carb diets are reported to help with insulin/sugar control.  I'm on Atkins and don't have any problems with blood sugar, but I didn't have any problems before, but my lousy diet didn't include a lot of sugars.  One of my Aunts seems to be controlling her Type 2 Diabetic symptoms on the South Beach diet.  Purely anecdotal, but it might be something worth looking into.

Weight Loss Sugar limits impossible? Jan 14 2012
13:52 (UTC)

High fructose corn syrup is about 50% fructose and 50% glucose.  Cane sugar contains sucrose which hydrolizes readily to 50% fructose and 50% glucose.  For all intents and purposes they are the same.  Hexose (6-carbon sugars like glucose, fructose, galactose) metabolism is different for glucose and fructose.  Insulin responds to glucose. Reading metabolism pathways gives me a headache and there is a lot of "we believe's" in metabolism discussions.

As long as you mind your caloric intake, it doesn't matter where those calories come from.  If you exceed required calories, then fructose may more readily add fat.  But then if I exceed my daily requirement by 500 calories/day, I will gain about 1 lb/week no matter if it is natural, highly processed, all fructose or all glucose.


Foods Fish Questions - Safety, Variety, Health Benefits Jan 14 2012
13:21 (UTC)

Any fish you like, pretty much as much as you like.  If you plan to eat 1-3 lbs/day of great lakes salmon, tuna, etc, every day, for about 70 years, then I'd worry about mercury.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be all that concerned about it.