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Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Jul 04 2007
18:42 (UTC)


I've been at 134 for a month now - but I'm going to kick the excerising in gear!
Weight Loss Did I hit a plateau or is this just my natural body type? Jun 13 2007
20:36 (UTC)
Your best bet is to tone up in order to firm that skin. Secondly be happy about your curves! I'm a curvy mama gave me think that it is important for us to love our curves and accept the turth that we're never going to be shapeless.

I think I should stress that strength training is just as important as cardio with a balance diet.

husseyal: you're a good weight for your height!! Make sure that you eat a balance diet (in appropriate portions) and exercise regularly and you should be able to maintian your weight. I too have a super busy schedule but one's health is very important and should be incorporated into ones daily schedule.


Fitness losing weight and shrinking boobs? Jun 12 2007
00:55 (UTC)
I've lost some weight and noticed that there are more room in my bra then there once was..naturally!

But over the weekend, my friends and I pig-out on all natural peanut (thats all we and I noticed that my boobs got fuller and I didn't gained any weight (we all made sure we were eating good, apart from the ton of peanut butter we consumed). So I theorized that healthy fats, keeps the boobs...sure there may be some confounding variables taking part...but hey you never really

Fitness Who runs every day? Jun 12 2007
00:50 (UTC)
I'm training for half a marathon and what has kept me going is when I changed my mentality on running.

Running is an excellent work out, but I find that if you begin to think your runs are more than just a work out, youâ??ll be surprised how eager youâ??ll be to run.

I now see my runs as a time for reflection, mediation and to de-stress. When I run, I donâ??t focus on my speed (very rarely at least), time etcâ?¦ I focus on the scenery around me and really enjoy being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, and the time alone. I really like using my runs to resolve things that are stressing (bothering me, conflicts etcâ?¦) me.

In short, changing how you view your runs will make them a) more enjoyable and b) self motivates you to run.

I hope this help

Foods Favorite healthy foods Jun 08 2007
18:47 (UTC)
Salad dressing: Kraft, Calorie Wise, Italian Dressing

Cereal: All Bran Buds

Lunch meat: Turkey Breast (sliced by deli)

Granola bars:-

Cheese: organic, low fat cheese
Chips: -

Bread/buns: Pumpernickel / Rye

Frozen chicken breast: President Choice

Frozen dinners: never eat them!

Pizza: local pizza place, thin crust  veggie or hawaiian

Mixed drinks/cocktails: -
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Jun 08 2007
04:17 (UTC)

age:22 - Female - weight:135 - height: 5"3 - Cuvry 

My goal is 120lbs.
Weight Loss um, how much do you have left to lose!!! Jun 07 2007
23:58 (UTC)
Up to date I have lost 5lbs and my goal is loose another 20lbs.

I like and only keep track of my weight, because it tells me that I am being health consicence. I really like educating myself on fitness and nutrient! I feel better about myself and also knowing that I am being healthy!
Weight Loss . Jun 07 2007
23:27 (UTC)
I'm a huge fan (and eat it of Kellogs All Bran Buds with Activa non-fat yogurt (which I think I'll switch for something with less fat and cals), top off with a handful of blueberries!! Its great, about 220cals (give or take) and filled with TONS of fiber!! And keeps me full until lunch
Weight Loss Victory! Well...kinda... Jun 07 2007
23:17 (UTC)
I completely understand and join in your cheer! Good job! It happened to me once and it brought me to
Weight Loss What am I doing wrong? Jun 07 2007
22:54 (UTC)
I'm a stronger believer of measuring urself as the main method to check for any weight lost. So measure urself with a tape measurement and do the same two weeks later and c if there's a difference.

Also you need to remember that muscle weights more, so u may have lost weight but u've gained muscle too in the process.

Another thing that might help u (if ur not already doing it), eat smaller meals throughout the day. If that's not your forte, then make sure u eat more for breakfest or lunch and eat a smaller meal for dinner. And make sure u eat ur veggies, fruit, protein, carbs and the right fats!