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Foods How to Quit Sugar Feb 26 2008
15:14 (UTC)
You're absolutely right.   I fully support your move to remove refined sugars from your diet and the advice to others is excellet.   The other post asked for your reasoning.  There really is no GOOD reason to eat sugar except for pleasure.  It has no nutritional value, it rots teeth and it causes excess insulin production which in turn exacerbates/causes some horrible conditions including Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, PCOS and so forth. 

Fat gets the blame for modern obesity levels but our fat consumption hasn't risen particularly over the last 50 years.  However, our consumption of refined grain and sugar has almost trebled.  Atkins took that statistic and concluded (wrongly) that to slim the population down we had to remove all the carbohydrates from the diet.  The more sensible conclusion is to retain unrefined and whole grains but ditch the sugars and refined starches - as you have found

I found, after just 2 weeks totally sugar-free, that my tastebuds had changed to be very sugar intolerant - which presumably is their natural state.   Others I know, who had a much more sweet tooth than myself,  found the same thing.   Sweet foods now taste very sweet, verging on sickly sweet and therefore unappealing.   When the other poster mentioned occasional 'treats' I can tell them that the last thing I really want to eat when I fancy a treat these days is something sugary.   I expect if you tried eating something very sweet you'd have the same experience.

Great post!!!  Keep up the good work.
Maintaining Maintain or keep losing? Feb 20 2008
11:52 (UTC)
You're a healthy weight already.  You don' t need to lose any more weight from a medical point of view.  Cosmetically, you will look no different if you lose 3lbs or if you gain 3lbs.  If you're not happy the way you are now... then there is something else in your life that's making you unhappy.  Because logically, it's not your appearance and not your health.  

Maintaining means gradually increasing your food intake up to a more sustainable level.  1800 - 2000 depending on how active you are.  So work on doing that, maintaining your current weight  and try to find other ways to be happy, confident and find fulfilment.  3lbs isn't it.
Maintaining fat face...skinny body? Feb 15 2008
10:46 (UTC)
If your face looks more round it could be because the rest of your body is unnaturally thin.  Start eating properly, allow yourself to develop and your body & face stand a better chance of being in proportion with each other.
Maintaining Still Losing! Feb 15 2008
10:43 (UTC)
Then you need to increase your calorie intake further.  Weight-loss happens when your energy out exceeds your energy in.  There's no other reason.   As you steadily increase your intake your metabolism will speed up to match until you will get to a point where you will stop losing and start gaining.  

Choose more nutrient-dense, energy-dense foods perhaps.  Nuts, seeds, avocado... you don't have to eat big quantities to bump up your calorie intake.  Best of luck
Maintaining How did YOU stop calorie counting? Feb 15 2008
10:38 (UTC)
My strategy was to shift to managing portion-sizes rather than counting calories.   Now I think of meals as a balance of  'a portion of'... protein, carbohydrate, fats... with lots of vegetables and fruit as standard.   I don't eat packaged junk or processed foods generally.  As long as I'm reasonably consistent and the food's fairly natural, my weight stays stable. 
Maintaining is this okay... Feb 03 2008
09:46 (UTC)
Your doctor says you're underweight.   Your body needs energy and nutrition to grow and develop properly.  You shouldn't be calorie-counting, restricting or obesssing about your body shape at your age but instead enjoying a healthy lifestyle with plenty of good foods. 
Maintaining Want To Stay Right Here Feb 03 2008
09:43 (UTC)
I don't know your statistics but the 'average' reasonably active woman should be able to maintain their weight on 2000 calories a day.  A man can do so on 2500.   If you've reduced your intake to 1300 a day for a length of time, yes, your metabolic rate will have adjusted to match the energy available.

If you now increase your exercise level and, at the same time, gradually increase your food intake so that it comes up nearer to 2000 than 1300 then your metabolic rate will adjust back upwards.   Go up by 100 cals a day for a week, then another 100 cals a day the next week.  Don't panic if you gain 1lb but hold that level for a week and give things time to adjust before increasing again.  You may find your maintenance level is 1900 or 2100 - even more if you do a lot of exercise.  It's not an exact science so expect an element of trial and error. 

Keep to healthy foods rather than refined carbs, sugar and other junk and you'll find you can eat more, get the right level of nutrition and not gain weight.   The 'goal' is to get to a point where you don't have to count calories at the same time.
Maintaining Advice on maintaining? - please Feb 03 2008
09:35 (UTC)
You really shouldn't be calorie-counting at all if you're recovering from an ED.  Instead focus on developing a healthy diet ... lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, lean proteins, 'good' fats... etc..  And focus on enjoying what you eat, eating regularly and developing a more normal, not disordered, relationship with food.

The good news is that as you eat more, your body will adjust to maintain on more food.   If you starve, your body adjusts to maintain on less and less food.  So increase your food intake gradually, week by week, but please don't count calories, weigh yourself or monitor your exercise at the same time.  That's not going to do you any good at all.
Maintaining fat face...skinny body? Feb 03 2008
09:30 (UTC)
Always listen to your doctor.  Unlike other people in your life their sole interest is your health and wellbeing.  If the doctor says you're underweight, you need to gain weight.

At 14 your body is still growing and developing.  You cannot 'keep it the way it is' and hope to become a healthy young woman at the same time.  That's not how life works   If you don't have good nutrition and enough energy it won't be able to develop properly.   Being underweight can lead to some terrible medical problems, both physical and psychological. 

So listen to your doctor.
Maintaining breakfast dillema Feb 03 2008
09:24 (UTC)
You need to eat regularly throughout the day because your body and brain needs a continual stream of energy & nutrients to function properly.   That's especially true for someone who is still growing and developing.  Eating all your food at one sitting doesn't provide that.  

If you struggle to eat regularly you have to set yourself some regular mealtimes and snack times.  If you don't normally eat breakfast then you're unlikely to want a big meal early in the day.  So have a bowl of cereal, perhaps, and then follow it up an hour or two later with a healthy snack like fresh fruit & yoghurt.  You can still have a decent-sized evening meal. 

Set an alarm (mobile phone?) to prompt you perhaps.  It'll feel a little contrived and unnatural at first.  You may not feel hungry but that's something you have to ignore.  As you get into the habit, it'll become more automatic.  
Maintaining Counting Calories...? Feb 03 2008
09:15 (UTC)
I work out the calorie count of my favourite meal combinations using the recipe analyser on this website.  Then, as the other person suggests, measure the ingredients before cooking.
Weight Loss Does anyone else do this? May 27 2007
09:33 (UTC)
The only people that think like you are those with eating disorders.  1200 cals is the WHO definition of 'starvation' and wouldn't keep a 100lb woman healthy, never mind a 6'1" man.  You can survive on 1200 cals because your metabolism has slowed to match your food intake.  You no longer burn 2000 cals doing nothing.  You burn a lot, lot less than that.

You are not underweight... yet... but you're risking some serious mental and physical health problems if you carry on.  Please seek medical advice straight away
Health & Support Undo Starvation mode? May 27 2007
09:27 (UTC)
Reply for Julia....  You are not overweight.  You need 2000 cals a day to maintain a healthy weight and by consuming 700 - 900 you are at serious risk of many long term medical problems.  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anaemia, hair-loss, skin problems, bone density issues (osteoporosis), menstrual problems, dental problems, mental health issues and many more.

Overweight people have bad eating habits that they need to fix in order to improve their health.  Underweight people (and you are not clinically underweight but you are very, very close) need to fix their bad eating habits in order to improve their health as well.  You're not hungry because your metabolism is at a standstill.  So you'll need to make yourself eat more initially until you get into a good, regular eating pattern.

'Little and often' is recommended for people in your position.  But if you struggle to achieve this you should go to see your doctor and ask for some dietician support.  It's very important.
Health & Support Undo Starvation mode? May 27 2007
09:20 (UTC)
Yes a slow metabolism (starvation mode) is reversible.  All you've done is get into a bad eating habit.  That can be corrected.  Don't be too concerned about the last 5lbs.  It's more important to be well-nourished so that you can function properly physically and mentally.

Probably the most effective way to boost your metabolism is to introduce 3 or 4 light but energy-dense meals or snacks into your day on top of what you normally eat.    Another easy way to increase calories healthily  is to add olive oil to your salads and vegetables. 

You'll have to work at it at first but it will soon become your regular eating habit.  Best of luck
Maintaining safe maintain amount? May 27 2007
09:11 (UTC)
You're showing all the signs of disordered eating, I'm afraid.   Not eating enough,  exercising excessively, a fear of gaining weight.  These are all classic symptoms.  Someone of your height, weight and activity level needs about 1900 - 2100 cals a day simply to maintain a healthy body and brain function.  At 112lbs you are not underweight but you cannot afford to lose any more.  You're risking poor mental health, vitamin deficiencies, anaemia, bone-density problems, menstruation problems, hair loss, skin complaints and a host of other medical issues if you carry on as you are.

Right now you are in a position to stop what you're doing and break the habit by stopping calorie counting and dispensing with the bathroom scales.   Focus on other areas of life so that weight, diet and fitness take a back seat.  If you find you can't do that then you should seek professional medical advice or you are heading for a fall.
Maintaining scared of gaining weight? May 27 2007
09:03 (UTC)
You've got to be careful about how you're feeling or you risk a vicious circle.  You anticipate that being slim is going to make you happy but one of the side-effects of not eating enough food is that you can become depressed.   You've lost nearly half your body-weight which is quite an achievement.  Celebrating that achievement may be the first step to breaking the cycle. 

Another side-effect of eating too little is that your metabolism slows right down making it much, much more difficult to lose weight.  In effect, it's counter-productive to what you want to achieve.  Many people find that increasing their food intake, therefore, is a good way to get off a plateau and also to improve their mood. 

If you find your focus on being skinny and your fear of gaining weight is excessive or interfering with you leading a normal life then do seek medical help.
Maintaining everyone here is so thin! May 27 2007
08:10 (UTC)
There are a lot of people on this board with eating disorders, I'm afraid.  They dress it up as 'maintaining their weight and doing exercise' when the truth is that they are starving and punishing themselves to be thin.  It's so worrying how many of them don't think they have a problem. 

You're a great weight for your height.  Trust your own judgement.
Maintaining ALCOHOL?! May 27 2007
08:04 (UTC)
 125lbs and 5'7" isn't overweight so your problem isn't excess fat it's excess fluid.

Water retention is a big cause of love handles, cellulite and other stubborn 'flab'.  And water retention is made much worse by dehydration.  Alcohol dehydrates the body and also diverts the attention of your liver from processing fats and toxins as efficiently.  Fizzy drinks, (sodas), caffeinated drinks and salty foods also add to dehydration and so do processed foods and sugary foods.  Drink as much water as you can on your nights out and only have one or two alcoholic drinks.  The next day drink more water again.

Lack of sleep tends to mess about with your insulin levels and your immune system.  This can lead to cravings for stodgy carbohydrates and sugary foods in an effort to boost your energy levels.  Try to get more sleep.
Maintaining Maintaining my weight May 27 2007
07:54 (UTC)
Anything up to 7lbs fluctuation is usually considered normal.  You can keep your weight more stable through the menstrual cycle by keeping your fluid intake reasonably high and by keeping to natural, unprocessed foods.

Slimquick.. like all diet pills... doesn't work.  You know better than anyone that weight-control is a long-term process that can't be rushed.  Tell your friend to save her money.
Maintaining Please help! May 27 2007
07:49 (UTC)
You question is very worrying.  At 600 or even 1000 calories per day you are starving and depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs to function healthily.  Regardless of whether you gain a little weight or not you should aim to get your intake up to 1200-1500 per day as soon as possible with the ultimate objective of increasing further over time.   Your metabolism will catch up and any weight-gain will be temporary.