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Foods I LOVE breakfast! Who's with me?! Mar 06 2009
01:39 (UTC)

I also LOVE breakfast, and it USED to be my fav meal to go out for, but the servings are just to huge and uncontrolled! i think that swhy I liked them so muchLaughing


My breakfast is usually either

- porridge made with honey and milk

- poached eggs on wholegrain/meal toast

- toasted ham, cottage cheese, tomato and pepper sandwhich

- tuna and melted cheese on toast

and when I get to work I have  a huge coffee!

*all come in under or around 300 cals 

Weight Loss i want to eat a cow Mar 06 2009
00:21 (UTC)

don't have a cow man..

Weight Loss Keep me honest! I'm 30, looking for buddy looking to lose 100-150 lbs. Mar 06 2009
00:09 (UTC)

Hi Kellyfabulous

I'm similar to you so maybe we would be good for each other as buddies. I'm 28, female, 5'4", starting weight 242lbs, now 232lbs! So happy with it so far, have only been on CC for a month but seems to be working well.

My high blood pressure is down to  anormal level too, which I'm more happy about! It got so high the docs were talking about putting me on medication....lifelong! Eeek! So alll is good. I want to get down to about 70kg (154lbs) so I have about 80 to lose.

I agree some accountability would certainly help, like last night we chinese takeaway......

Weight Loss I don't know how many calories i ate! Mar 05 2009
00:50 (UTC)

the soup sounds like miso soup - 1 cup = 85 cals (incl tofu pieces)

if the teriyaki tofu was baked - 1oz (28g) piece = 50cals

if fried - 1oz = 77 cals

5 pieces of baked = 250 cals, + cup of soup =335cals

5 pieces fried = 385 cals, + cup of soup =470


This is info from CC, guess work as to weights for tofu, hate the stuff!


Hope this helps! Not too bad a lunch at all really!

Weight Loss freaking out Mar 04 2009
12:24 (UTC)

well - it's done. The scale said I have lost 1.5kg. Thats a total of 4.5kg (9.9 pounds) in my 4 weeks of being on CC.

I am happy. Whether or not its just a number, seeing that number fall is one hell of a boost!

thanks everyone for replying!



Weight Loss freaking out Mar 04 2009
06:20 (UTC)

yes thats true, and I do feel good. But I'm doing this to decrease my size - for many reasons. I just want to know what everyone thinks, if I should have lost fat as a result of my past 3 week eating/exercise routine.

Weight Loss freaking out Mar 04 2009
06:11 (UTC)

I will be weighing myself at my sisters, as I dont have scales at home. Is it really not normal to freak out this much? oh bugger...

Motivation Back and Looking for support Mar 03 2009
11:49 (UTC)

hi turtlesdove!

I must admit I get hooked reading everyones posts, you can pick up so many handy tips and stuff. I have only been on CC for 25 days...but have been overweight for 10 years so hows my maths! I have lost some weight, 3kg at the last but as I dont have scales - i beleive they are inherantly evil- i dont know how much i've lost. Will Weigh myself tomorrow when I go to my diet obsessed sisters house! I just know I feel really good, eating less and healthier food, excercising more (but not too much more :) I am really excited!

I am 28, female, and weigh 240. I'm on here every otherday so if you ever want to chat give me a buzz.

BTW i'm in Australia.

Motivation Overweight my whole life, you? Mar 03 2009
06:55 (UTC)

12) Always sitting on the couch with a cushion in front to cover my tummy

13) Snoring

14) Always being comfortable

15) Avoiding my reflection

16) Thinking people are laughing at me when I eat

17) Being overlooked by guys

18) Being labelled 'the fat one'

19) Not being able to get undressed in front of my boyfriend

20) Not  being able to buy the clothes that I like


oh god I could go on and on and on....

Foods What's for dinner tonight? Mar 03 2009
01:56 (UTC)

I  bought some lovely kangaroo fillets and I'm going to make a warm salad with the fillets bbq'd then sliced thinly. kangaroo is escellent low calorie, lean meat. Only 90 cal/100g! as opposed to lamb which is about 130cal/100g.

Mixed lettuce and spinach leaves

boiled new potatoes, halved 


red onion


blanched aspargus

tzatziki as dressing

Motivation Someone give me a kick in the butt! Mar 02 2009
11:51 (UTC)

i hear you - me and exercise aren't exactly good friends - and what i have to do is just turn that inner voice OFF. You knowthe one that says 'the weathers not good' or its too late or too early or I cant find any comfortable I turn it off, and get up, get dressed, put on uncomfortable socks, put shoes on, go out door. I try not to think about i I just do it. If I cant turn that voice off i change it - I say things like, if this excercise made me lose 20kgs would I go?how quickly would I get out the door?

Yes thats right I lie to myself to get me going. Hey, it works!

Weight Loss ANY Help would be sooooo appreciated! Feb 27 2009
02:26 (UTC)


What sort of foods are you eating? Grazing certainly helps, just have little bits often and make sure you are getting the calories from a mix of the right sorts of foods.

Hey, 1 pound is still a loss, it will be slower the right way but it will happen if you stick to it.

Weight Loss Am I missing something...? Feb 25 2009
05:45 (UTC)
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Feb 25 2009
05:35 (UTC)


240 lbs


28 years

large frame

Weight Loss Need high protein, low carb, quick and easy snack ideas Feb 25 2009
01:48 (UTC)

boiled eggs

tinnned tuna




Weight Loss Does looking at pictures of yourself when you were healthier make you happy or sad? Feb 25 2009
01:39 (UTC)

I look at pics of me when i was 16 (now 28) and I get sad, because I never knew how gorgeous I was! I thought I was fat back then ( I wasn't)......if only I had known what I was going to get to kg wise! I don't think I made the most of being healthy at all, I was always worrying what I looked like to other people, always upset I din't fit into the tiny clothes that my friends did - they were TINY TINY people! Regrets? i've got a few...

Calorie Count do you get photo on your profile? Feb 16 2009
08:37 (UTC)

you'll probably need to save the image as a jpeg or gif file, it may have been that you were trying to load a word document instead of an image file.


good luck

Weight Loss Unhappy with my body but always hungry? Feb 16 2009
05:31 (UTC)

II wa the same - I had a huge appetite and thought I could never 'diet' as I would always be hungry. But since I've come on CC and read all the great info a nd posts from the helpful people, I actually have days where I havent met my calorie goal -to lose weight -and I am full! Eat more often, smaller meals, it will be hard at first because yes you will be hungry, but stick through it,  it will get easier as your metabolism catches up.

make sure as well that you cut down on refined carbs, they play havoc with your blood sugar which makes you hungry again quickly. Stick to proteins and fibre for the bulk of your food.

Foods How do I know what to eat?! Feb 15 2009
08:59 (UTC)

definately agree with above, look at the source of these studies that provides this info. You know the biggest opponent of the Atkins diet? the Grain industry. They 'researched' the diet and what did they find? Its bad to cut out grain products...what a coincidence! These 'studies' are often funded by biased stakeholders.

Diets are a product that people buy, and to sell them they need us to beleive that we are fat and are not eating right in the first place. They do this by telling us certain foods are bad, join our club etc and we'll tell you which ones are good...confused people compensate by buying products that they think will help. Us women bear the brunt of this attack because they target our most vulnerable point, our appearance, and they have gotten REALLY good at it :( 

my advice is, natural is best, keep artificial foods to a minimum, don't beleive anything you read.

Weight Loss a bit scared Feb 15 2009
01:42 (UTC)
Original Post by theholla:

First of all, if I make any calculation errors, please excuse me - I am not so great with metric.

I am not sure where you are getting the 61 kg number from. A healthy BMI is between 20 and 25, and I think you would have a BMI of 25 at 65 kg. Also, you will see a lot of the health benefits from weight loss just getting your BMI down below 30 (79 kg, I think), which will take you from the "obese" category to the "overweight" category - not a bad place to be by a long shot!

I noticed in your profile that your BMI is currently 40, which means you are probably looking to lose a substantial bit of weight. How about setting mini-goals for yourself, and rewarding yourself for reaching them. Taking it one step (or kilo) at a time can make the weight loss journey much less daunting.

" I am not sure where you are getting the 61 kg number from."


from cc!!!!! thats the number it gave me.